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How to get paid to read books in 2022

As a student you don’t only have to read books to pass exams you can also get paid why reading books. Many students have not known about this great opportunity thats why I’ll be revealing some tips today on how to get paid to read books in 2022.

Many students have ventured into various activities in order to earn money, activities like eating competition and other little activities have been exploited by students but the this particular aspect of reading to get paid have been left untouched by students.

The advantage of keying into this money making venture is that you don’t only get paid while reading books, you also have an opportunity to read books from reknowed and creative authors, you would get to develop yourself intellectually while gulping in some dollars.

This is one of the best money making venture for students by which you don’t have to stress yourself and have the freedom to work at your own convenient time.

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I know definitely you would be asking the big question which is” how to get paid to read books in 2022″ just relax and take a chill pill I’ll be revealing the answer to this below.

I’ll also be providing you with tips to train yourself so that you would be eligible to receive your payment while reading.


Over the years people have been paid to read books, just that with the involvement of technologies many more strategies and opportunities have been invented, as time changes so does the need to adapt with the recent changes becomes inevitable.

In the past years, kings and chieftains usually pay people to read or conduct researches but right now there are very few people of high authority that would pay you to read for them, nevertheless there are still many untapped opportunities that can pay you while reading and if you do the job well you can develop it into a full time career.

Who is a book reviewer? 

A book reviewer is a channel of literary culture, they determine which books, writers, and publishers are good and which are great, as well as which are terrible and disappointing. The basic aim of a book review is to analyze different books in ways that include its subject, strengths and weaknesses, and context, they also compare and criticize books.

As a book reviewer you are meant to come up with your own analysis and writeup about books which you read, this might not seem easy as a lot of understanding and work is put in place to have a perfect analysis. 

Even if the book you are meant to review is a work of fiction, you would have to investigate the topic while discussing the novel’s background. If you’re evaluating work on slavery, for example, look up for ancient historical material and compare it to the author’s perspective on the subject.  

Compare the author’s thesis and use of evidence against other published works on the same idea or topic, if it’s a non fiction book about slavery. You should also provide some detailed information about the author, which will aid your reader’s comprehension of the content.

As a book reviewer, you should give your opinion on a book at the end of the review. 

The review is just your opinion and not the original intent of the author, you just have to outline the books strengths and weakness and allow the public see from both sides.

How much does a book reviewer get paid? 

Another important question that needs to be asked on getting to know how to get paid to read books in 2022 is “how much does a book reviewer get paid”.

Book reviewing is an intensive work and so is the pay, many researches have been conducted to note the exact amount a book reviewer is paid.

According to ZipRecruiter, In its research on book reviewers, the average yearly compensation for a book reviewer in the United States is $62,611 as at December 2, 2021, breaking this figure down it would result in the following datas: $30.10 per hour. This equates to $1,204 each week or $5,218 per month. 

“While the annual salaries for Book Reviewers ranges from $31,000 (25th percentile) to $75,500 (75th percentile) on ZipRecruiter, the majority of Book Reviewer salaries currently range from $31,000 (25th percentile) to $75,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $110,500 annually across the United States”.  

The average compensation for a Book Reviewer is about ($44,500), meaning that there may be several prospects for growth and increase of income depending on the skill level, location, and years of experience. 

Who is a professional reader? 

A professional reader is someone that reads, reviews, and recommends books to people, whether for libraries, bookstores, classrooms, or online via blogging.

If you spend the majority of your time reading newly published books and enjoy sharing your thoughts and enthusiastically discussing them, then you’re a perfectl candidate for this job where you read and get paid.

How do you become a professional reader? 

To become a professional reader who gets paid to read books, there are certain requirements you have to meet, the basic of this is that you have to love reading, this particular requirements is a fundamenatal one if you don’t love reading you would surely get bored doing the job.

1) You must be able to exert some sort of influence.  

Before you exact judgment on an authors work, you have to exert some level of influence. This level of influence can come through your various employment maybe as a bookseller, librarian or educator.

If you have large audience on social media tou can also use that to your advantage.

To influence a huge group of individuals, you’ll need a wide audience. Consider it this way: your job as a professional reader is to assist people to learn about books before and after they are published, therefore you must have an audience to educate. 

2) You need a blog 

Creating and running a blog requires a great deal of imagination, ideas, effort, time, and a lot of writing. If you want to attract readers and grow a large audience, you’ll need to produce regular blog entries on a regular basis, maybe once or twice a week depending on your schedule.  

This task is challenging if you’re your blog’s sole content creator. When it comes to running a professional blog, collaborating with friends or colleagues is usually a great idea. 

