Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path in 2022? 

Is natural gas distribution a good career path? The answer to this question is yes, natural gas distribution is a good career path presently.

Natural gas is one of the leading sources of energy in the world, according to natural gas accounts for ⅓rd of the world energy sources.

Natural gas is the source of power for heaters, ovens and other facilities.

With demand for natural gas becoming very high, the natural gas industry is estimated to reach $553.08 billion more than the previous $466.18 in 2020.

As increase in demand grow so job opportunities are created making natural gas distribution a good career path for young people to venture into.

This article will explore the benefits of working in the natural gas distribution industry and the skills you need to excel in the industry. 

What Are The Benefits Of Working In The Natural Gas Distribution Industry?

Working in the national gas distribution has numerous benefits such as;

  • High salary
  • Job security / stable career 
  • Opportunity for career advancement.

High Paying Jobs In Gas Distribution Industry

The natural gas distribution industry have been a major employee in the United States, in 2019 100,000 people were employed in the industry according to Bureau of labour.

This jobs are expected to increase over the years, there are various positions from entry level to management level positions.

These are some of the High Paying Jobs In Gas Distribution Industry

1. Gas Distribution Engineers

Gas distribution engineers are those in charge of the day to day and technical operations of the gas distribution industry. 

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This includes providing technical support, ensuring operation runs smoothly, and enforcing safety precautions.

According to, Gas distribution engineers earn– $6,392 Monthly & $76,708 Annually 

2. Energy Engineer

Energy engineers are people who are responsible for finding and maintaining energy generation and consumption solutions.

They are simply in charge of designing, operating, and maintaining energy systems. 

Energy engineers earn– $8,380 Monthly & $100,566 Annually according to glassdoor 

3. Reservoir Engineer

Reservoir engineers are engineers in charge of the flow of oil and gas through the Reservoirs.

They are in charge of estimating the amount of oil and gas that can be transported, ensure that it is easily extracted, and optimize the flow.

Reservoir Engineers earn– $10,946 Monthly & $131,360 Annually according to glassdoor

4. Transportation Manager

Transportation Managers are in charge of organizing and managing a team of transportation personnel to oversee the tasks and operations related to gas transportation within the industry. 

Transportation managers earn– $5,772 Monthly & $69,266 Annually 

5. Accountant

Accountants are in charge of managing all financial transactions in a company, they are responsible for the financial reports and invoices related to the natural gas distribution.

Accountants earn– $7,222 Monthly & $86,670 Annually 

6. Drilling Supervisor

The drilling supervisor is in charge of the drilling operations. Maintaining oil rig facilities is also part of their responsibility. 

Drilling supervisor earn an average of $15,500 Monthly & $186,000 Annually.

6. Project Manager

The project manager plans and coordinates the entire distribution industry. 

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the natural gas distribution industry.

Project managers earn– $16,416 Monthly & Annually $197,000

7. Driller

Drillers are those in charge of the machinery for drilling. They Control the drilling tools during the drilling operations.

Driller earns– $4,250 Monthly & $51,000 Annually 

What Skills Do You Need To Thrive In The Natural Gas Distribution Industry?

1. Mechanical Strength 

The natural gas distribution industry deals a lot with energy and workers in this industry must posses the strength to work with heavy and complex machines and equipments.

2. Technical Knowledge 

Most jobs in this industry requires a degree or at least a diploma, because the industry deals with volatile gases so the technical knowledge to be able to handle these gases is needed in the industry.

Workers must understand the system and techniques needed to handle machineries used in the industry.

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3. Communication Skills 

Communication is an important skill in any industry, workers must be able to communicate with each other to deliver an effective job.

4. Problem-solving Skills

Natural gas distribution is a very challenging field, and workers must be able to posses problem solving skills to solve problems quickly.

Advantages Of Working In Natural Gas Distribution

1. Work-life Balance

The natural gas distribution industry is known for a lot of working time. However, the industry has regulated the working hours of each worker to give room for family and friends.

2. Career Advancement Opportunities

The natural gas distribution industry offers her workers career growth opportunities. 

Workers with higher diploma certificates are usually allowed to work their way to the top. 

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So long as you have the zeal and commitment, the industry is ready to invest in you.

3. A Stable Industry 

The natural gas distribution industry has been a stable industry for many years. The demand for natural gas has remained consistent, and the infrastructure needed to distribute natural gas is well established. 

Also, natural gas is relatively affordable compared to other forms of energy. It has a low price point which helps to keep prices stable.

In addition, Natural gas produces significantly lower emissions than other forms of energy, making it a more environmentally friendly option. 

As awareness of climate change grows, more people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and switching to natural gas is one way.

This stability has attracted new investors and allowed the industry to grow.


The natural gas distribution industry is a good career path. If you are looking for a career that pays well and allows you to advance your career, then the natural gas industry is a sure bet.

You just have to posses the necessary skills needed to excel in this industry to be able to have a decent living.

Also you must make sure the career you choose is in line with your interest, skills and experience.

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