8 Solid Guides On How To Live With A Roommate You Don’t Like



Living with a roommate is an essential part of college life: it is sometimes unavoidable, some roommates might be nice and friendly while some might not be your kind of person, you might not go down with the way he or she lives there life, if you find yourself in the later situation we would be showing you solid tips and guides on how to live with a roommate you don’t like.

Who Is A Roommate?

By virtue of you clicking this article you should already know who is a roommate, but nevertheless we would still explain the concept about roommates.


A roommate is someone who shares your room with you, this is the basic and simple definition of a roommate.

When you get into college, a house agent or the school dorm chief might pair you up with someone who shares a totally different ideology from you, if you guys aren’t down with each other and don’t know how control yourself, your disagreements might lead to quarrels and even fighting which can lead to damage of property or injuries.

8 Guides On How To Live With A Roommate You Don’t Like

If you find yourself in such situations where you dislike your roommate, these eight guides below would help you live together in the same room without stepping on each other’s toes.

#1. Respect Each Others Privacy

This is the most important guide to follow if you want to know how to live with a roommate you don’t like, you have to respect their privacy.

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Don’t go snooping around his or her stuffs, since there is no trust already between you guys, just maintain a cordial relationship  and 


#2. Act Like You Never Care

This is another powerful guide on how to live with a roommate you don’t like. If you are the caring type, you have to limit the way you care about things that concern him or her.

If you do the opposite of this you would always get aggravated because, he would continue doing the things he does which you don’t seem to get down with, but once he discovers that you don’t give a damn about his behaviors, he would gradually stop bringing those nasty behaviors.

#3. Always Clean Up Your Mess

You wouldn’t want your unhygienic attitude to be the reason why you and your roommate cannot stay together, so always clean up your mess.

Uncleanliness and bad hygiene is one of the reasons while roommates go at loggerhead, you wouldn’t want to stay with a roommate that leaves his dishes unwashed after eating or one that soaks his towel on the bathroom floor.

Always show good examples so you wouldn’t be the reason you and your roommate engage in a fresh battle.

#4. Set Some Rules

Since you and your roommate are in college, it is assumed you guys are matured to set some basic rules for yourself, you should list your does and don’t while your roommate also list theirs, your rules shouldn’t be too rigid, just basic rules.

The rules would help avert some things that might lead to you guys having any misunderstanding in future.

 You can even go an extra mile to create a room mate agreement if you have the funds to do so.


#5. Divide Take Equally

While setting up your rules you should make sure that the house chores are divided equally, stuffs like trashing the refuse can, and cleaning the bathroom floor should equally shared, if you don’t share chores equally your room would be a mess cause nobody would be willing to voluntarily clean, since you guys dislike each other.

So this is the best way to still maintain cleanliness while leaving with a roommate you dislike.

#6. Stay On Your Lane

You have to stay in your lane and avoid anything that would make the two of you have a verbal exchange.

Never try to correct him for anything he does wrong, allow him to learn the hard way.

#7. Avoid Borrowing Stuffs From Each Other

Sharing stuff with your roommate is always cool, but since you are here to know how to live with a roommate you don’t like then borrowing shouldn’t be your thing.

You can’t borrow stuff from someone you dislike, so make sure you get anything you need from a store, never ask your roommate for anything.

Always be content with what you have, in an emergency you can borrow from your close door neighbor.

#8. Spend More Time Away From Home

This is the final guide on our list on how to live with a roommate you don’t like, always spend less time at home.

Spending More time at home would mean that you would continuously see your roomate which you dislike, and you might be fed up with his characters.

So if you find yourself in a situation like this, spend more time with friends outside and visit some attractions centers around to clear your head a little bit.

Participate in extracurricular activities that would take your time and see you spend less time at home.


These are tips on how to live with a roommate you don’t like, if you find yourself battling with your roommate this article would help you tremendously.

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