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Living in a huge city like California might be all you need to enjoy the frenzy of entertainment and comfort but if you are short of funds it wouldn’t be as expected. For you to enjoy all the fun associated with living in the city you need to have one of the best paying jobs in California.

California is a city that houses many top tech industries, so the list I’ll be providing below would also contain the highest-paying tech jobs in California 

Looking for a job in California might be stressful becuase of the huge population living in the city, but if you get a high paying job which you enjoy you would end up been happy.

So I’ll be listing below few of the best paying jobs in California.

What is a High Paying Job?

There is really no definite definition of a high paying job.

But a high paying job is just a job which your salary can be able to take care of your basic needs, bills and give you an opportunity to have some savings. These are some criteria to fulfill before a job is considered as a high paying job.

In order for your job to be considered a high paying job you should be having at least $150,000 per year working with the economy of California.
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Most jobs would not pay you a huge sum at your entry point but your wages would definitely rise as you grow through the ranks, and gulp more experience making you an expert in your field.

Why You Need a High Paying Job?

Money shouldn’t be the first reason that attracts you to a job, but it should also be considered.

The first reason you should consider before choosing a job is if you find fulfillment in your job and if you can enjoy the hob in the long run.

why you should consider your pay before choosing a job is because you need a high paying job to settle your bills and also have some cash for extra expenses.

With a high paying job you can have the opportunity to get yourself some nice stuffs like latest utility vehicles and some cozy house. In conclusion With a low paying job you wouldn’t be able to live a luxury lifestyle so you need a high paying job to live large.

15 Best Paying Jobs in California 2022

This is our list of best paying jobs in California gotten from extensive consultation and research, the salaries of thus jobs were among the major considerations of listing putting together there working hours and flexibility.

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Hence, the best paying Jobs in California 2022 include;

15. Judges

Salary: $184,340

A judge is a person that presides over court cases by two conflicting people. A judge has the power of the law to sentence someone to jail and also to grant bail to an individual.

In order to become a judge you have to have to graduate from a law school and be called to bar. You have to first practice as a lawyer and have some percentage of victory before arising to the position of a judge.

Judges are appointed by special councils set up by the judiciary committee based on recommendations by top judicial officials.

Some countries also have different manners in which judges are appointed.

A judge isn’t one of the easiest jobs to do, thats why the salaries of judges seems to be on the high side, a judge would conduct numerous researches before passing a judgment.

14. Dentists

Salary: $184,560

A dentist is also a highest paying careers in California. A dentist can also be called oral medicine. It is a branch of medicine that deals with treatment of the tooth.

A dental team prosecute dental treatments which often consist of a dentist and dental auxiliaries (dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental technicians, as well as dental therapists). A good number of dentists work in hospitals, prisons, while some other practice privately as well.

Dentistry is one of the best paying jobs in California as teeth problems always occur. Whether as an adult or as a child, you face the same issue every time. No matter how much you take care of your teeth, you can’t avoid it.

13. Computer And Information Systems Managers

Salary: $185,640

Computer information system managers usually work in offices and can work as much as 40 hours a week. However, if a deadline is close or a problem occurs, the computer information systems manager might also work on weekends in order to meet the job requirements. 

For you to become a computer information manager you have to acquire a bachelor’s degree in any computer related course like computer science or management information systems.

A bachelor’s degree in any computer related course can take up to four years to complete and also two more years if you want to further to acquire a masters degree.

There salary is one of the highest in California based on the nature of there jobs.

12. Paediatricians

Salary: $200,270

This is another job listed among the best paying jobs in California. A paediatrician is more of a doctor who specializes in children health issues which might be physical, mental or behavioral problems.

They possess the skils to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases.

Paediatricians are medical doctors who have graduated from a medical school. Furthermore, they have completed a 3-year residency program in paediatrics. This residency program gives them hands-on experience when it comes to children health cases.