3) Make contact with your preferred book publishers. 

Once your blog is up and running, you may start requesting advanced reader galleys from your preferred publishers. You may do this by contacting the publishers and asking for specific titles (many publishers’ websites provide contact information for persons in charge of publicity).  

If you’re new to this, though, you may not be aware of which titles are accessible as galleys or how to arrange your request in a well accepted format.This information may be found in a variety of sources. While the communication with publishers is indirect, this method may make finding titles much easier. 

Additionally, if you evaluate galleys for a publisher on a regular basis and they like your opinion, they may approach you directly through email (if you choose to grant them access to your email address) and ask you to review additional galleys. 

4) Examine the galleys you’ve been given. 

Definitely, all these would come in place after you have set up your blog and you’re ready to start writing. This way, you know who is sending what and who is receiving what. The work then is quite simple, read and write an honest review. 

You are not required to submit a review, however, it is strongly suggested, as long as you offer input on the galley you got. You may be as creative as you want if you decide to post a review. 

Most publishers love the excitement and constructive criticism, but they also respect the reader’s viewpoint, so be truthful. You should write this review on your site and inform the publisher of your thoughts. 

What is the 50-Page rule? 

if you have always find reading stressful or to be something that stresses you badly, then the 50-page rule, though a bonus to this article, tries to help you develop the necessary habit to develop a reading culture, at least one that would be enough for you to earn through it.  

The 50-Page rule states that you pick a book of your interest you and commit yourself to reading the first 50 pages. So this leaves you with the opportunity to read the first 50 pages of the billions of books that are readily available to you. More on strategies here.  

Websites that pay for reading books

  1. Booklist
  2. Kirkus
  3. The online book club

Is there a website that pays you to read? 

Yes, there are apps and online websites that pays you to read and also write reviews, these are few of those websites. 

1) Booklist 

 Booklist describes itself as part of the American Library Association, and as one whose reviews help and continue to help academy and public library workers in recommendations. It also describes itself as “ the haiku of book reviewing.” 

 For readers who don’t know what haikus are, haikus are Japanese short runes written in short groups to pass their dispatches easily. The runes are occasionally of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally eliciting images of the natural world. 

 For Booklist, because of the content, projected fashionability, or other compelling collection structure measures, every book we examine is recommended for purchase in a library environment. 

 For well- written book reviews, Booklist pays between$12.50 to$ 15. Rather of accepting unasked evaluations or suggestions, they will assign reviews to be completed. They recommend that you acquaint yourself with their publications and writing style by subscribing up for their newsletter and entering it before transferring them an inquiry. 

 2) Kirkus 

 Of course, Kirkus also pays you to read and also write a review of what you have read. The company is steady taking changes and hiring able hands. 

 Still, also Kirkus Media is looking for educated book pundits of English and Spanish- language titles to review for Kirkus Indie, the book review magazine’s section devoted to tone- published authors, If you’re reading this and would be willing to give it a go. Reviews are in the same format and held to the same high norms as other sections of Kirkus Reviews. 

 On Kirkus, book reviews must be handed within two weeks of the day on which they were agreed to be written, and they must be around 350 words long. Your remuneration will be determined by your position of moxie. 

 Payment is made in the form of a check, which is posted 60 days after the review is completed and submitted. While utmost people like their employment, it isn’t predictable and shouldn’t be used as a primary source of income. 

 3) The Online Book Club 

 The company starts with a warning that tells people that it is n’t a get-rich-quick scheme. So there are no pledges of billions staying for you at the end of the jotting lair. It’s funny and okay at the same time. 

 The company explained that numerous publishers and aspiring pens are eager to give you with a free dupe of their book in exchange for an honest review. Over ten thousand authors have posted us their calligraphies for assessment. This is a collection of books that would generally bring plutocrat but from which you can elect a free book. 

 Indeed, there’s such a huge demand for pundits to accept these offers that numerous of them include a figure in addition to the free book. In other words, you’ll admit a free dupe of a book in exchange for an honest evaluation of that book. 

 Still, you do n’t have to lie and pretend you did, If you did n’t enjoy it. You ’re getting compensated for a candid, short evaluation, not for a favorable bone.


Rather than assume and hope for the best, you can take a direct approach and reach out to authors themselves and try to scrounge out a deal where you get paid to read books they ’ve written and also leave them a review. Occasionally, the direct approach works. 

 Still, you’ll find them, especially one where you get paid to read books, If you’re willing to search for and pursue possibilities. While book pundits earn a lot of money, they do so while doing what they like.

These are some of the tips on How to get paid to read books in 2022


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