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Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path in 2022? 

Marine transportation is absolutely a good career path in 2022, marine transportation have grown over the years to become a vital sector of transportation industry most commercial goods been imported and exported into the country are made possible via marine transportation.

In the last few years jobs in marine transportation have grown and have become a major career path for young people.

In the United States marine transportation have created about 305,000 jobs for people since January 2019 and have generated over $154 billion to the IGR of the united states making it a vital part of the economy.

Having answered your question on why marine transportation is a good career path, we would now be looking at the benefits of working in the marine industry and skills that would make you excel and stand out.

How Can You Land Your First Job In Marine Transportation? 

There are few ways by which you can easily land your first job in marine transportation and they are;


Networking is the fastest way of landing a job in any industry, attend meetings, events or any program that brings workers of the industry together and connect with them.

You can get involved in maritime organizations and clubs, this can help you improve and solidify your relationship with people who might be able to help you find a job.

Improve Your Skills 

It is necessary to improve your skill set. You’ll have to take classes and workshops on subjects related to maritime transportation, such as navigation, cargo handling, and maritime law. 

You will also need to develop strong teamwork skills and be able to work under pressure.


Some jobs in the marine transportation industry require specific certificates and acquired knowledge to be employed. 

Many excellent schools offer degrees and certification programs in marine transportation. Students can learn about maritime law, vessel operations, and port security. 

You should also ensure that your resume is up-to-date and highlights your relevant experience and skills.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In Marine Transportation?

There are many benefits for you in marine transportation. Marine transportation can be an essential source of jobs and economic growth. It plays a role in helping business thrive by transporting goods necessary for sustenance and commerce.

Some of the most significant ones include

Job Opportunities

 The maritime industry provide more than 10 million jobs in the United States. These jobs range from dockworkers and sailors to engineers and architects. This sector also generates billions each year, which helps to sustain the economy.

Job Security

This is one of the main benefits of working in the marine transportation industry. 

Unlike other industries, the maritime transportation industry is not vulnerable to economic downturns compared to other transportation industries. Jobs here are stable and are long time jobs.

This is because people can’t do without transporting goods by sea, regardless of the economic situation.


Marine transportation offers you opportunity to travel round the world, you can spend weeks or months traveling on water. This allows you to see new places and experience different cultures and nee ways of life.

Traveling can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience, especially if you love the ocean and sailing.


Another benefit of working in this industry is that it typically pays well. In addition to a competitive salary, workers in the maritime industry often receive excellent benefits, including medical insurance and retirement plans. 

Below is a list of some of the positions in marine transportation and how much they earn:

1. Ship Captain

The ship captain is in charge of the crew members and the sailor. He is at the head of navigation and maneuvering and ensures that the ship obeys national and international laws. He’s simply the ship’s commander.

Ship captain earns– $6,803 Monthly & $81,640 Annually 

2. Ship Superintendent

Ship superintendents are responsible for repairs. They monitor and supervise the repair works on the ship. They also enforce safety measures on board the vessel, they are also in charge of engineers that are on board.

Ship superintendent earns– $ 7,425 Monthly & and $89,101 Annually 

3. Sailors

Sailors are people that move the ship, they take instructions from the ships captain. 

They are also in charge of repairs, stowing, and preparation of most deck equipment and assist with maintenance.

Sailors earn– $3,893 Monthly & $46,720 Annually 

4. Toolpusher

The toolpusher oversees the drillers as the site supervisor. He’s also in charge of administrative duties, including ordering and maintaining the necessary tools and supplies.

Tool pusher earn– $6,750 Monthly & $81,006 Annually 

5. Oil Driller

Oil drillers are those in charge of drilling wells in search of oil and gas. They are senior members that supervise the crew members in the oil drilling sector. They are found onshore and offshore and operate equipment on oil installations.

Oil drillers earn– $6,166 Monthly & $74,000 Annually 

6. Maritime Surveyors

Maritime surveyors are in charge of inspections. They ensure that the vessels abide by the necessary regulations and specifications by conducting thorough surveys on the ship.

Maritime Surveyors earn– $9,371 Monthly & $112,455 Annually 

Starting a career in the transportation industry is definitely worth it, 90% of the world’s trade are made through marine transport and about 90 billion tonnes of containers are brought into different countries through marine transport.


This question ‘Is Marine Transportation A Good Career Path?” have been on the mouth of young people looking for a career path to venture into.

This article clearly states why marine transport is good and why it offers exciting opportunities for people.

If you love traveling then you should definitely pick a job in marine transportation and venture into.


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