5 Hot Steps On How To Talk To A Girl In College You Don’t Know

Are you having difficulties walking up to a girl in college and striking up a conversation, worry no more you are in the right place, after reading this article on how to talk to a girl in college you don’t know you would be able to walk up to any girl and pick up a conversation.

Have you ever wondered why your peers always change girls while you can’t even attract a single girl to talk to not even having a relationship? It’s because you haven’t been exposed to the secret that makes a guy confident to walk up to any college girl.

College can be quite fun especially if female students flock around you always, don’t be deceived, no man is an island, we all need one another to compliment each other.

You just have to be wise and find a balance between flexing in college and your studies, always prioritize the latter and give it much of your time.

From the first day you arrive at college you would have noticed a few ladies looking at your side, yep it happens ladies have a crush on guys too, but trust me they wouldn’t do anything about it they would just be expecting you to walk up to them and strike up a conversation.

So if you are a guy and you really want to know how to talk to a girl in college you don’t know, just sacrifice 3 minutes of your time and read this piece, you would be amazed how your love life would turn around for good.

How To Talk To A Girl In College You Don’t Know

#1. Always Dress Smart

Before you think about approaching a girl, first think about you dressing. In the females world first impression matters a lot, make sure you dress smart.

Dressing has a way of boosting the confidence of guys. If you really follow our strategy on how a college student should dress, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

you wouldn’t be afraid to approach any girl in college.

If you haven’t read our article on how to dress in college, you can access it here; How To Dress Well As A College Student.

Every guy would surely have something to offer a girl, but the important question is if you would have the chance and opportunity to showcase what you have to offer, if you dress stupidly to approach a classy lady she wouldn’t even be interested in anything you have to say even if you have something to offer her.

So dressing well is the first smart strategy on how to talk to a girl in college you don’t know.

#2. Approach Her With Boldness

This is the most important point to get right while trying to get a girl’s attention, the way you approach a lady would determine if she would take you seriously or just wave you off after your first conversation.

You have to be bold, always know that no lady would slap or embarrass you if she isn’t interested in any conversation she would tell you straight up and you leave.

But if you follow these strategies I’ll list below no girl would be able to resist you.

2 Hot Ways To Approach A Girl In College

#i. Use The Am New Here Strategy

This is a strategy that has worked for many people, it’s an old format that is still evergreen.

This format works perfectly well if the girl is a fresher just like you.

You just have to walk up to her and say “hello, excuse me for a moment. I am Jason and I am new here. You look like a cool person what’s your name please”

This above line can get you any female freshman in college, freshmen always have the same problem, they all want to make new friends around campus, so you have to use that to your advantage.

99.9% times you would get a reply like  okay, am Jane and am new here too.

Wow, if you got this right that’s the beginning of a brand new relationship you would definitely get her phone number or Facebook username before leaving her, if you play your cards right she would definitely come visit you in your dorm.

#ii. Use The Bumping In Strategy

This is another smart strategy to use to know how to talk to a girl in college you don’t know.

I personally call this the Bollywood strategy, have you watched any of the Bollywood movies where a boy would mistakenly bump into a girl he doesn’t know and maybe her books fall on the ground, he would bend to help her pick up the books and boom a new relationship is born.

Yeah, I watched many movies like that. What intrigued me is always the slow motions attached to those scenes.

This strategy is not only for Bollywood movies it’s also applicable in college, you can purposely bump into a girl but try to pretend a bit like it was an accident.

When you apologize you can use these lines ” sorry for the accident, I was occupied with many things, and am going through a lot emotionally. By the way, am Jason” then you can move forward by asking her if you can know her name.

#3. Compliment Her Dressing

After approaching her successfully, and introduction has been done the next thing you should do is to compliment her, either her dressing or her hairstyle. you can choose any one and work with it.

Girls love when guys compliment them especially their dressing, even if her dressing is awkward just for the sake of formality, compliment it. Make them feel the time they wasted looking at the motor isn’t in vain.

You can make use of these killer line ” I really love your dressing, your top looks great what kind of brand is that I’ll love to get them for my lil sister”

#4. Ask Her If You Could Work With Her

This is another important question in your quest on how to talk to a girl in college you don’t know.

After you have succeeded in getting her attention with you complimenting her appearance, you take the conversation to another level. You simply ask if you can walk with her, her answer would forever be yes, in this case no college girl would ever say no even the hottest of girls.

Once she replies you with the yes answer hurray! You are close to achieving your desires.

#5. Engage In An Interactive Conversation With Her

This is the last tip we would dish out in this episode on how to talk to a girl in college you don’t know, you can ask her about her experience in school so far when she is talking your goal should be to know her interest so you would use it as a weapon to woo her. Just be attentive.

During your conversation with her try not to be bossy just allow her to feel the vibe, let her be free around you.

If you succeeded in carrying out these 5 steps Boy o Boy you are good to go.

Recap On How To Talk To A Girl In College You Don’t Know

  1. Always Dress Smart
  2. Approach Her With Boldness
  3. Compliment Her Dressing
  4. Ask Her If You Could Work With Her
  5. Engage In An Interactive Conversation With Her


I hope this article succeeded in solving your problem, if you have tried any of these tips before you can feel free to comment on your experiences below.

If you want to have a personal conversation with our relationship coach, you can message us on our cell number and you would be directed on what to do.

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