Is Package Goods/Cosmetics A Good Career Path? |2022

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Yes, package goods/cosmetics is a good career path either for investing or securing a high paying job that would change your life.

According to The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics career opportunities in package goods/cosmetics industry would increase by 5% in 2020-2029.

So if you are still contemplating on kick-starting a career in package goods and cosmetics, this article is meant for you as it would expose you to everything you need to succeed in the industry as well as the  highest paying jobs in the package goods/cosmetics industry.

But before we start let’s figure out what package goods/cosmetics is all about.

What is Package Goods?

Packaged goods can also be referred to as Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) or consumer packaged goods (CPG), they simply mean goods that are produced and packaged for consumers.

What are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are products made up of chemical or natural mixtures. They are used to improve the external appearance of the body. They are also used to hide facial defects or on any other part of the body.

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What is Product Development Cosmetics?

Product developments cosmetics are jobs in which workers are meant to produce cosmetics to satisfy the wants and needs of consumers. Products developed here include skin cares, hair cares or any other body products.

Examples of Package Goods/Cosmetics Companies In America

Below is a list of top companies operating in the packaged goods/cosmetics industry alongside there networths.

This list would help you in making a right decision in choosing where to work.

1. Procter and Gamble (PG)-$348.08 billion

Procter and Gamble is a top package goods/cosmetics company, they produce products for the North America, European and African Markets. They also sell insome parts of Asia such as China and India.

2. Unilever (UL)-$118.91 billion

Unilever is the most popular package goods/cosmetics company, they have been in existence for many of decades and have continued to satisfy there consumers with skin care and home care products.

3. Estee Lauder Companies (EL)-$348.07 billion

Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is also a top company it was established in 1976 and produce skin care, hair care and body fragrance.

4. Colgate-Palmolive (CL)-$65.64 billion

The Colgate-Palmolive Company is also among the big guns in the industry, they manufacture oral care, home care and skin care products.

5. Ecolab (ECL)-$44.33 billion

Ecolab Inc. mainly focuses on pest control services and home cleaning products.

6. Church and Dwight (CHD)-$23.27 billion

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. produces and sells a variety of home, personal care products. They have been in existence since 1925.

7. Coty (COTY)-$6.13 billion

Coty Inc. manufactures beauty products, they mainly focus on the American market

8. Inter Parfums (IPAR)-$2.30 billion

Inter Parfums, Inc. is a package goods/cosmetics company that is focused on manufacturing fragrances. They produce different kinds of body and skin fragrances for the American and African markets.

9. Stepan (SCL)-$2.24 billion

The Stepan Company is a multi million dollar company, it was established in 1959 and have produced different specialty chemicals products.

10. The Beauty Health Company (SKIN)-$2.04 billion

The Beauty Health Company develops, produces, distributes, and promotes beauty products.

11. Energizer (EPC)-$1.89 billion

Edgewell Personal Care Company makes and distributes products for feminine care, and also newborn care. They focus on the American market.

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How to Become a Cosmetic Product Developer

For you to be employed as a cosmetic product developer you must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or any similar qualification.

Graduates of chemistry or any related fields are often considered for employment as cosmetic product developers.

Your education equips you with the knowledge and abilities needed to create solutions for cosmetic, skincare, or hair care products.

Although some businesses prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree or higher in business or a similar subject, product development managers may also have a background in chemistry.

Product development professionals also require an understanding of the cosmetics sector, any applicable laws, and project management abilities.

In addition, operators of product development must possess marketing knowledge, a business degree, or both.

How Much Can You Make In Package Goods/Cosmetics Career?

The amount of money you can make in package goods/cosmetics depends on the organization you work for, your skills and also your experience. Employees working for Unilever are likely to earn more than those working for Stepan.

Workers in beauty product development may likely earn $65,773 annually, while cosmetic product development workers can earn $75,673 annually.

7 Highest Paying Jobs in the Package Goods/Cosmetics

Below are the highest paying jobs in the Package Goods/Cosmetics.

1. Dermatologist

Average salary: $363,500

Dermatologists are experts in the medical field, they identify and treat skin related diseases like body rashes and eczema.

With an average salary of $363,500 they can pass as the highest paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics industry.

2. AVP Marketing

Average salary: $183,505

AVP marketing is also among the best paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics, they are in charge of managing the company’s product and also advertising goods to consumers.

3. Director of Global Innovation

Average salary: $119,111 

A director of global innovation is responsible for managing research and develoment teams.

They must be creative and have good leadership skills.

4. Product Development Engineer 

Average salary: $81,042  

Product development engineers are in charge of producing new products, they also test the newly manufactured products to make sure they comply with all safety and health laws guiding cosmetics production.

5. Digital Marketing and Business Analytics Managers

Average salary: $89,393

Digital Marketing and Business Analytics Managers are in charge of researching and creating ways to improve the business analytics and digital marketing campaigns

6. Development Executive

Average salary: $258,300  

Development executives are in charge of managing the day to day activities of firms, they monitor closely the production activities, they also work with engineers to formulate prototypes.

7. Merchant in Package Goods/Cosmetics

Average salary; $76,448 

Merchant in package goods/cosmetics are individuals who purchase and resell goods. This group of people own merchandise in different firms with the sole aim of making profits. 

(FAQs) On Package Goods/Cosmetics 

How Do I Become A Cosmetic Product Developer?

The first step to become a cosmetic product developer is to posses a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or any similar qualification.

As a chemist you should be able to mix and separate different chemicals used for cosmetics production.

Then apply for opening in any cosmetic production company.

What is the best beauty career?

  • Beautician or Cosmetologist.
  • Modeling.
  • Esthetician.

What career in cosmetology makes the most money?

  • Makeup Artist
  • Esthetician
  • Skin-care specialist


Hope, you are now convinced that package goods/cosmetics is a good career path, the income generated in this industry is skyrocketing as most individuals especially females cannot do without beauty products or make ups.

Before embarking on your journey is this career line, you should first complete your bachelor’s degree.

If you have any questions about the beauty industry, you can use the comment box or reach out to our team on our e-mail address.

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