5 Best Casio calculator for SAT 2022 [Images]



As an aspiring college student preparing to take the SAT exam or any standardized exam writing math or any engineering related course you would have noticed that the regular scientific calculator won’t be able to solve some complex algebraic expressions, you would definitely need a graphing calculator to help you scale through your exams and come out with good grades, we’ll be listing out 5 best Casio calculator for SAT.

Which Calculators are Acceptable for SAT?

SAT accepts basically 3 types of calculators which are;


  • Graphical calculators
  • Scientific calculators
  • Four functions calculators

Each of these calculators mentioned above has its own unique functionalities. But from experience the best calculator for the SAT test is the graphing calculator, because it is more advanced than any of the others.

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It is also advisable to purchase a calculator that runs on battery, you won’t be allowed to write SAT with any calculator that uses a USB cord as source of power.

What Is A Graphical Calculator?

A graphical calculator is a portable device that can solve multiple kinds of equations both simultaneous or algebraic equations. A graphical calculator can also plot graphs and solve other questions associated with the graph.

Graphical calculators are excellent  choices for engineering students because it has the functionality of accepting external programs, so you can customize your own program and use it to solve problems.

What To Consider Before Buying A Graphical Calculator

Before making a decision on the type of graphing calculator to buy there are some factors you should consider, especially if you are to use the calculator to write a Standardized exam like the SAT, ACT, PSAT or AP some of these factors are;


  • Requirement: this is the foremost criteria to check when you decide to get yourself a graphical calculator, your professors in college might recommend a particular model or brand.

or if you want to write a standardized test like the SAT or AP you can check the exam guidelines for the list of acceptable calculators.

  • Battery Life: before making a decision on the best graphical calculator for college students to purchase you should take into consideration the battery life.

Some graphical calculators only use only four AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries, while some are connected to USB devices to charge.

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  • Screen Display: Screen display is another important feature to consider when buying a graphical calculator, graphical calculators ate mostly used for plotting graphs so the wideness of the screen of the calculator would definitely be an advantage to you.
  • Advanced features: If you are an engineering student that needs the calculator for your own specific program, you have to fonsider going for a graphing calculator that allows you to configure your own program through the help of an arduino.
  • Pricing: This is another important criteria to consider there are many graphing calculators out there with different price ranges, you have to check your pocket and what you can afford before choosing a graphing  calculator to buy. 

5 Best Casio calculator for SAT

#1. Casio Prizm FX-CG50 Graphing Calculator

This is one of the best Casio calculator for SAT tests, it is recommended by SAT organizers.

It has multiple features and displays text in a clear and colorful format.

It has a LCD panel with a high-resolution screen of over 65,000 colors and 82,000 pixels.

with a sleek design that is weightless making it pocket friendly.

The Casio Prism FX-CG50 is excellent for plotting graphs with real life scenarios.

It operates on a four AAA battery which is non rechargeable so for emergency you have to carry extra pair of batteries.


You can check out the price and other features on Amazon.

#2. Casio fx-9860GII

This is another calculator that makes it into our list of best Casio calculators for SAT test. It has a simple interface like the regular Casio scientific calculator but is more advanced than the regular scientific calculator.

The Casio fx-9860GII has almost all the fundamental formulas that would be required to excel in the SAT mathematics section.

It also has a LCD panel with backlight kncase when operated in a low-light environment, graphing is equally done with this calculator in a clear and simple format.

It also uses non rechargeable batteries.

#3.Casio fx-9750GIII Graphing Calculator

This is another top notch Casio calculator that is acceptable for SAT tests, it has a dot-matrix display with a screen resolution of 128×64 with screen size of 2.63 inches.

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The Casio fx-9750GIII is excellent when solving problems on calculus, algebra and trigonometric functions, it is also used for graphing but does not have the option of 3-D display due to it being a dot-matrix limitation.

It can also be used to solve statistical charts such as bar chart, pie chart and histograms.

It has a non-rechargeable battery that can last up to 230 hours.

The Casio fx-9750GIII can also share files to a computer via its USB ports.

#4. Casio FX-9750GII

This is another top notch calculator that can leae to write tour SAT tests.

It has a functionality of a graphic calculator and can perform many trigonometric and algebraic expressions.

It is one of the approved calculators for the AP and PSAT tests. It is powered with four AAA batteries and has a USB port to connect with other devices.

#5. fx-115ES

This is the last calculator on our list of best calculator for SAT tests, it has a very wide range of function and can solve simultaneous and differential equations, but this calculator is limited as it can’t be used to solve graphical questions.

It is the cheapest of Casio calculators mentioned here, so if you are considering buying a cheap calculator that can help you in your SAT tests then this is be the best you can get.

This calculator can also solve statistical problems, it has a multi-relay that allows you move back and forth within your solutions.


These are the 5 best Casio calculators for SAT tests, so if you are preparing to write your SAT test and you need to make a choice of calculator. you can pick anyone listed here depending on your finances.


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