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Everything around this world revolves Energyaround energy, energy is an important aspect in the 21st century, most technologies developed has energy as a key source in which they are operated with, everything in the world revolves around energy, this article highlights the best paying jobs in energy.

In the health sector, energy is used to power most appliances that play a vital role in helping patients survive, in the digital world energy is required to operate, cell phones, computers, vehicles and and other means of transportation, thus we have deemed it necessary to compile a list of best paying jobs in energy sector in 2022.

For you to have a successful career in the energy sector, you must either have earned a degree in an energy related course or have learnt and mastered a skill relating to energy.
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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

1. Information Systems Or I.T Manager

The main role of an information system or I.T manager is to design, implement and manage the technological affairs of an organization or a company.

Information system managers operate more with softwares and technologies, but everything still revolves around energy.

Information system or I.T managers maintain computer networks and systems using softwares containing databases , there role as mangers is to frequently control and supervise other technicians on a daily basis.

The annual average salary for an information system or I.T manager falls within $146,360 to $150,000.

2. Wind Farm Site Manager

A wind farm is a facility that have the necessary equipments, tools and man power to harness energy gotten from the wind.


The wind is a major source of clean renewable energy around the world and have the capacity to light up a community.

The work of a wind farm manager or engineer is to oversee the day to day wind energy collection, and maintenance of the wind energy facility.

A wind farm manager also ensures that the facility in the farms are put into proper use and work to its full capacity.

The average annual salary of a wind farm manager falls within the range of $110, 630 to $150, 000 depending on the years of experience.

3. Civil and Construction Engineer

A Civil engineer is an engineer that is saddled with the responsibility of designing and constructing structures such as bridges, roads and other high rising buildings, but in realating to energy a civil engineer specializes in renewable energy and green building.

Civil engineers assist with project planning, designs, supervising and ensuring that a project is completed as at when due and as planned.

Before you become a civil engineer you must have completed a barchelors degree in any of a government recognized institution or university.

Civil engineers earn a pretty decent salary, that us approximately $87,000 to even $144,560 depending on your experience and area of expertise.


4.Solar PV Installer

A solar photo volatic installer is a technical job that requires you to have knowledge about solar electricity generation and how to harness the energy for consumption.

They install solar panels and other accessories that helps convert sunlight to electricity.

This job doesn’t require a formal education, not withstanding you have to be skilled enough with an in service or vocational training before starting your journey as a solar installer.

The salary for a solar installer lies within the range of $44,980.

5. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineering is another profitable career under the energy sector, they are saddled with the responsibility of producing fuels, gas and other day to day energy demands.

They are mainly processors that are at the fore front of the energy demand, before you become a chemical engineer you have to have formal education in chemical engineering, which requires broad knowledge of chemistry and physics.

Top personels in this insist earn more than $150,000 per year making it one of the best paying jobs in the energy sector.

6. Environmental Engineer

These are experts that utilizes energy to create a sustainable environment that is safe and clean.

Environmental engineers perform numerous task ranging from project design to project implementation and monitoring.

This is one of the best paying jobs in the energy sector, but only experts in the field can take the job.

7. Atmospheric Scientist

Atmospheric scientists are personnels that provide experts opinions about how to set up and run structures like a wind farm and other natural energy sources.

Atmospheric scientist study the atmosphere to know choice locations and procedures for setting up and capturing energy.

Atmospheric scientist is a very lucrative profession that requires high level of knowledge about the atmosphere and the environment.

The annual income of an atmospheric scientist lies within $147,000.

8. Materials Engineer

Material engineering is one of the key aspect of production engineering, they work with materials that are used to produce goods for our consumption.

Materials engineer conducts tests to determine the Chemical and physical properties of materials before subjecting the materials to be used for production.

Key aspects of tests carried out by a materials engineer include retention rate, hardness of the material, ductility, brittleness and hardness of the material etc.

Major Materials used by a material engineer include metals, ceramics and polymers. In the energy sector, these materials are used to build infrastructure that generates or uses energy to operate.

The income of a material engineer is estimated to be $148,000.

9. Renewable Energy Consultant.

Advising clients in the energy sector is one of the highest paying jobs in the energy sector, prospective clients are advised on how to choose the best renewable energy sources for there businesses and homes.

Renewable energy consultation is probably one of the highest paying jobs in the energy sector, a consultant in thus sector earns above $66,015.

Before choosing a career path in renewable energy consultation, you must have garnered enough experience in the energy sector, and probably a Bachelor’s degree in an energy related discipline.

10. Financial Analyst.

Financial management is one of the major key aspect in running a successfull organization, financial analyst that works in an energy sector are always incharge of paying personnel’s, energy spending and dealing with future financial concerns.

Having a good financial analyst is a good step in running a business in the energy sector, the pay of a financial analyst is $85,435.


Is energy engineering in demand

Yes, there is a great demand in the market for renewable energy engineering. According to recent studies, the global market for renewable energy is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. So if you’re interested in this field, now is a great time to get started!

Renewable Job Growth

The transition to clean energy is expected to generate 10.3 million net new jobs globally by 2030. That will offset the 2.7 million jobs expected to be lost in fossil fuel sectors. Most of the anticipated job gains are likely to be in electrical efficiency, power generation and the automotive sector.


The energy sector is a very lucrative sector in the US economy, according to the U.S. Energy Employment Report, there was an 8% growth in jobs in the energy sector not with standing the effect of the corona virus pandemic.

The article write up shows the list of the most paying jobs in the energy sector, if you have an interest to work in the sector, you are advised to pick any of the above listed courses based on your interest.


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