10 Best Places To Study In South Austin 2022

Best places to study in South Austin

The major aim of every student is to graduate college with high grades, and you can’t achieve that without reading. Reading is among the effective study habits for students, if you haven’t read our article on effective study habits you can click here to read it. 

Getting a comfortable place to study is a smart move for a student that wishes to make high grade in college, studying in your classroom, dorms or apartment can become boring, as a smart scholar you would need to step it up a bit in order to add a little frenzy to your study life, there are many of such places around Austin but I’ll just be listing the 10 best Best places to study in South Austin.

10 Best Places To Study In South Austin 

#1. LBJ Presidential Library

The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library popularly known as the LBJ Presidential Library is one of the best places to study in South Austin.

The LBJ Presidential Library is a quiet and serene environment where college students, especially from the University of Texas, come to study.

The LBJ Presidential Library is located on the grounds of the University of Texas, Austin.

The library is usually open everyday, it closes around 5pm. It is a very large structure measured to be 14 acres on a 10 storey building.

#2. Austin Central Library

The Austin Central Library is also among the best places to study in south Austin.

It is located downtown close to the University of Texas, Austin.

The Austin central library is a high tech modernized library that offers readers with most tech that would make their studies easy, it also has a workspace where users can use their laptops and gadgets to work online.

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The library occupies a 200,000 square feet on a six storey building

The library also has a cafe in case you want to use the internet while studying. One major attraction about this library is the rooftop garden where users can make use of.

The Austin Central Library is always open on weekdays and closes around 8pm.

#3. Thunderbird Coffee & Tap Room

If you like sipping a coffee while reading then the Thunderbird Coffee & Tap Room is an excellent place for you to read.

The Thunderbird Coffee & Tap Room is perfect when you are reading a newspaper, a literature text or religious book, due to the movement of people it isn’t advisable for science or engineering students who wouldn’t need distraction while studying.

You can also get fresh sandwiches, breakfast dishes and treats from local businesses such as Quack’s bakery, Tacodeli and others.

The library is located at 2200 Manor Road

Austin, TX 78722 and is opened from

Monday to  Sunday, 7am – 6pm daily.

#4. Seventh Flag Coffee

This is another cool place to study and sip your coffee peacefully, it is located at 1506 South 1st Street, , TX 78704

The Seventh Flag Coffee has a free WiFi, users can connect automatically and  browse the internet for free.

They also sell tea and espresso, they create a nice environment where you can study peacefully without disturbances.

#5. Coffee + Crisp

This is a perfect place if you want to have a group study with friends, their large tables and spaces offer users the comfortability they need to study.

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Aside from selling coffee, they also serve locally sourced breakfast, launch and dinner.

Coffee + Crisp is a place you should try out during your next hunt for a place of study.

#6. Createscape Coworking space.

Another nice place that provides student best places to study in South Austin is the Createscape Coworking space.

This space is specially created for study and performing jobs with the internet, it is furnished with working spaces with desks and high speed WiFi.

There are also meeting rooms for professional meetings or business meetings, the Createscape Coworking space is open for 24 hours everyday.

You would have to book your space ahead before using this space as it is based on first come principle.

There is also provision for coffee and tea, in case you need one while studying.

#7. Seventh Flag Coffee

Seventh Flag Coffee is another top notch studying center in south Austin, students can study here while enjoying the serene environment.

You can also buy nice coffee made with great ingredients.

This place is also perfect for group study.

#8. Sa-Ten

If you are looking for a place to study in south Austin where you can draw inspiration from, the Sa-Ten would be a perfect choice for you.

The calm and serene environment distinguishes itself from other study centers, it also has an aquarium where you can watch live fishes play around.

You can also study in groups in the Sa-Ten.

#9. Summer Moon Coffee Bar

Summer Moon Coffee Bar is another perfect spot to study in Austin.

The bar has carved out a name for its unique Oak Roasted Coffee.

Students around Austin always see this bar as a place to read while relaxing as well.

#10. Bennu Coffee

This is the last on our list of 19 best places to study in south Austin, the Bennu coffee is one of the most preferred locations of studying for university of Houston students, it is a quiet coffee shop with varieties of coffee drinks. There are also several espresso drinks and iced teas.

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The coffee shop also has a fast and reliable WiFi connection, with large indoor and outdoor Workspaces.

Recap 10 Best Places To Study In South Austin 

1. LBJ Presidential Library

2. Austin Central Library

3. Thunderbird Coffee & Tap Room

4. Seventh Flag Coffee

5. Coffee + Crisp

6. Createscape Coworking space

7. Seventh Flag Coffee

8. Sa-Ten

9. Summer Moon Coffee Bar

10. Bennu Coffee


These are the best places you can study in Austin, they are quiet places with cool atmosphere. You can choose any place and give it a trial.

If you know any other place that is good for study you can list them in the comment box someone might need it.


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