Highest Paying Online Jobs In Germany For English Speakers – Rush Now!

Are you looking for an online job in Germany where you can have the luxury of working from home at your own convenient time, here are the highest paying online jobs in Germany for English speakers.

This article would provide you with every detail you need to be successful in your online job, every job listed here would come with a link where you can easily apply and be selected for the job.

Details To Easily Secure An Online Job In Germany For English Speakers

Below are all the details that would help you in securing any of the highest paying jobs in Germany for English speakers.

The online jobs we would be listing would give you the luxury of engaging in other activities like schooling and working, you can do these jobs at any time convenient for you and still spend quality time with your family and friends.

These jobs would require you to poses a skill before you can be confident to excel and make huge money from them, some jobs would give you an opportunity to learn on the job (that is you can improve yourself while you keep working online for a particular firm).

Available Online Jobs In Germany For English Speakers

1. SEO Manager

This is one of the highest paying online jobs in Germany for English speakers. SEO means search engine optimization, every company wants to be visible online and would pay hugely for any body that can guarantee the company a spot on search engines.

As an SEO manager you would develop strategies both long term and short term that would be beneficial to the company you work for.


  • Analyze local competitors and figure out unique ways to outrank competitors in search engine results. also improve SEO efficiency with structured plans with local marketing teams. 
  • Work hand in hand with the company’s local teams and external agencies to create valuable content, build links, source for good guest posting platforms and keyword research.
  • Launch and manage content marketing campaigns, promote the company brand and impact the overall marketing experience online.
  • Work with the company local team on on-page and CMS optimization.
  • Monitor the company performance metrics with relevant tools to make sure that there is Significant improvement on the company’s online presence. And also translate them to sales.

SEO managers is one of the highly sought after online jobs in Germany, you can live your dream life with proceeds gotten from this online job. If you are interested in becoming an SEO manager you can apply here using this link.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

This is also another highest paying online jobs in Germany for English speakers.

As a digital marketing specialist your goal is to develop and implement online marketing strategies for your clients.


  • You would conduct market and competition analysis.
  • Create texts, videos, landing pages and banners that would be useful in advertising.
  • Continually optimize all contents campaigns and strategy.
  • Create and manage detailed report.
  • Maintain relationship with popular influencers, focus groups and external worlforce in the industry.
  • Plan and implement all online marketing strategies for search engine optimization, social media and content activities.

Requirements To Apply For The Job Of A Digital Marketing specialist

  • Dynamic communicator
  • Deep knowledge of: 
    • SEO
    • SEA
    • Social media
    • Online advertising
    • Web analytics tools
  • Minimum of 5 years working experience in online marketing, performance marketing and social media marketing.
  •  Language skills: advanced level (C1+) in German and English.

Another important requirement for this job is that you must be based in Berlin (Germany) although it is a remote job that can be done online, but it could expand in the future. If interested you can apply here

The salary range for this job is between €40k – €45k depending on your experience.

3. Customer Service English Representative

You can also work from home as a customer service English representative for a German firm that requires such services.

This job does not require any major experience to begin, you just have to be fluent with your English language.


  • Create and manage online marketing campaigns.
  • Consult business customs boa phone calls, social media, texts and email.
  • Be responsible for managing campaigns of selected customers.
  • Documents and process customer details by working with internal tools.


  • Good typing skills
  • Professional communication skills
  • Technical affinity and experience
  • Interest in working part time or full time.
  • Good computer usage skills.
  • Fluent in English language both spoken and written.
  • Service oriented, patience and friendly.

An average salary for this job is €2000. You can also get a certified product and communication training in an online space as well as coaching and qualification.

4. Lead Of Online Creative

As a lead of online creative, you would be joining a cross functional team of the HelloFresh brand across multiple platforms.


  • Oversee all digital projects, and expanding them into larger brand products still retaining the companies identity and brand.
  • Lead a team of 6+ product designers and copywriters.
  • Management of systematic data reviews and strategic optimization.

You can apply for this job if you have the leadership skills to lead a team of vibrant product designers online. English speakers are also welcomed to apply for this high paying online job. You can use this link to apply if interested. Apply Now

5. SEO Manager (English Speaker)

HomeToGo a top organization in Germany is also recruiting experts from all over the world to become an SEO manager, the organization is even sponsoring free visa to Gerany for people who show interest in the job and are successful with the interview.

HomeToGo wishes to employ an SEO manager that would be based in Berlin to manage and grow there organic traffic and revenue in English dominated markets mostly United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (USA). The SEO manager would work inline with google guidelines and principles.


  • Identify SEO opportunities and launch UX improvements through A/B testing and casual impact analysis.
  • Research new opportunities for organic growth and improve the performance of already existing pages were necessary.
  • Improve and maintain website health by monitoring and fixing technical errors together with a expert team.
  • Collaborate with analytics and content team to plan and execute SEO projects.


  • You should have worked as an SEO manager as either an in-house or freelance manager.
  • You are very fluent in English language.
  • You have a strong bias for result .
  • You are experienced in working with tech teams to help and implement SEO projects.
  • You make data informed decisions.
  • You have previously grown organic traffic / revenue for previous employers with numbers to prove.

This job is a one time opportunity, it is one of the highest paying online jobs in Germany for English speakers. The jobs comes alongside many benefits which includes full IT support, travel industry card, language courses, a modern and centrally located office that is fully furnished with every device you need to excel and also a free visa to Germany.

If interested in this offer you can apply here now


How can an English speaker get a job in Germany? 

As an English speak you can get a job in Germany by constantly visiting sites that post vacancies and applying immediately, you can also visit LinkedIn regularly and follow German organizations to see the latest vacancies and opportunities.

Can a foreigner get a job in Germany?

Yes, a foreigner can get a job in Germany provided you meet all the requirements fot the job. A foreigner can also live and work in Germany. You just have to secure a German work and residence permit.

Which jobs will be in demand in Germany?

The following jobs are of high demand in Germany.

  • Tech jobs
  • Agricultural jobs
  • IT consultants and Analysis
  • Nurses
  • Software developers and programmers
  • Architects
  • Customer advisors and account managers


If your are looking for an opportunity to work in Germany then there is no perfect time than now, better grab this opportunity and apply for any of these highest paying online jobs in Germany for English speakers. Some of this jobs come with great benefits which might see you take a leap,from your current location and grab, the next flight to Germany fully sponsored by your company of choice.

Never miss this chance for anything. Remember this opportunity is golden.

You can also share this article to your family and friends that may be looking for an opportunity like this to advance there career.

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