20 Best Paying Jobs In Life Insurance 2022

Life insurance is a branch of insurance that is currently expanding and gaining  momentum. Life insurance provides a wide variety of career options alongside enticing income levels and extra add-ons. If you are interested in a career in life insurance, this post reviews the best paying jobs in life insurance to select from and also tips and skills that would help you excel in the industry.

The best paying jobs in life insurance are one of the most in-demand professions, you can earn up to $50,000 per year for entry-level specialists, and this amount only increases with experience.

You would need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, risk management, or a related area is necessary for a career in the insurance industry.

So before going further in listing the best paying job in life insurance, let’s look at some terms relating to life insurance.

What is life insurance?

A life insurance policy is a legal agreement between an insurer and a policyholder. In exchange for the premiums paid by the policyholder throughout their lifetime, a life insurance policy promises that the insurer will pay an amount of money to designated beneficiaries when the insured dies.

To keep a life insurance policy in place, the policyholder must either pay a one-time premium or pay continuous payments over time. Term life insurance plans have a certain number of years before they expire. Permanent life insurance plans stay in force until the insured dies, ceases to pay payments, or surrenders the policy.

What Are The Benefits Of An Insurance Career?

1. Job security

Insurance is never going to fade away. It has been around for generations and will continue to exist as long as people require medical care, drive automobiles, own houses, and operating companies. Insurance is more secure than other industries during a recession.

This is because, regardless of the economy, people and companies require risk protection at all times. Working for an insurance firm or an independent agency provides more job security than working in other businesses.

2. Developed skillset

Being a successful salesperson is an essential skill to have while working in insurance, but it is more than simply a sales position. The sector encompasses all fields and provides a plethora of professional opportunities.

Insurance firms can assist you to improve your communication, technology, problem-solving, research, and organizational abilities. The insurance sector is always developing in response to changing client requirements. Employers are looking for workers who understand social media, digital marketing, and cyber communication.

3. Increased opportunities

Insurance industry provides variety of opportunities, there are plethora of career and educational choices that fit your preferences. You may begin in customer service and then go on to marketing or underwriting. Most insurance firms will assist you in finding a career that matches your skills and interests.

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a career with many juicy careers, these are few of the best paying jobs in life insurance.

1. Life insurance Actuary

Life insurance actuary is one of the best paying job in life insurance, it is a vital part of of the industry, they assist in the pricing of life insurance policies in order to reduce cost and risk.

The major responsibility of a life insurance actuary is to reduce the risk across client bases, doing financial analysis, and making reports for salespeople and management. Strong attention to detail, great written and verbal communication, and logical problem-solving ability are all valuable characteristics.

Earnings: the annual salary of a life insurance actuary is $137,500.

2. General adjuster

A general adjuster is an insurance specialist who analyzes accidents to determine the insurance company’s financial obligation.

As a general adjuster, your responsibilities include investigating property or physical damage linked to insurance claims especially when life is claimed. You evaluate the incident’s cause and the degree of the damage. To completely examine the accusations, you may need to undertake interviews with police enforcement, medical specialists, and eyewitnesses.

Earnings: the annual salary of a general adjuster is $43,000 to $124,000.

3. Health actuary

This is also among the best paying jobs in life insurance. Health actuaries are employed by healthcare organizations and insurance firms. They examine healthcare data and industry trends to effectively make financial and strategic decisions.

Health actuaries create rate files, examine plan reserves, and analyze medical patterns to identify new risks and opportunities. They generate monthly reports using collective health plan data from national databases. 

Earnings: the annual salary of a health actuary is $65,000

4. Claims director

A claims director is in charge of an insurance claims department’s day-to-day and long-term operations.

In this position, you will direct the department, setting standard rules on insurance coverage and claims for a variety of life-related events. You carry out your responsibilities based on assessment information and claim verification by other insurance professionals.

Earnings: The annual salary of a claims director is $65,000 – $137,500 depending on your location and experience.

5. Final expense agent

Final expense agent is also included in the list of best paying jobs in life insurance.

The duty of a  final expense agent is to market life insurance plans that cover the deceased’s legal, funeral, and immediate household expenditures. You follow leads, contact potential clients, analyze projected costs in a specific region, and cooperate with the agency’s marketers to acquire these sales.

Final expenditure agents also devote time to researching the market, examining various plans, and assessing which plans are most likely to appeal to a certain customer. The majority of purchasers are above the age of 55.

Earnings: The average annual salary of a final expense agent is $100,000 – $116,000.

6.  Underwriting manager

Underwriting manager is also among the best-paying jobs for life insurance, the job of an underwriting manager include overseeing the underwriting department’s everyday activities and administrative chores, often under the direction of a department head or director.

Earnings: The annual salary of an underwriting manager is $82,250.

7. Casualty underwriter

A casualty underwriter evaluates a business and personal insurance policy application. Before an insurance company would issue a policy, casualty underwriters must estimate the risk exposure to the firm for an application.

Their responsibilities include assessing property information as well as reviewing the applicant’s background, financial situation, and job to guarantee that premiums can be fulfilled. They assess the risks of accepting applications and approve claims and premium amounts. They are also in charge of monitoring and evaluating current policies.

Earnings: The annual salary of casualty underwriters is $75,000.

