Is Transportation A Good Career Path in 2022? 

Is transportation a good career path? “The perfect answer to this is yes” transportation is a good career path since the pre-historic days man have always relied on transportation to move from one place to another in search for greener pastures and also to conduct business.

Transportation plays a vital role in our economy, it has created millions of jobs for the growing population and would keep on creating new jobs as new trends emerges.

Transportation is a good career path and is among the few industries that can,be reffered to as “ever green industries”.

Ever green industries can be reffered to as industries that constantly have opportunities due to the constant use of the industry.

As human beings the foods we eat, clothes we wear and many aspects of our lives are all delivered to our doorsteps via transportation measures.

Why Is The Transportation Industry A Good Career Path?

This article would give you reasons why the transportation industry is considered a good career path to venture into, it would also give you tips on how to land your first job in the industry. But before we give you all this tips and reasons let’s share with you the benefits of working in the transportation industry.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In Transportation Industry?

There are numerous benefits of working in the transportation industry, each sector in this industry has its own special benefits, but let’s look at the general benefits of working in this industry.

Job Opportunities

One benefit of the transportation is that there are always numerous jobs available, and most jobs in this industry only requires some skills; example are mechanics, drivers, sailors, engineers and managers.


The transportation industry offers unique challenges and rewards. If you enjoy working on complex problems and seeing your efforts make a real difference, this might be the perfect field for you.


Transportation industry is one of the industry that has high payment for workers, you earn decently why working in the industry and jobs here are stable and secure.

Career Growth

The transport sector offers many opportunities for career growth. There will be something new to learn in this sector as new trends and technology emerge.

Best Paying Jobs In The Transportation industry.

Below is a list of a few jobs and how much they are paid:

1. Truck Driver

Truck driving is arguably the highest paying transportation job. They are responsible for the movement of goods within the country or, at times, between two countries. 

Truck drivers get to see a lot of different parts of the country or world.

Truck drivers earn– $5,745 Monthly & $81,140 Annually 

2. Pilots

Pilots is also another job in transportation that pays very well, pilots are responsible for transporting people and cargo through the air from one place to another. They are also trained in the military to help contain dangerous situations and evacuations when necessary. 

Pilots travel from one country to another.

Pilots earn– $5,975 Monthly & $84,394 Annually 

3. Material Handlers

Material handlers are in charge of getting goods from suppliers to stores or other businesses. Material handlers help keep businesses running smoothly.

Material handlers earn Monthly & Annually. 

Material handlers earn– $2,517 Monthly & $35,551 Annually 

4. Transit Operator

 Transit operators are responsible for driving commercial buses and trains that transport people through pre-assigned routes to their destination. It involves dealing with passengers and managing busy schedules.

Transit operators earn– $4,494 Monthly & $53,931 Annually 

5. Trucking Dispatcher

Trucking drivers are in charge of scheduling and planning routes, updating drivers on road conditions, and interacting with clients and suppliers. They also share vital information required during driving with drivers. 

A trucking dispatcher earns– $4,370 Monthly and $61,725 Annually. 

6. Ship Captain

The ship captain is responsible for everyone on board the ship– crew members and sailors. He’s the one in charge. 

Ship Captain earns– Monthly & $81,640 $6,803 Annually 

How Do You Land Your First Job In The Transportation Industry?

There are numerous jobs in the transportation industry, individuals pick any job of there choice according to there preferences, skills and interest.

These are tips that would help you get your first transportation jobs.


Networking can get you jobs in any industry, you just have to connect to people already working in the field, and they would inform you when there is an opening.


Experience is highly valued in the transportation industry because people’s lives are always at stake so workers with experience are always needed.

It is helpful to have experience in transportation, whether through internships or previous jobs. 

Technical Expertise

The transportation industry is constantly evolving, thanks to advancement in technology. It is essential to have up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies and how they can be used in improving the sector.

Plan For The Future

Planning is always an essential tool for success, you have to think strategically and develop long term plans anticipating future changes with technology or consumer behavior.

Business Strategy 

The transportation sector is a complex business with many moving parts. At times, professionals in the transportation industry–like the management and finance sector– need a basic understanding of finance, marketing, operations, and other aspects of a business to succeed.

Communication Skills

The transportation industry involves working with various people– customers, clients, suppliers, and regulators. It is essential to be able to communicate efficiently with these groups to achieve success at your workplace.

Analytical Skills

Analytical skills helps you make sound strategic decisions, analyzing data and understanding trends are necessary.

Some Transportation jobs require the ability to synthesize information from various sources to make informed decisions.


The transportation industry is the hub of numerous job opportunities.

The industry does not only offer jobs in driving, there are also other full time jobs like mechanics, welding and other jobs that help compliment the industry. 

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