3 Quick Ways On How To Join The Australian Army As A Foreigner

How To Join The Australian Army As A Foreigner
How To Join The Australian Army As A Foreigner

Are you aspiring to travel abroad and make a living by serving Australia as a military officer, we have compiled a step by step guide on how to join the australian army as a foreigner, this article would cover all you need to know and also list the requirements to join the Australian army.

Criteria For Foreigner Application To The Australian Army

Before considering applying for the Australian military you have to go through the criteria to see if you tick all the boxes and extremely qualified to serve the good people of Australia.

We would cover questions like; do you have to be an Australian citizen to join the army?

What are the requirements to join the Australian army?

Requirements To Join The Australian Army

  1. You must be older than 17 years old at your time of application or not more than 49 years old.
  2. You must show profiency in reading, speaking and understanding English language with evidence from your  International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score.
  3. You must be show adequate general fitness and also medical fitness in order to pass the pre-entry fitness test.
  4. For a regular role you must complete at least ten schooling with passes in Mathematics and English few higher roles in the Australian army would require you to posses a diploma or a Bachelor’s degree.
  5. You must posses qualifications and skills that can be directly transferred to the army.
  6. You must be a current serving member of a foreign military or left not more that three years.
  7. You must have at least 5 years of full time military experience.
  8. Some Higher roles in the Australian Army requires a valid probationary license.
  9. Strong communication and leadership abilities.
  10. Most importantly You must apply for an Australian citizenship.

Do You Have To Be An Australian Citizen To Join The Army?

Yes, you have to be an Australian citizen to join the army, but foreign aplicanys with relevant and large expereince from allied nations can also apply to join the Australian military.

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Permanent resident who have previously applied for residency in Australia can also apply to join the military once they have been granted status as Australian residents.

permanent residence who are ineligible for citizenship can also apply for the Australian army as far as they prove that they can get there request for citizenship approved within the next three months.

Failure to get your citizenship request granted after three months would result to termination from the Australian armed forces.

You can check if you meet the requirements to join the Australian army here.

Process Involved In Joining The Australian Army As A Foreigner

Below is a detailed process on how to join the australian army as a foreigner.

Applying for the Australian armed forces would be best if you are recommended by a selection board.  After the board has interviewed you, you would then go through the compulsory test which you are suppose to meet the medical entry standard for the ADF.

After completing tour medical fitness test you would proceed to obtain an employer nomination scheme (subclass 186) visa from the Australian department of home affairs. (Here you would need to need all specific character and health requirements).

You must then proceed to obtain an appropriate level of ADF security clearance. You must resign from your current military service and not be required to perform any reserve service.

After this you would then proceed to receive your Australian citizenship.

Australian Army Recruitment 2022/2023 Application Form Updates

The application portal for the Australian army recruitment is officially open for the 2022/2023 process, candidates who are interested can start applying now in order to be selected and recruited.

Applicants should visit the Australian army website and follow the instructions outlined there.

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The Australian army recruitment 2022/2023 is open for all applicants from all over the world who are capable of meeting the above requirement to serve in the Australian military.

How To Apply / Processes For The Australian Army Recruitment

  1. The application for the Australian army recruitment 2022/2023 is not hectic at all, everything is made simple and is done online. All you need to do is provide all your details on the website of the Australian army and you would receive access to your candidate hub.
  2. In your hub you would proceed to upload all your supplementary application form.
  3. When you application has been approved you would receive an email with a link to complete your compulsory online aptitute test. 
  4. If you pass the test you would now be invited to attend a Your Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) Session day at one of the Australian local Defence Force Recruiting Centres for a physical aptitude test.
  5. After you have completed this stage successfully you would be invited for an assessment session for a physical interview where you would also be tested medically.
  6. You would then attend an officer selection board where you would be interviewed by a panel of officers and a psychologist. You would also participate in group activities.


How Much Do Australian Army Get Paid?

Members of the Australian army get paid according to there various departments and ranks. below is an average salary structure of the Australian army.

Army officerA$93,712/yr
Combat EngineerA$74,022/yr
Army (Captain)A$106,212/yr
Infantry RiflemanA$70,000/yr
Intelligence AnalystA$77,921/yr
Warehouse CoordinatorA$62,500/yr
Infantry SoldierA$63,000/yr
Electronics TechnicianA$90,041/yr
EngineerA$67K – A$172K/yr
Army SoldierA$79K – A$85K/yr

Conclusion On How To Join The Australian Army As A Foreigner

Joining the Australian army as a foreigner would come with many benefit such as the opportunity to receive world class military training, a nice pay and recognized qualifications. You wouldn’t have any limitation of benefits not withstanding your race, ethnicity or religion.

This opportunity is a dream come true for aspiring military officers, just peruse through this article and take the necessary steps to serve the great nation of Australia and get paid nicely doing it.

We would keep on updating this article on how to join the australian army as a foreigner with recent changes maybe due to the pandemic and any other stuff that may arise. Do well to share this article to your family and friends that may be interested in moving to Australia.

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