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10 Legit Ways To Make Money In College Without A Job

Life can be very frustrating as a student without money, you would definitely miss out on the fun side of being at college. College students are usually on the lookout for any side-hustle that could fetch them some money without affecting their studies. This article would list out legit ways on how to make money in college without a job that would affect your study time. Feel free to click on any of the links in the table of contents that instantly catches your fancy.

How To Make Money In College Without A Job – 10 Legit Ways

Delivering pizza or serving as a waiter in a local bar is not the only way to make money in college, there are numerous ways for college students to make extra income; these ways include part-time jobs, applications or websites that help you make money at the comfort of your dorms or hostels. 

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Below are 10 side-hustles to make money as a college student.

1. Buy And Resell Textbooks

You can make money in college by buying and reselling textbooks. College textbooks are very important for students and also very expensive so you can leverage on this opportunity and make money for yourself.

If you are interested in selling college textbooks in order to make profits, you can buy textbooks from sites like eBay, or campus book rentals, and then resell them on  BookScouter after every semester.

Pro Tip: Ensure you check the prices of the books on BookScouter using their ISBN. Only buy books you know you can sell at prices higher than you got them for.

2. Advertising On Your Car

Advertising on your car is another way to make money in college without a job, this opportunity is only for students that are privileged to own an automobile.

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There are companies willing to pay you to place their ads on your cars, there are options for full placement which means ads would be placed on the whole car or half placement which covers only a part of the car.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we’ve written a guide on how to advertise on your car and make huge money. Also listed are companies that pay the highest for car ads.

3. Become A Freelancer

Another way to make money in college without a job is by becoming a freelancer, it is not very easy looking making money online as a freelancer. You have to go through the process from finding clients to writing proposals, meeting deadlines and managing invoices,  but trust me it is definitely worth the stress. This is one of the highest paying online jobs, especially when you have won the trust of a client.

You can freelance on basically any skill from writing, web designing, web development, copywriting or graphics designing. You just have to master the skill or sharpen your already existing skills.

You can make use of freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer to meet potential clients online. 

4. Teach English Online

Another easy way of making money in college without a job is by teaching English to students in non-English speaking countries like China, Japan and other Asian countries.

Before aspiring for this part-time job you must be fluent in speaking English, you just have to register with any of the companies that recruit teachers to teach English language. An example of such companies is Qkids. There is already a lesson plan prepared for you all you have to do is choose your preferred time and follow the teaching instructions provided.

Most companies that recruit people to teach English make it mandatory for you to have a Bachelor’s degree but Qkids is an exception.

5. Sell Your Knowledge

Studying as a college student isn’t only to pass your exams and make good grades, you can also sell your knowledge and make money in college.

If you are good in maths, physics or any science related course there are always students who would employ you to share your knowledge with them, these students are willing to pay you handsomely to help improve their learning skills.

You can create awareness by sharing fliers across various social media groups on campus or even pasting them on notice boards. You can also sell your knowledge on websites like Udemy and Skillshare, there are thousands of students searching for solutions to different problems online.

Note that you can also make money by teaching people how to play instruments like Keyboard, guitar etc.

6. Start A YouTube Vlog / Open A Blog

Another way of selling your knowledge is by creating a specified YouTube channel or blog to teach anything. The more people watch your video the more you make money. You can also make money from sponsored adverts on your Youtube channel or your blog.

You just have to focus on answering the query people search for on google or YouTube. It’s projected that video bloggers on YouTube get roughly $7.60 for every 1,000 views of their videos.

7. Sell Your Instagram-Worthy Pictures

With your smartphone you can make a decent amount for yourself in college by selling your pictures or quality photos you snap around campus and selling it on an app like Foap.

When someone buys the license to your photo – at $10; you make $5 on each purchase.

So, if you sell about 10 pictures, at $5 each, you make $50 doing something you enjoy.

You can also upload the pictures on Instagram, promote it and gain thousands of followers then sell the Instagram account to interested buyers.

8. Share Your Opinions

Sharing your opinion is another easy way to make money in college without a job. You can share your opinion by filling surveys on different topics, this side-gusto doesn’t pay much but if you are serious and fill as many surveys as you can, you can make a decent amount daily.

There are many sites that give you the opportunity to share your opinions by filling surveys and earning but not all of them are legit, the recommended ones are Survey Junkie and Swagbucks as they provide you with legit surveys and also pay you for your opinions. ( they have a history of paying nicely).

9. Be On Your Favorite Tv Game Show

As a college student you can also make money by appearing as a guest in any of the following TV shows; “Jeopardy!,” “Wheel of Fortune,” “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, “The Price is Right” and others.

Appearing as a guest in any of these TV shows is quite easy, though there might be an atom of luck. You just have to follow the instructions on their websites, apply and be hopeful.

If you are lucky to be on the show you can make millions of dollars by answering questions correctly.

10. Offer Local Helpful Services

Another way to make money as a college student is by offering helpful services to access your locality.

You can render services like babysitting, pet sitting, and dog walking.

You can do all these activities after school. Try looking for your clients first within your circle as parents are more inclined to trust someone they already know.

You can also use the following websites to source for helpful services across your area; TaskRabbit, UrbanSitter, and Handy, Wag! Rover, Gigwalk,

11. Donating Your Plasma

This is another high-paying opportunity to make money in college without a job.

You can make money by donating your plasma. Plasma is the viscous and clear part of the blood, and it is very important for treating people with various chronic diseases.

So, you would be helping people in need of it while earning money for yourself.

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Before donating your plasma you need to undergo a physical test in order to confirm that you are free from illness.

The process is almost painless as just a small needle is inserted into your arm and you stay there for about an hour.

Some plasma places will allow you to donate twice a week, and depending on the plasma clinics, you can earn an extra $50-$100.

You may experience bruising or tenderness afterward at the spot where the needle was inserted. However, it will heal after some time.

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