8. Pricing actuary

This is one of the best paying jobs in life insurance. Pricing actuaries are statisticians who work in any insurance firm. In this job, you utilize your strong math abilities to calculate risks and analyze data to determine the pricing of things.

Your job is to guarantee that the company’s costs, such as the price of settlements or employee retirement, are covered. Collecting statistical data, evaluating claim payout probability such as death or major injury, contributing to policies for new products, resolving state filing requirements, and optimizing profits are all part of your work.

Earnings: Pricing actuary have an average annual salary of $102,000.

9. Claims consultant

As a claims consultant, you execute normal claims adjuster activities while also performing specialist investigations on complex life insurance matters. In circumstances involving insurance responsibility and loss, you may be summoned to testify in court.

To obtain the abilities required to assess these complicated insurance issues, you must undergo specialized training.

Earnings:The average salary of Claim consultants is estimated to be $42,500.

10. Consulting actuary

Consulting actuary is also one of the best paying job in life insurance. You can operate as a consultant actuary in life insurance as part of a major consulting firm or as a freelancer.

Your responsibilities include data collection and analysis, as well as providing a solution to the organization or customer with whom you are consulting.

Earnings: The salary range for consulting actuary is $79,000-$208,000 per year.

11. Re-insurance analyst

A reinsurance analyst serves as a liaison between primary insurance companies and reinsurance firms. Your tasks in this positions include analyzing insurance accounts, reviewing insurance plans, and managing accounts for reinsurance businesses.

Your responsibilities include reviewing insurance plans, identifying problems with possible policies, and recommending whether or not the reinsurance business should accept the claim. 

Earnings: The salary of an Highly experienced analysts can be up to $88,000 per year.

12. Life insurance agent

A Life Insurance Agent is also one of the best paying jobs in life insurance, there duty is to call customers and help them through the application and purchase of life insurance coverage. While some employers provide life insurance as part of their benefits package, it is also accessible to individuals.

An Insurance Agent can assist customers in navigating the challenging process of filling out insurance applications. They provide guidance and clarify complicated financial and insurance concepts in a way that the customer can grasp. 

Earnings: An experienced life insurance agent can make as much as $99,500.

13. Actuarial analyst

An actuarial analyst is one of the best paying job in life insurance, insurance firms use actuarial experts to calculate the likelihood of accidents, injuries, product failures, and fatalities that may occur under certain conditions.

You assess the possible expenses for these events in this task. This information enables insurance firms to build policies and set prices.

Earnings: Actuarial analyst earn an average of $70,500.

14. Life Insurance manager

A life insurance manager assesses the performance of all workers who work for an insurance branch and ensures that all company regulations, including the filing of client data, are followed. 

To optimize earnings, you establish premiums based on actuary data and appraise information to assess the likelihood of clients making claims and the value of their assets.

Earnings: The annual wages of an insurance manager vary depending on the firm, their salary usually ranges within the $46,000 – $88,000 range.

15. Healthcare sales representative

A healthcare sales representative is someone that is saddled with the responsibility to market medicine, medical equipment, and associated product alternatives to each customer in your designated region.

You may also give consumers after-sales service or support, such as answering queries about how to use the items or, in certain situations, assisting them in using them.

Earnings: In the life insurance sector, experienced health care sales representatives can make up to $86,500 annually.

16. Life insurance territory manager

A life insurance territory manager is someone whose responsibility include identifying new account prospects, developing a territory-wide strategic plan for selling insurance, setting sales goals, following up with clients, and recruiting and training agents and sales affiliates to sell insurance products within your territory. Earnings: Life insurance territory managers have the potential to earn up to $67,000 each year.

17. Life actuarial trainee

An actuarial trainee is a position that serves as a stepping stone to becoming an actuary. An actuary is in charge of assessing financial risks for firms, particularly insurance companies.

These specialists give financial advice and forecast future market trends in life insurance coverage, based on present market patterns.

Earnings: Life Actuarial trainees have a median average salary of $39,500 per year.

18. Life actuarial intern

In an insurance firm or other corporate context, an actuarial intern assists junior and senior-level actuaries. Your responsibilities as an actuarial intern include gathering data, analyzing risk, and preparing reports.

Actuarial interns are one of the most fundamental professional responsibilities in the life insurance industry. 

Earnings: The annual income of life actual intern is estimated to be $37,700.

19. Re-insurance accountant

A reinsurance accountant creates reinsurance reporting packages for client accounts and assists with the servicing and accounting of existing reinsurance contracts.

The job of a reinsurance accountant is to prepare, evaluate, and allow payments; assist in the implementation and improvement of systems to guarantee correct accounting; provide reporting on ceded reinsurance activities.

Earnings: Re-insurance accountants are one of the best paying jobs in life insurance, as they stand to earn $75,000 annually.

20. Production underwriter

In this position, you travel to various insurance companies to build connections with agents and market your company’s goods and services. Once you’ve secured a relationship with an organization, you’ll collaborate with the underwriting department to assess the financial risk of applicants that come in via that organization and decide if they qualify for coverage. 

Earnings: production underwriters have a salary range of $41,000-$100,000 per year.


Life insurance isn’t just for the affluent. No matter what your income level is, life insurance may ensure that your loved ones can make ends meet if you are unavilable. The best-paying jobs in life insurance provide a variety of work options along with competitive salaries and other perks.


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