With the population of California increasing due to regular childbirth, it’s safe to say that we will always need paediatricians to help us look after our babies, this way children can be healthier and avoid damaging deficiencies.

11. Family Medicine Physicians

Salary: $203,320

Family physicians are trained medical staffs with an exclusive attitude, skills, and knowledge that enables them to provide continuing and comprehensive medical support. To be precise, they provide health maintenance and preventive services to each member of the family regardless of gender, age or the type of problem.

A good number of specific reasons make family physicians special, however, their knowledge of the family’s background is one of the top selling points. Hence, a lot of families feel safer when they have a personal physician instead of always looking for a new physician anytime a health case comes up. They always share there medical problems to a family physicia which they wouldn’t share normallly to a regular doctor.

A lot of families usually share physicians and the physician can still have his personal health centre or still be serving a community. Most physicians get retainer fees, hence they remain one of the highest paying careers in California.

10. Airline Pilots

Salary: $208,070

An aircraft pilot or aviation officer is the chief controller of an aircraft by operating its directional flight controls. Although an aircraft pilot is the lead navigator, he doesn’t do this alone as some other aircrew members such as navigators or flight engineers are also considered aviators or aviation officers.

Becoming an aircraft pilot is not an easy pissy deal. Most times, navigating the aircraft isn’t the biggest issue. Of course, you’re leading other flight personnel so you must ensure everyone is focused and working in unity.

Before you can step into the cockpit to pilot an aircraft you must have at least 1,500 hours of flight time and this will include your training time. Additionally, you must be up to 23 years old and hold a commercial pilot certificate. In military flight, the qualifications are a little bit different.

As long as people keep moving from city to city for either business or any other activity, pilots will always be busy ensuring they get to their destination safe and sound. Hence, they earn very handsomely making them one of the best paying jobs in calfornia

9. Physicians


Physicians basically carry out almost the duty of family physicians as described above. However, their own duties doesn’t only revolve around the family. They basically work in hospitals, health care facilities and their likes.

Every physician undergoes compulsory medical training which enables him to diagnose and proffer solutions to medical problems professionally. A physician abroad earns good money and hence remains among the highest paying careers in California and the world.

8. General Internal Medicine Physicians

Salary: $212,510

Internal medicine physicians are specialist physicians who manage complex or multisystem disease conditions that single-organ-disease specialists may not be trained to manage.

Some of these complex medical cases include; weight loss, chest pain, dyspnoea, fatigue and change in a conscious state. Additionally, they manage multiple chronic diseases that can occur within a single patient.

Most times, you might misplace an internal medicine physician with a medical intern. Well, the former are qualified medical physicians with a postgraduate degree or diploma in internal medicine. Hence, they are a step ahead and more qualified than ordinary medical physicians. 

7. Chief Executives

Salary: $216,520

Every Chief Executive Office has his or her own special way of achieving great results and their duties vary generally. The CEO of a construction company will not actively perform the same duties as the CEO of a small supermarket, there functionalities differs accross industries . However, they all share one thing in common which is hiiring and firing.

An ideal Chief Executive Officer must inspire and communicate actively to his junior colleagues or staff members. Moreso, he must reward quality performance and be a person of unquestionable integrity.

You can’t become a CEO by getting a bachelor degree in any program, a CEO is someone who oversees the operations of a business, hence, he is a businessman. Your ability to solve problems consistently and get rewarded for it can put you in a good position to become a Chief Executive Officer.

You don’t just become a CEO over nite it takes years of working and becoming an expert in what you do before having the required skill and ability to lead others.

6. Orthodontists

Salary: $220,410

A dentist would help you clean your teeth and remove a bad tooth as well, however, when it comes to realigning your teeth, you need to see another professional known as an orthodontist.

Orthodontists help with rearranging crooked teeth, they also assist patients with other issues as well. Some of these issues include overbites and underbites, crossbites, spaces between tooth, overcrowding of teeth, and the treatment of temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Any other additional problems within the jaw is also taking care of by an orthodontist.

