Top 10 Best Engineering Schools In Canada



In this article, we would be perusing through the top 10 best engineering schools in Canada.
The factor of grading would be according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Why Most International Students Choose Canada As A Destination For Study

Canada is a decent place of study among many English speaking countries, it offers a cheap tuition fee, and also offers you permanent residency after your years of study.

Engineering undergraduate students in Canada are meant to undergo a compulsory one year foundation programme where they are thought the rudiments about the engineering profession before been asked to specialize in specific fields such as civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering as well as many others, in there second year of study.


During there study period, students are expected to participate in a student work experience programme related to there field of study.

Best Engineering Schools In Canada For International Students

1. University Of Toronto

The university of Toronto is a top notch university in Canada it is regarded as the best university in Canada for science and engineering related courses.
According to the  the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 the university of Toronto is rated as number one in Canada.
Courses such as Chemical engineering, mineral engineering, civil engineering are among the 9 departments that make up the faculty of Applied science and Engineering.

2. McGill University

McGill University is another top notch university in Canada, it specializes on Engineering disciplines, it is located in he city of Montreal.

McGill university operates in partnership with various institute of learning across various continents of the planet, students would have the opportunity to choose a partner country in the robust exchange programme of the McGill university.


The McGill university also offers a bursary program for international students to reduce the cost of living abroad.

Courses such as Electrical and electronics engineering, biological engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, mining, bio-resource engineering are among many disciplines been offered in the McGill university.

During your study year as an undergraduate, students can join one of the various practical teams to participate in the design and manufacture of products, such as the McGill rocket team, Aerospace design society etc.

3. University of British Columbia

The university of British Columbia is a top university in Canada that offers 14 disciplines in the faculty of Engineering. It is among the best engineering schools in Canada.

The disciplines are divided into two campuses, the Okanagan and the Vancouver Campus.
The Okanagan campus comprises of Mechanical, electrical and civil engineering while the Vancouver campus comprises of chemical, biomedical, biological and computer engineering.

The University of British Columbia drills its first year students in Mathematics, physics and chemistry, before been asked to choose a specialization in there second year.

All through there year of study, students are made to participate in practical projects to increase there experience.

4. University of Waterloo

The Engineering faculty in the university of waterloo is one of the best universities for international students to study advance courses in Engineering like, Nanotechnology, environmental engineering and management engineering.


The university also has numerous post graduate and masters degree programme.
The university of waterloo provides students the opportunity to participate in academic exchange programmes.

Previous students have had the opportunity to visit colleges in Singapore, France and Turkey.
The university of waterloo also has a solid entrepreneurship activity for students to develop there business acumen and entrepreneurship skills.

The university also has an enterprise co- operation that helps students to launch and manage there own companies while still studying as students.

5. University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering (Calgary, AB)

The University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering is a top university that focuses mainly on research.

Research is a key aspect of Engineering it requires collaborative effort from experts from different disciplines of engineering to solve a particular problem.

The University of Calgary Schulich School of Engineering also encourages students to take excursions, departmental trips to various engineering projects for more exposures.

6. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is a top school for international Engineering students, students are given the option to choose from either a 4 year co-op programme or a 5 year traditional degree program.

First year students are thought the rudiments of engineering before given the opportunity to choose a specialization in there second year.
The university also provides various post graduates programmes such as mechanical and chemical engineering.

7. Queens University

Queens university is a top university that prepares its students for leadership roles in there various areas of specialization.

The university is known for its rigorous academic curriculum, the university has the highest degree completion rate across Canada, with a completion rate of 91 percent.

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International Engineering students also have the opportunity to partake in exchange programmed with top universities accross the world, in choice locations like U.K, America, France and Germany.

8. University of Victoria Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science.

This is another top university in Canada, its students focuses more on the practical aspect of there disciplines to solve real life problems and make positive impact.

9. McMaster University Faculty of Engineering (Hamilton, ON)

This is also among the best engineering schools in Canada. McMaster University is a university that focuses on research and innovations, the faculty of engineering have received numerous award both internationally and locally.

The Faculty of engineering researchers are member of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the Order of Canada, and the Royal Society of Canada.

The university has a whooping number of 20 research centers across Canada.

Best Schools In Canada

Universities in Canada have a good rate of excellence and top notch academic curriculum, Canadian universities are among the top ranked institutions across the world.

Universities in Canada are choice destinations for international students willing to pursue a masters degree program me or a PhD.

The universities put in extra efforts to make sure that international students are safe and enjoy there stay while on campus.

Below are some of the best universities in Canada;

University of Montreal

University of Alberta

McMaster University

McGill University

University of British Columbia

University of Toronto

Simon Fraser University

Western University Canada