How to Become a Bartender with no Experience in 2023

how to become a bartender
how to become a bartender

Becoming a bartender is one of the overnight job a college student can use as a high-paying side hustle, you can make over $100 per day working between the hours of 8pm to 5am.

However there are few skills to acquire before becoming a bartender and this article would reveal things to know on how to become a bartender with no experience.

If you want to become a bartender with no experience you can choose to attend a bartending school or better still get a mentor. As a college student getting a mentor might be the better option. You would get to see first hand how pro-bartenders mix drinks and do other stuff.

Without much ado, here’s your complete guide to landing a bartending job as a complete and total novice.

How To Become A Bartender With No Experience

These are the ways to become a bartender with no experience. Read and follow through.

1. Read

For you to become a successful bartender you need to read, you might think working as a bartender is all about mixing drinks but there are some slangs and terms you need to know before operating as one. Reading books would help you master some slangs and terms easily.

Here are some of the important books to add to your collection and begin reading.

Bar Book Elements: Cocktail Technique

Meehan’s Bartender Manual

Bartenders Black Book

2. Attend Bartending School

Bartending school will fast track you to achieve this goal.

In bartending school, you’ll learn the basics including mixology. Similarly, you learn the etiquette needed in this profession.

An example of a bartending school is The Nimble Bar and Co.

3. Get a Bartending Certificate

This is not required in all states, but you can leverage on this especially if you do not have any experience.

In order to receive a license, you need to reach the minimum age of serving alcohol in a public place and this differs by state.

In addition, you have to be familiar with laws and penalties regarding minors, Identifying the stages of customer intoxication and how to handle them, among others.

If you are going for an online course, make sure it is state-approved.

This way, you can become a bartender with no experience.

4. Become a Barback

Actual bartenders usually advise those who want to become bartenders with no experience to start as a barback. One advised not to waste funds in schools but invest that time in becoming a barback.

A barback requires no experience, just the willingness to work. You will basically be an assistant, and this puts you in a good position to observe and learn

5. Start at a Restaurant Bar

Another way to get behind the bar as a bartender with no experience is to start at a restaurant bar.

The benefit of taking this route is that they have training programs for you. They will also train to mix drinks to their standard.

Similarly, they provide a smaller environment to start practicing.

6. Find a Bartending Mentor

As you seek employment, look out for bartenders who are willing to train you.

They will train you with their wealth of experience that cannot be taught in the classroom.

7. Learn how to Pour Drinks

You need to learn how to pour drinks correctly to achieve a balance between liquor and the mixer. This is essential to master if you wish to become a cocktail lord. You can invest in small bartending tools and start practicing at home. The jigger is one tool to buy as a beginner.

8. Practice Mixology

Once you’ve mastered the art of pouring, the next step in becoming a bartender with no experience is to practice making your own cocktails.

You may start from recipes of gin and tonic, to more complicated mixes.

Although it is not everyone who becomes a mixologist, the understanding of how to make cocktails is important.

9. Badge the Job

Write a very impressive bartender resume and apply for that job. It is ours already!


Above are tips that would help you become a bartender with no experience.

Becoming a bartender requires more than learning how to mix drinks. Customer relations is also an essential skill you need to possess as a bartender.

 You’ll mix drinks, keep the bar clean, make sure there is sufficient stock of drinks, in addition to keeping an eye on the customers so they don’t leave without paying. In worse cases, argue and destroy things in the bar. So, you need to be on your toes at every instant.

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