10 High Paying Part Time Jobs In Houston For College Students

Jobs for college students that pay well

Part time jobs could really be a saving grace for college students who are seeking extra sources of income, maybe to repay a debt or pay off a student loan; we would be listing out 10 high paying part time jobs in Houston for college students to take advantage of and make some cool cash.

Life in college requires money, without money you won’t be able to pay for a night out with friends or take your girlfriend out for a date, during my time in college I utilized my spare time working with jobs for college students that pay well, I used the little cash I got from my part time jobs to look dope in school, little wonder I attracted the most beautiful chicks on campus.

Campus chicks love guys who shower them with gifts and expensive stuff and as a male college student if you can’t offer them such a kind of life they wouldn’t accept your proposals for any sort of relationships.

After my long-time crush turned down my request because I couldn’t afford her kind of life I decided to look for a side hustle. During my search I came across some high paying part time jobs in Houston for college students and I’ll be sharing them with you here for free.

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So if you are searching online for a part time job in Houston you are at the right place, let’s roll.

Houston is an industrial hub that houses many huge industries such as the petrochemical industry and manufacturing industries.

Houston is the largest city in the state of texas filled with many opportunities that can serve as a part time jobs for college students that pay well. 

10 High Paying Part Time Jobs In Houston For College Students

#1. Warehouse And Production Associate

This is a cool part time in Houston for college students that can fetch you over $12 to $15 in just an hour.

You would be required to assist in arranging commodities in a warehouse.

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You can source for an opening on jobs searching websites like monster and indeed.

#2. Bars And Pubs

This is another place where students work on a part time basis and receive a good pay at the end of the day.

There are many bars and public spaces located in Houston due to the influx of population to the city, you can opt for any of them and work for less than 6 hours and smile home with a decent pay.

#3. Security and Night watch

Security and night watch is another part time jobs for college students that pay well.

Though not everyone is accepted into it, you have to undergo security training and have a license before being considered for this kind of job.

Many universities in the United States provide crowd management training for students, with this training you can begin your career in security and crowd control management.

You could choose to work in bars, sport centers, night clubs, concert halls.

College students who opt for this type of job are meant to utilize their day very well, as staying awake all through the night might affect their education.

#4. Food delivery

You can also work as a food delivery man to any of the online food vendors, companies like Door dash and Deliveroo This type of part time job offers a flexible work time that can see you scoop as much as $200 per week.

#5. Store Assistants

This is another high paying job that can change your life a little bit if you reside in Houston, you basically earn $15 per hour and might likely earn more if you enhance in other extra activities.

You can search up for a retail store that you would partner with every evening and weekends, working for 10 hours a week would give you $150 and might be the financial support to give your college lifestyle a little lift.

#6. Student Assistant At University Of Houston Library

If you are searching for part time jobs in Houston for college students that wouldn’t take you out of campus then this option as a student assistant at the University of Houston library is your best option.

You would be paid hourly for assisting fellow students use the library.

You would also help library patrons organise the library and do other clerical works.

#7. Data Entry Operators

You can make as much as $25 per hour working as a data entry operator for firms in Houston, this is one of the best jobs for college students that pays well.

Before getting a job as a data entry operator you should be familiar with operating your computer and also be fluent with speaking English.

#8. English Tutoring

There has been a rise in immigrants entering into the city of Houston seeking for greener pastures, because of the industrial revolution going on in the city. As a smart scholar you can use this as an advantage to make more cash.

Non English speaking persons would pay about $10 per hour to be able to learn the fundamentals of the English language.

Part Time Jobs In Houston For High School Students

Also if you are still studying in high school and need a part time job for high school students with no experience we got something for you, below are 5 part time jobs in Houston for high school students.

#9. Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is fun, but you can also earn some cool cash while having fun as a high school student.

Busy pet owners are willing to pay you a lot to take care of their pets while they are away on a business trip or any other emergency.

This was one of the jobs I did as a high school student, walking with dogs.

Pet sitting can generate you as much as $15 per hour, if interested you can join a pet sitting community such as diggypet.com and search for openings close by.

#10. Nannying and Babysitting

This is another high paying part time job in Houston for high school students, you would be employed to babysit a kid for a few hours and can get up to $15 per hour doing the job of a nanny.

Although this job requires some form of trust from the parent of the kid you would babysit.

You would be meant to pass through certain background checks and also provide references.

You can search for an opening with care.com or worldwide Nanny.


We’ve succeeded in listing a few of the many part time jobs in Houston for college students, you can take advantage of them and make yourself some extra cash.

High school students weren’t exempted. We also listed a few part time jobs for high school students with no experience.

Having any difficulty choosing a job, you can send us an email and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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