How To Get Ford Student Discount 2023 | Get $750 Off While Purchasing Ford



The Ford Student discount is a perfect way for students and young graduates to own a car at a subsidized rate, all you have to do is to sign up for this program make an initial deposit and get either $750 or $500 off depending on the type of purchase you want.

This article will guide you through all the processes on how to get Ford student discount. 

What is Ford Student Discount?

Ford student discount is a program that is designed by the Ford group, it gives opportunities for students and young graduates to acquire or lease Ford cars at an affordable and cheaper rate.


This program was created in order to assist college students purchase Ford vehicles without breaking the bank. And to help them ease the high cost of transportation across different campuses in the country.

This discount would see you get a $750 bonus cash if you purchase a new car or get a $500 bonus when you lease a car.

The Ford students discount helps solve the issue of down payment which is the major issue students face when purchading or leasing an automobile.

You will receive a $500 cash bonus on your Ford credit card once you have demonstrated your eligibility to benefit from the program. 

Then you can use Ford’s financing to purchase or lease a new Ford car which will also provide you with additional perks.


Who is Eligible for the Ford Student Discount?

Although this discount is meant for student but not all students are qualified for this program, below are list of students that are eligible for the Ford discount.

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Category of Students Eligible For The Discount

To be eligible for the Ford student discount, the student must be:

  • Currently enrolled in a college or university as an undergrad
  • A current graduate school student
  • Recent college graduate students
  • High school graduates
  • Trade School Apprenticeship students
  • Medical Student Residency students

Active College/Trade School Students

The student must be enrolled in any accredited college, university or trade school either for full-time or part-time studies

Active Graduate Students

Here, student must be enrolled in any accredited college or university where they are studying for there post-graduate certificates either Msc or PhD degrees.

Recent College Graduates

Folks who recently graduated from college are also eligible for this program.

Here, you are to apply within three years of your graduation date. 


Highschool Graduates

Senior year students or recent high school graduates are also eligible for this student discount; however you have to write a letter of intent to attend a qualifying university.

Category of Ineligible Students

The following students are ineligible and  cannot benefit from the Ford student discount.

  • Students who are enrolled for less than halftime of study in a college, university or trade school.
  • Students who posses Certificates of completion of a single course are also ineligible.
  • Courses for on-the-job training are not qualified as well.

How To Get Ford Student Discount

  • The first step to get ford student discount is to confirm that you are eligible for this discount. If you meet all the requirements you can visit any Ford dealership and request for the discount registration form.
  • You can also register for this student discount program online, all you have to do is visit the official website of the program and upload all required documents for manual verification. 
  • Once your documents have been verified you would be contacted and automatically receive your bonus for purchase.
  • You will receive a confirmation and a certificate sent to you following successful registration.
  • Check your inbox to get your certificate.
  • Start shopping for your vehicle.

You can use your certificate to shop at any certified Ford dealer or online HERE.

Ford Student Discount Application Requirements

The following documents are required if you want to apply for this student discount program.

  • A copy of your diploma 
  • Final Transcript Letter from the Registrar’s Office
  • A copy of your current class schedule
  • Letter from the registrar’s office confirming your graduation date and degree earned.


Does Ford Have Family And Friends Discounts?

Yes, Ford has a company employee family discount, this discount program was introduced in 2018. You can use this discount to purchase all Ford vehicles, however this discount code can be provided to a non-family member only once.

Does Ford offer a Student Discount? 

Yes, Ford offers a student discount for college students, senior year high school students and recent graduates.

What is the Ford student discount?

Ford student discount is a program made specifically for college students or young graduates who wish to own a Ford vehicle at a subsidized rate, it gives you $500 or $750 when you buy or lease a vehicle.

What Documents Do I Need For The Ford Students Discount?

  • A copy of your diploma 
  • Final Transcript Letter from the Registrar’s Office
  •  A copy of your current class schedule
  • Letter from the registrar’s office confirming your graduation date and degree earned 

What is Ford’s A and Z Plan?

Ford A and Z plan is a program where employees, retirees, and their immediate family members can save while purchasing new Ford vehicles.


The Ford student discount program is an excellent opportunity for any student who would like to own luxurious or modest Ford vehicles while saving a good amount of money.

Getting $500 or $750 could be a huge deal for young adults who are just trying to build their lives.

We’ve listed out everything you need to know on how to get Ford student discount, so make sure you make good use of the opportunity and rock your new Ford vehicle in college.

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