How Do Girls Protect Themselves In College? – 10 Self Defense Tips For College Girls

How do girls protect themselves in college? This particular question has been asked repeatedly by females who just got admitted into college and are searching for the best measures to protect themselves from various crimes and criminal elements that pop up in college.

If you are among this category of females that search for answers to the above question, you are welcomed to this page, we would be taking you through details on how girls protect themselves in college.

Getting admission to study your dream course in college as a female is one of the happiest moments you can think of.

Is always the first time females are opportuned to live alone outside the care of their parents and comfort of their homes.

You would be paired with a roommate which you may end up liking or might also dislike each other.

If you end up disliking your roommate, you can read our article on how to live with a roommate you don’t like in college.

Despite all the fun associated with college during your freshman year, college also has its bad side.

This are stuffs people won’t tell you, crime rates have been on the increase in colleges with many female students complaining of bullying from the opposite gender and also instances of rape and sexual assualt.

This article  on how do girls protect themselves in college? Wouldn’t only serve as an eye-opener to fresh college girls, but would also assist you in getting necessary tools that would help protect you in college.

How Do Girls Protect Themselves In College?

Let’s dive straight to business on why we are all here. I’ll be listing 10 tips on how to protect yourself as a fresh female student. Make sure you read all the steps gentilly without missing any steps.

#1. Avoid Late Nights

Statistics has shown that most crimes that takes place in college always happen during the wee hours of the night, so in other to avoid been a victim of crimes such as sexual assault and rape you have to avoid late nights.

Anything you are doing make sure you are indoors before the night starts coming, even if you are outside make sure you aren’t alone.

You have to be in the company of female friends.

#2. Always Opt For public Dates

One thing you have to expect in college as a female is that guys would always pester you for dates, this is something you can’t run away from.

Senior colleagues would always go after fresh fishes as female freshmen are called in college.

When guys pester you for dates, it is left for you to reject or accept their proposals. If you accept, always make sure that you opt for a public date rather than a private date.

You should only accept a private date if you have known the guy for a long time, and trust him.

#3. Never Attend Parties Alone

Issues of sexual violence and rapes that have been reported in various colleges have been as a result of attending night parties alone.

If you are seen drinking alone in a party, there is a high chance that you would be a potential target for sexual abuse.

Attending parties in group is not a prevention method for sexual assault but it helps reduce the risk of becoming a victim.

#4. Employ The Use Of Safety Apps

As a smart scholar you should always have some safety apps installed in your smartphone, these apps can save you in times of emergency.

This is one of my best safety tips I always use. Apps like “Watch Over Me,” “Circle of 6” and “bSafe” are installed on my phone. When I’m walking home alone at night I feel I have an extra person walking along with me which reduces my fears.

When turned on, you set a time limit which after the time runs down, the app would alert the security contacts you choose while registering to check about your whereabouts.

#5. Always Move Around With A Purse

This is another self defense  tip for female college students.

You might have seen many female college students moving around with purses of different sizes, yes; it’s not always for the sake of fashion, this is another intelligent self defense tip that has saved many college girls from harassment of different kinds.

The purse is not only a phenomenal diagonal shield, it also helps redirect an attacker’s attention.

The purse also contains some important gadgets that can guarantee your safety. We would be listing some of those gadgets below.

More Tips On How Do Girls Protect Themselves In College

#6. Always Move Around With A Pepper Spray

As a college student your purse shouldn’t only contain lip gloss, powders and body sprays, instead you should have a handy pepper spray which you can use as a tool for self defense in case of any emergency attack.

You can take advantage of the amazon offer which gives a discount price for students to purchase a handy pepper spray which can also serve as a keyholder.

The pepper spray can be your savior in times of danger.

If you haven’t gotten any pepper spray, you can use this link to get one at a discounted price from amazon.

#7. Walk Around With A whistle In Your Purse

After you must have made use of your pepper spray on your attacker’s face in times of danger, the next thing you should do is to immediately raise an alarm and call for help.

The little whistle or any loud noise making tool in your purse would have a major role to play here.

#8. Dress Decently

Your style of dressing might be the weapon you need to ward off potential assaulters.

People who have been caught raping female student have confessed that they were attracted to them because of the way they dressed.

Always wearing a skimpy dress around would definitely be sending a signal to the criminal element.

Also criminals who have been caught have revealed that they would target a female with long hair which can be easily grabbed.

So next time while stepping out always make sure you move around decently.

#9. Enroll In A Self Defense Course

This is another wag college student guarantee there safety around campus.

Some students attends self defense classes like the one offered online by soteria.

Confidence is something you would learn while taking a self defense course and it is essential for safety.

you can also enroll in a tawkwando or judo class.

#10. Communication is key

Communication is another key safety tip for college girls, make sure you someone knows about the movements you make in college. Maybe your boyfriend or roommate.

If also you suspect any suspicious person around you never hesitate to inform someone.

Other Safety Precautions For Students 

#1. