5 Easy Ways On How To Make Money As A Female Student



If you are a female student who is seeking ways to make extra money while still in college, worry no more as we would be providing you with 5 easy ways on how to make money as a female student.

Living your life as a broke college student could be very frustrating, you would probably depend on your parents for everything. Is not really bad if you are dependent on your parents for financial assistance but you wouldn’t have the fun that comes along with college such as going out with fellow campus girls on a girls day outing, or having the luxury of going shopping with friends.


You can’t really separate money from college, they both work hand in hand, you would need money to buy a textbook and also conduct some research.

Many college girls have resulted to illegal means of acquiring extra money on campus such as prostitution or milking out money from guys, some even go the extra mile in having rich and well to do men as there sugar daddies.

As a smart scholar you shouldn’t involve yourself in illegal activities, there are many legit ways to make money while on campus, you just have to figure out what works for you and get to work. In no distant time you would be smiling at the bank on a regular basis.

I’ll be listing out 5 ways on how to make money as a female student, you would have to choose any depending on your passion and interest.

Easy Ways On How To Make Money As A Female Student

  1. Photography
  2. Makeup artist
  3. Modeling
  4. Ushering service
  5. Organize tutorials

#1. Photography

Photography is one of the easiest and smartest ways to make money as a female student on campus, many students would want to take pictures during special moments such as pre birthday pictures, matriculation and graduation photos.


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This would be a cool time for you to earn some cash as a female student.

For you to be a good photographer on campus you should have interest in photography.

How To Learn Photography

You can’t just pick up a camera and start snapping pictures, for you to be successful you have to learn the craft behind the business.

You can hook up with a local studio around your campus and learn the basic skills for one month or you can also learn photography with YouTube.

YouTube is a great resource for learning new skills, you can harness it and sharpen your skill in photography.

Necessary Tools For Starting Photography

Before you begin your photography career there are some necessary tools and gadgets you should purchase, such tools would make your work look professional: example of such gadgets are,

  • Digital camera
  • Camera bag
  • Tripod stand
  • Memory card
  • Polarizing filter
  • Portable compact photo printer
  • Camera strap
  • Fast prime lens

These gadgets would make your work look professional, but it’s not necessary you begin with all the gadgets if you do not have the financial strength to purchase them.

You can just begin with a digital camera and a printer.


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Also with current modernization our smartphone can now do the work of these digital cameras, if you save up some cash and get yourself a good smartphone you can also use them to begin your photography career.

Phones like the iPhone 13 or the Samsung galaxy ultra can serve for this purpose.

#2. Make Up Artist

Becoming a makeup artist is another smart way on how to make money as a female student.

Most college students can’t do without facial makeup, they spend huge sums of money trying to look good.

You can take advantage of these people by learning the craft between wearing makeup.

Makeup is one of the highest paying jobs for female students in college. A makeup artist is always booked completely every weekend with almost all female students preparing to attend one college party or the other looking good.

The beauty of this skill is you don’t even need much investment to get started, just buy your many up kits and start telling your friends and course mates about your business.

If you succeed in making up a student, she would definitely post her picture on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. She might tag you as her make up plug and boom! You would start getting referrals.

How To Learn Makeup

You can visit a local makeup store around your vicinity and pay a little money to learn the art of makeup.

You can also learn makeup on YouTube, there are few channels that specialize in teaching students about the craft, you would be taught from the scratch about the nooks and crannies of makeup.

5 MakeUp YouTube Channels To Follow

If you decide to learn makeup from YouTube we would be listing some good YouTube channels where you can learn and master the art of makeup.

#1. Tati Westbrook

This is a popular makeup YouTube channel with over 9.6 million subscribers.

Tati provides her subscribers with beauty hacks and tips to be successful in the makeup world, she also reviews beauty product.

#2. Manny Mua

This YouTube channel has over 4.8 million subscribers, it provides subscribers with makeup tutorials and hacks.

Manny believes that men could also be successful in the makeup world.

#3. Jaclyn Hill

This is another top YouTube channel that teaches how to learn makeup. This channel has over 5.86 subscribers and features popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashain.

#4. Anaysa

This is another YouTube channel that teaches makeup, Anaysa is a popular Indian beauty star, she has over 8.9 million subscribers and specializes in using home remedies for beauty hacks.

#5. Grav3yardgirl

Rachel Meyer is another top YouTube star, she has over 8.4 million subscribers and teaches makeup and fashion in general.

So these are 5 YouTube channels you can use to kickstart your makeup career, remember consistency is the key.

Where To Get Your Makeup Kit From?

You might be wondering where to purchase your makeup kit from, the best answer is amazon.

Amazon has makeup kits of different price ranges and functionalities, I’ll advise you to go for the best brand, you can use this click here to purchase.

#3. Modeling

Modeling is another legal way on how to make money as a female student on campus.

According to Wikipedia, a model is a person that promotes or advertises a commercial product to serve as a visual aid for buyers.

Modeling is a lucrative way in which female students fend for themselves in college.

Modeling isn’t for every female though you must have the basic characteristics of s model before you embark on your modeling career.

You can become a brand ambassador for a product on campus or participate during fashion shows.

The student government usually organizes end of semester parties where a new face is chosen for the campus, you can as well participate and win yourself some money.

Models are famous people, you would become very popular around campus and might even extend your popularity to the outside world using social media.

How To Be A Model

The best way to become a professional model is to register under a modeling agency, you have to google for modeling agency around you and apply to become a student.

#4. Ushering Service

Becoming an usher is another cool strategy on how to make money as a female student.

In college events are always going on and they would require the services of professional ushers to usher in guest, serve and organize the program.

Ushering job is very easy to do, you just need one or two days of training and you are good to go.

There are some already established ushering agencies in university campuses you can apply to join them or even still gather some of your friends and create your own agency.

Aside from your pay as an usher you would still be able to receive some goodies from events hosted on campus.

#5. Organizing Tutorials

You can also make money as a female student by organizing tutorials for your peers or even your junior colleagues for courses you are good at.

You can start a home tutorial service or take it online where you would teach a group of people at a particular time.

You just have to pick a subject which you are very familiar with and advertise yourself using campus WhatsApp or Facebook groups, students having issues with the course would definitely need your help and would pay to access them.


There are many ways on how to make money as a female college student. but these are the top trends that won’t require you stressing yourself out.

You can do this at the comfort of your own time without it affecting your studies.

You can do well to add yours if you feel there is another trend which female students use to make some cash in your campus.

Also if you find this article helpful you can share them so your pees can also benefit.


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