5 Best Study Lamp For Students: Must Have For Every College Student

best lamp for students

As a college student you can’t escape from buying yourself a study lamp, your main aim of been in college is to study and graduate with a good grade, any college student aiming for success must make good use of their night and you can’t study at night without a study lamp.  we’ll be listing out 5 best study lamp for students who read at night and also the best study lamp for eyes.

As a college student, if you don’t have any of these lamps mentioned below, I really don’t know what your reading life would look like.

I’ll be listing out the best study lamps for eyes, there prices and where to get them.

5 Best Study Lamp For Students

#1. Wanjiaone Study Led Desk Lamp

This is one of the best study lamp for students, its design is top notch.

Its a 7 in 1 led lamp that ticks all the boxes for a perfect study lamp for college students.


The wanjiaone study desk lamp has the following features.

  • The Wanjiaone study led desk lamp has multi functions such as a USB charging port, pencil holder, a digital clock, calendar and a LCD screen.
  • This study lamp has 256 color changing base, you can interswitch between the multiple lights to create the perfect environment for your room, holding the spectrum ring for 2 seconds simply means changing  between different colors of light which recycles continually.
  • This lamp has a 5V/ 2A USB charging spot, that can help you charge your phones, bluetooth and power banks when the need arises.

If you are searching for a study lamp with a touch of beauty, I’ll recommend you to get this one.

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You can order this amazing study lamp from amazon.

#2. Siccoo Led Double Head Lamp

This is another great product that makes it into our list of best study lamps for students.

The siccoo led double head lamp is perfect for college a student who normally reads along his roommate or a reading partner.

The siccoo led double head lamp is a study lamp that has a plain and simple design but has a high performance.


  • The Siccoo led double head lamp can be rotated in a 180 and 160 angle, it can also swing up and down.
  • Its brightness can be adjusted to match the temperature of the room.
  • The lamp is coated with aluminum making it shiny and long lasting.
  • The siccoo LED double lamp has 5 levels of brightness, which can be adjusted with a sensitive touch control.
  • Another amazing feature of this lamp is that the brightness of the two lamps can be operated individually or merged together to produce same effect.
  • The lamp also has a USB port that can be used to charge mobile devices.

#3. Kary Ultra wide And Supe LED Desk Lamp

Another top notch best study lamp for eyes is the kary ultra wide and supe led desk lamp, 

Are you an engineering student or architecture student who normally work with there computers at night, we researched and made sure we got something perfect for you.

The kary ultra wide and supe led desk lamp is among the best lamp for students, it is clamped with the desk and has a length of 82 centimeters.


  • This lamp has 25 different lamp settings, 5 color temperature options and also 5 brightness level.
  • Another perfect feature of this lamp is the auto timer feature, you can set your lamp to be on for a specic number of minutes, and goes off on its own when the time you set is completed.
  • This smart lamp also has a memory function that offers you an option to choose the brightness and color temperature mode you last used.
  • The smart lamp is auto sensitive, it has an auto dimming feature that senses the brightness of the room and optimizes the lamp for a better experience.
  • It also has a soft and average lighting that relieves your eye fatique due to long use of your computers.
  • It also has a clamp which can be attached at the back of your table therefore saving space.

#4. Tennergy Dimmable Led Lamp

Searching for a simple study desk lamp for college student then the tennergy dimmable led lamp is perfect for you.

With a sleek and simple design, this lamp can be all you need to improve your studies at night.


  • This study lamp is made up of 5 dimming levels with an 11 watt led light.
  • It has a built USB port to that is compatible for charging devices with USB chargers.
  • The lamp is built to consume less energy and last 20 times longer than your usual incandescent lamps.
  • It has a touch control with sensitive settings to control the brightness of the led lamp.

#5. Golspark Touch Control Led Lamp

This is the last lamp on our list on best lamp for students, it has a white crystal led lamp that is perfect for dorm studies and also good do the eyes, making it into our list of Best study lamp for eyes

It is made of plastic and can be flexible.


  • It has a provision where you can place your phone while studying.
  • The Golspark touch control lamp has a spot for storing of pens and pencils for easy convenience.
  • It has a shield that prevents radiation.
  •  It also has the ability to be rotated in a 360 degree format.


5 Best Study Lamp For Students

  1. Wanjiaone Study Led Desk Lamp
  2. Siccoo Led Double Head Lamp
  3. Kary Ultra wide And Supe LED Desk lamp
  4. Tennergy Dimmable Led Lamp
  5. Golspark Touch Control Led Lamp


As a college student you should in your possession one of these cool study lamps.

These lamps are also long lasting, the link to purchase the lamps are embedded in the article you can check it out later.

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