10 Healthy & Nutritious Cheap Food For College Students

cheap food for college students

Food is an essential part of life, food is health and health is wealth. Every college student needs food to survive and most importantly good and healthy food, in order to prepare a good food you don’t necessarily have to break the bank just have the right knowledge and you would eat good and nutritious food, I’ll be listing 5 cheap food for college students which are nutritious and good for the health.

Life in college can really be stressful, from attending lectures to participating in activities with your various clubs or engaging in religious and social activities, at the end of the day you would need to refill your lost energy with a good food that would help you regain your energy.

There are many healthy options out there but what if you aren’t financially strong enough or you are broke at the moment and can’t afford expensive meals, what do you do next? As a smart scholar you should seek knowledge on healthy and nutritious cheap foods for college students.

Let’s go straight into business why we  are here:

10 Healthy & Nutritious Cheap Food For College Students

#1. Rice and Beans

Are you shocked!  I don’t think so, yes rice and beans makes it into our list of cheap foods for college students.

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This was my favorite meal during my 1st semester in college, maybe because I wasn’t financially buoyant and couldn’t afford most of the quick meals.

Beans and rice is a highly proteinous combination (preferably brown rice) . It is quite cheap and takes only 45 minutes to prepare.

You can eat your beans and rice with either stew, sauce, or preferably jollof.

#2. Ramen Noodle

This is one of the most popular noodles in college. It is quite cheap a pack goes for 25 cents Many students quickly get tired of eating noodles and swear never to taste it again. Funny right!, it happens.

But as a smart scholar you can refine this cheap noodle to the extent that your friends would beg to feast from your meal.

Have you ever considered adding some pieces of carrot just like the Chinese does to their noodles? I think you should give it a try. Add some cucumbers, shrimps or chickens then fry everything together with sesame oil, you must be licking your mouth now. Your cheap and rejected noodles would become special.

Also you can spice things up a lil bit by boiling the noodles for a few minutes and adding peanut butter, coconut milk, and some veggies. I’ll advise you to give this a trial and thank me later.

#3. Spaghetti

If food is the way to a man’s heart then that food is probably spaghetti. All spaghetti fans shout hurray!

During my freshman year no week passed by without me eating spaghetti, it was my best. In fact you can call me Mr. Spaghetti.

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I’ve tried almost all kinds of strategies in preparing spaghetti both jollof, stew, sauce, spaghetti and beans; just name it I’ve eaten it LoL.

During my years of experience with spaghetti, I noticed that spaghetti can be quite a cheap food to prepare thats why i added it to the list of cheap foods for college students.

You can boil your spaghetti with jarred pasta and sauce, add little vegetable, onions, garlic, bell peppers, or ground beef.

If you try the above recipe you would be having before you a nutritious, cheap and affordable meal.

#4.  Scramble Eggs

Nutritionist would call egg value on a budget, eggs are one of the most protineous food in the planet, and protein is very good for the health.

You can quickly scramble eggs for a fast breakfast while rushing for morning lectures.

You can also add some vegetables to help it look more nutritious.

As a college student you should akeays have eggs stocked up in your dorm, they are one of the most delicious and cheapest food for college students.

#5. Chicken Breasts and Veggies

Chicken breasts are one of the most delicious meals you can ever think off. They are source of protein with low fats content.

But most college students always shy off from preparing chicken breasts because of the costs. Buying chicken breasts can be costly but have oh ever thought of buying breasts or tenders that are frozen in bulk, hmm quite cheap right.

So to enjoy chicken breasts with a low budget you have to switch your pattern of buying to favour your pocket.

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You can roast, poach or fry your chicken breasts with olive oil and vegetable. You can also pair it up with spaghetti or ramen noodles.

More Cheap Food For College Students

#6. Sandwiches

You must have been wondering whether we have forgetten sandwich as one of the cheap foods for college students.

Sandwich are great meals that wouldn’t cost much, you can get a loaf of bread for $3-4 , then buy some kilos of meat you can go for deli meat or turkey or beef.

You can add some vegetables when making your sandwich, prefferbaly use cucumber and tomatoes.

If you get tired of your regular sandwich you can try the Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.

Peanut butter can be relatively cheap so making this wouldn’t be a problem financially, you just have to mix the peanut butter with jelly or honey.

Peanut butters are also great sources of protein.


Am not really a fan of burritos but it’s cheap and affordable for college students, you can add some tortilla and cheese to your rice and beans preferably canned beans.

Pairing it up with veggies and chicken is also advisable.

#8. Canned meals

You can pick between many choices of canned foods, either beef, chilli or beans.

They are quite affordable also maybe 2 or 3 dollars can get you a can food or soup.

#9. Smoothies

Smoothies are also nutritious, you can get a gallon of milk and some fruit, blend the fruits together. You can mix protein powder as well. Smoothies are used to complement your meals.

#10. Quick bites

Another affordable and nutritious food for college students.

It has peanut butter as a key nutrient, mixed with cuccumber, apples and sometimes cereal.


These are 10 cheap food for college students, as a student you aren’t meant to be studying hungry, try as much as you can to satisfy your stomach.

If you have any quick and cheap food you can also drop them in the comment box, you can be helping someone out.

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