15 High Paying Side Hustle For An Electrician

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High paying side hustles for an electrician is the perfect way to generate more income without disrupting or neglecting your working time as an electrician. These side jobs for an electrician can be done during the weekends, overnight or during days you are less busy.

Some side jobs for an electrician can be done without experience while you would need days of training to master the skill of some electrician side jobs.

So, if you are interested in raising your income and willing to start some side jobs for an electrician, go through this post and discover side hustles for electricians you probably never thought existed.

What Are The Side Hustle For Electricians?

As an electrician whether self-employed or not, you will agree with me it is necessary to have side gigs which you can make money from.

There are some days when you would be less busy and have some free time. So, instead of idling it away, you can still get to make some money out of it.

Remember it is not advisable to give up your rest hours to make money. No, you will just end up spending the money on hospital bills.

Create a balance between work, leisure, and rest time, then you can find which side jobs suit you.

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Having accepted this, see the top side hustles for electricians below in no particular order.

1. Cable Installation

In recent times, whenever someone purchases a cable or internet service newly, the company sends one of its staff to install it for them. But this is not so now as most companies prefer to hire contractors to do the job.

So if you think you can handle cable and internet service installation, you can go to your local cable to apply.

Although you may be required to go through a few weeks of training, the fact that you are already conversant with electrical wiring and installations makes it a potential side gig for you.

The good part is that you can work on a part-time basis and still maintain your regular job which makes it a perfect electrician side job.

2. Set Up Your Own Electrical Supply Store

Setting up your own electrical supply store is also a perfect side job for electricians, electricity is used in almost all spheres of life and electrical supplies are always in demand.

You just have to find a perfect location and stock up your electrical store with supplies needed across all systems- home, office, and building site. Or you can take it slowly at a time.

You can employ a staff to help you manage your electrical shop while you focus on your main job as an electrician.

3. Home Setup and Installations

Statistics show that 60% of homes in America are becoming fully automated. This means that there is a need for people who can install and fix all these pieces. Ranging from Alexa to Siri, someone has to put all these in place.

Just like in cable installation, companies give out these jobs to contractors. So to be a part of the installation team, contact the companies that sell the product.

You can work at your own pace which makes it a good side hustle for electricians.

4. Take Surveys Online

Taking surveys online is another side hustle for electricians. You can earn huge money just by filling surveys and writing how you feel about a particular product or item.

As long as you are connected to the Internet with either your smartphone or laptop, you can visit sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie to take online surveys. When you complete your given survey you would get paid.

5. Uber Driver

Uber driving is another amazing electrician side job.

If you have a car and can drive, you can consider becoming an Uber driver. The good thing is that they have a flexible schedule, pay you extra during peak working hours, and offer you insurance while on the job.

6. Online Tutoring

As an electrician you can share your knowledge with others while making money from it, you don’t need to know everything before teaching others.

You just have to posses good communication skills to impact knowledge on others. Online tutors earn over $19 per hour.

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You can create a YouTube channel and post your videos, interested students would definitely subscribe to your channel.

Online tutoring is one of the best side jobs for electricians with less stress.

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7. Become A Reseller

Becoming a reseller can be another good side hustle for electricians. Although it requires cash to purchase your goods, you can still make a profit from it. The business idea is simple: buy low, sell higher.

You can purchase goods from thrift stores or check online. You can check our step-by-step guide on how to become a reseller to help you start the business of reselling.

8. Translating

If you can speak multi-languages, you can become a translator. You don’t need any special skills. Just be able to translate smoothly from one language to the other. Just reach out to companies or media houses in need of translators and get your bank account increased. 

9. Bartender

Bartending is an ideal job for those who can work overnight. If you think you can be productive at night, then waiting at tables or bartending is another way to make money irrespective of your career.

Although Bartending looks like an easy job to get, you will require a level of experience to work in large casinos or bars. It is one of the side hustles for electricians that require little training.

If you are interested in night jobs you can check out our list of best overnight jobs that earn you over $100/day.

If you wish to become a bartender read this step-by-step guide on how to become a bartender with no experience.

10. On-Demand Tasks

If you are good at fixing tasks quickly or running errands, then you can earn extra cash. Platforms like Handy help you find some tasks that you can complete immediately.

11. Handyman

If you can do normal domestic repairs and minor renovations, then consider being a handyman as a side job. You can even choose to do light electric jobs such as changing a light bulb or fixture.

Whichever skills you possess as a handyman, you can as well get paid for it. You can advertise your skills in the neighborhood newsletters for free.

12. Lighting Installation

Light installations is also a good electrician side jobs to make money from If you can create special lighting needed for indoor or outdoor entertainment or even fix or install it.

Many people always source for those who can hang the special lights during holidays but for various reasons they cannot find. You can be the person to do so and get paid for it. You just need to advertise your skills to the right person.

13. Renting on Airbnb

Airbnb is a good platform for those who want to rent out a spare room or an entire apartment of theirs.

You may think it’s a bad idea because it sounds scary letting strangers into your home. Not to worry, Airbnb offers damage coverage worth up to a million dollars on your home and host protection and insurance.

So if you are looking for side hustles for electricians that can make you good money, this is a good platform as you can earn up to $1000 immediately after the guest checks in.

14. Freelance Writer

Writing about electrical alpliancies and other electrical stuffs can be another high-paying side hustle for an electrician. There are lots of electrical companies in need of writers. If you are good with words you can apply for freelancing jobs on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and LinkedIn.

15. Substitute Teacher

Concluding the list of side jobs for electricians is becoming a substitute teacher. Most states allow you to be a sub teacher with just a bachelor’s degree.

This means that as an electrician, you can work as a substitute teacher whenever you have free time. You can contact your local school system to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does An Electrician Require Training To Do Side Gig Jobs?

For some side jobs, you may be required to undergo a few weeks of training while for others you just need to have the skill.


These are 15 side hustles for electricians, if you want to make extra cash while still retaining your job, go through this list and pick a perfect side job for electricians, research further on it and make cool money during your spare time.

If you have other side gigs that earn you money, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

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