7 Effective Study Habits For High School Students

Effective study habits for high school students
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Ever wondered why you are struggling to get high grade in high school, there might be few thing you are getting wrong or failing to do, but there is no problem we would be bringing to you effective study habits for high school students that would see your grades skyrocket to a more comfortable position.

These article is based on study, effective research and constant observing from the lives of high school students that have constantly maintained A grades throughout there stay in high school.

What Is An Effective Study Habit?

So before we begin we should first understand what is an effective study habit, failure to understand the concept would automatically mean that you might not grab something off this article.

An effective study habit is a habit or character that when put into practice your study life would take a better dimension, a habit is something that is done on a continual basis not just something you tried once and felt like you enjoyed yourself while doing it, you must have constantly practiced it and it becomes part of you.

7 Effective study habits for high school students

Below we would be discussion extensively seven effective study habits for high school students

#1. Enter Into A Flow State When Studying

This is one of the most important study habit successful high school students exhibit.

When studying try taking your mind off from everything except what you are currently doing, you should enter into a state of mind where studying should be what you enjoy.

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When studying you should train yourself where you should completely loose track of time and anyother activity happening around you.

You should be 100% focused on what you are studying.

Just imagine if you are a video game addict, you can play series of game for hours without actually taking note of time, that’s the exact habit A grade students exhibit when studying.

#2. Have A Daily Routine

This is another effective study habits for high school students, if you watch students who score high they always operate with a daily routine, they don’t just wake up without already planning what to do.

Successful students know what everyday would look like, wake up in the morning, visit the gym, go to the library, go for classes, visit the library again then come home and do some extra curricular activities. They do this for 6 days a week and it becomes there daily routine.

They always have a to do list where they write everything they want to achieve for the day.

A faint pen is more effective than a sharp brain, in other for you not to forget any of your planed activity, you have to put them down on a note.

If you don’t have a daily routine you might be tempted to join your friends in doing one or two activities that would take your time.

#3. Always Surround Yourself With Brilliant Students

Iron sharpeneth iron, this is a popular saying that has proven to be a major factor in the life of high school students that make good grades.

You can’t aim for excellence and associate yourself with students who don’t share the same vision with you. You would surely get distracted in the long run.

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always be together with people that would help you when you have a challenge.

Among the five people you hang out with you should be the 5th or 4th brilliant person.

#4. Have A Regular Study Time

This is one of the important effective study habits for high school students that want to graduate with good grades, always have a regular study time

For you to achieve this you have to understand the way your body system works, some students in high school prefer to read all through the night while some prefer the early hours of the morning, you have to understand what works best for you and maintain it.

If you choose to study for 8 hours everyday make sure you always abide by that, even from the start of the semester.

Some students normally increase their time of study when the exam is fast approaching, you don’t have to do this, you should be consistent with your reading time from the start of the semester till the end.

If you do this particular tip before the exam you must have already covered your notes multiple times and you wouldn’t be cramming before you enter the exam hall.

#5. Have A Personal Time Table

Every student aiming for greatness should have a personal time table different from the one used in class.

Having a personal time table would help you cover your courses over and over before the exam starts.

When drafting your time table you can fix in courses that you may find difficult more than once so you can spend more time with them.

#6. Have A Positive Mindset

Smart scholars always possess a positive mindset, your failure or success is always first determined in your mindset.

If your mind is set to fail no matter what you do, you would end up achieving nothing.

Always keep in mind the task that lies ahead, graduating with a 4.0 CGPA is tough work so your mindset needs to be readily built for the work that lies ahead.

You must be willing to pay the price of greatness, success doesn’t come easy.

Always have a heart of gratitude, don’t always be angry. Cheer up most at times, don’t always let cloud up yourself with bad news that happens around you

#7. Avoid Procrastination

This is the last on our list of effective study habits for high school students.

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing an activity that needs to be done.

It is one of the major challenges posing as a barrier to studies from achieving their goals.

You can possess all the study habits mentioned above, but if you are frequent with procrastination you are in for a fall.

When you procrastinate you would end up not achieving anything.

Reasons why people procrastinate

There are various reasons why people procrastinate. Some of them are;

  • Lack of willpower
  • Ignoring time
  • Lack of making decisions
  • Lack of self discipline
How to avoid procrastination 

You can avoid procrastination by;

  • Having a to-do list, if you write down what you want to achieve and follow it up, you would end up achieving your goals for the day and thereby defeating procrastination.
  • Eliminate distractions
  • Have free periods
  • Set your deadlines.

These few tips can help you overcome procrastination and become more effective.


These are the 7 effective study habits for high school students

  1. Enter Into A Flow State When Studying
  2. Have A Daily Routine
  3. Always Surround Yourself With Brilliant Students
  4. Have A Regular Study Time
  5. Have A Personal Time Table
  6. Have A Positive Mindset
  7. Avoid Procrastination

Every high school students who is aiming for success should abide to this seven principles and watch there grades rise.

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