Due to the importance of their job, orthodontists charge highly for their work. However they are very few who are qualified to carry out this practice. Hence, when it comes to these professionals, they’re one of the highest paying careers in California.

5. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons

Salary: $222,180

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is a delicate type of surgery that involves keeping all the skeletal structure of your mouth and jaw in place. People usually undergo this surgery after losing teeth or breaking their jaw in a car accident or any other type of accident that dislocates the jaw.

Surgeries under this area are usually emergencies and the specialized personnel are very little. The Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon must understand dentistry and other forms of general medicine in order to take on the process. Hence, due to the complications, few people want to spend years in medical school to study it.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons make huge money from their expertise as accidents which involve the mouth and jaw are a daily experience. Other times, some people just want to change their jaw look or something by facial surgery. Hence, 

They make our list of best paying jobs in California.

4. Nurse Anesthetists

Salary: $227,290

Nurse anaesthetists are advanced practice registered nurses that assist patients during surgical, diagnostic and obstetric procedures. These nurses actually have an advanced degree in nursing practice.

CRNA also conduct patient evaluations in order to determine the best type of anaesthesia they need to use. They get their results by discussing existing allergies and medical results to administer the proper treatment.

CRNA’s possess critical thinking skills to assess changes in their patients’ conditions and quickly decide on the best appropriate plan of action. These professionals also maintain adept communication skills to collaborate with other healthcare professionals during procedures and interact with patients.

3. Obstetricians And Gynecologists

Salary: $236,730

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists may have similar health roles but they have some little differences. While an Obstetrician deals with pre-conception, pregnancy and childbirth, a Gynaecologist addresses all issues involving women even after birth.

Despite these differences, these two professionals earn almost the same amount of money from their proffession. While they can practice in community settings, they can also practice privately.

2. Psychiatrists

Salary: $236,930

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in psychiatry.

Psychiatrist is a branch of medicine that is associated with the diagnosis, prevention, study, and treatment of mental disorderliness.

 These professionals examine patients in order to determine whether their symptoms are from a physical illness.

As a branch of medicine, psychology has so many other diversifications which include; Forensic psychiatry, Addiction psychiatry, Child and adolescent psychiatry, Geriatric psychiatry and Hospice and palliative medicine.

To become a psychiatrist, you must possess a medical degree and a postgraduate degree in psychology as well. Psychiatrists have delicate duties and so they charge highly for it. So, when it comes to high paying careers in the world, psychiatrists make the list.

1. Surgeons

Salary: $248,100

A surgeon is a physician who treats disease, injury, or deformity via operative or manual methods to physically change body tissues. However, there are different kinds of surgery and different surgeons perform each and every one of these processes.

Surgeons are medical degree holders with key specializations in different areas. While there are abdominal surgeons, there is also a leg and head surgeon.

No matter the area of surgery you do, surgeons get well paid for their expertise due to the complications required to get the job done. So, when it comes to the highest paying careers in California and the world at large, surgeons top the list.

Recap Best Paying Jobs In California & Salaries

  1. Surgeons ($248,100)
  2. Psychiatrists ( $236,930)
  3. Obstetricians And Gynecologists ($236,730)
  4. Nurse Anesthetists ($227,290)
  5. Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons ($222,180)
  6. Orthodontists ( $220,410)
  7. Chief Executives ($216,520)
  8. General Internal Medicine Physicians ( $212,510)
  9. Physicians ($210,140)
  10. Airline Pilots ($208,070)
  11. Family Medicine Physicians ($203,320)
  12. Paediatricians ( $200,270)
  13. Computer And Information Systems Managers ($185,640)
  14. Dentists ($184,560)
  15. Judges ($184,340)


These are 15 of the best paying jobs in California so if you are currently researching on your career path it would be help full if you thoroughly read up this article and make a decent choice.

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