What Companies are in the Capital Goods Field?

The capital goods field industry is a major sector of the ecomomy, it employs thousands of people and also helps the GDP of the country.

The capital goods industry are responsible for production of capital goods used within the country and also those exported to other countries, career opportunities like engineers, designers, and technicians are mainly sought after in the capital goods industry.

In our previous article we’ve listed all the available jobs in capital goods industry, this article would be focused on explaining the top companies in the capital goods field, the service they offer and also there founders and market value.

Companies In Capital Goods Field 

1. Boeing Company

The Boeing company is a top firm operating in the capital goods field, the company was formed by three brothers and started as a manufacturing firm where aircrafts parts like propellers and landing gears were manufactured.

As year goes by the company had grown to know manufacture airplanes, helicopters and different space vehicles. Boeing is the biggest aircraft producer globally and employs thousands of engineers.

Boeing manufacturers military planes, commercial planes, rockets, jetliners and also private planes.


William E founded the Boeing Company. Boeing and his brothers Paul and John, in 1916.

Bill Boeing was also the first president of the company.


The company has it’s headquarters at Boeing International Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

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Market value

The market value of Boeing is $93.57 Billion as of 2022. It is considered the 134th most valuable company in the world.


Boeing develops and manufactures commercial planes. They also service commercial airplanes for customers.

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2. Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor company is another top company in the capital goods field industry, the company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903, and started as a horse-drawn carriage producer before he started manufacturing cars.

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Ford motor company is now a leading brand in manufacturing exotic vehicles globally. Ford motor company is still runned by descendants of Henry Ford.


Henry Ford founded the company in 1903. Ford (July 30, 1863) was William Ford’s and Mary Ford’s son. 


The company is headquartered at Ford World Headquarters, Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.

Market value

Ford motor company’s market value is estimated at $50.70 Billion as of 2022. This makes it the 298th most valuable company in the world


The company designs and manufactures automobiles. The company designs, manufacture, markets, and services vehicles which are sold worldwide.

3. Caterpillar Company

Caterpillar company is a top company in capital goods industry that specializes in manufacturing construction equipment sighs bulldozers and tractors.


Caterpillar company was founded by Clarence Leo Best (April 21, 1878 – September 22, 1951) in San Francisco, California, USA.


The company has it’s headquarter in Deerfield, Illinois, U.S.

Market value

The market value of Caterpillar is $96.97 Billion as of 2022. It is considered to be the 124th most valuable company in the world.


Caterpillar is a manufacturer of construction equipment and engines, such as tractors, backhoes, and loaders. They also make diesel and natural gas engines.

4. General Electric

General Electric is a top capital company that provides electricity, aircraft engines, oil & gas services, medical imaging systems, industrial automation solutions, financial services, home appliances, car parts, and semiconductors. 


The company was founded by Charles A. Coffin, Thomas Edison, and J. P. Morgan.


General Electric has it’s headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

Market value

The market value of General Electric is $75.24 Billion as of 2022. It is considered to be the 173rd most valuable company in the world.


General Electric are major manufactures of aviation, power and healthcare.

The company also provides renewable energy and household equipments like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and televisions.

They also provides industrial equipments like jet engines, locomotives, turbines, and medical devices.

5. Honeywell International

Honeywell is a top company that manufactures households and industrial equipments for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, fire protection, and security. 


Mark Charles Honeywell founded the company in 1906. In Wabash, Indiana, USA


The company has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.

Market value

The market value of Honeywell international is $123.38 Billion as of 2022. It is considered to be the 95th most valuable company in the world.


Honeywell International produces products for the aerospace and automotive industries, engineering materials, specialized chemicals, and industrial, commercial, and residential control systems.

6. Intel

Intel is a top tech company located in California, it is the world largest semiconductor producer in the world.

Intel produces CPUs, GPUs, and mobile processors. They also produce networking components, memory chips, and storage devices.


The company is founded by Gordon Moore (born January 3, 1929) and Robert Noyce (December 12, 1927 – June 3, 1990), 


Intel is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, U.S.

Market value

The market value of Intel is $160.12 Billion as of 2022. It is considered the 66th most valuable company in the world.


Intel is a company that makes computer chips. Their products are used in computers, smartphones, play stations. tablets, and other electronic and gaming  devices.

Companies In Capital Goods Field (Recap)

  1. Boeing company
  2. Ford motor company
  3. Caterpilar company
  4. General electric
  5. Honeywell industries
  6. Intel


The capital goods field industry is constantly evolving, thanks to new technologies and products that are emerging on a daily, so this industry is definitely one every engineer or tech oriented person should build a career upon.

This article have listed the top companies in the Capital Goods Field, so you can highlight through and make your choice, if you have the educational qualifications and skills necessary to work in any of the above listed companies in the capital goods field 

Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of great reasons to consider a career in this exciting and growing field.

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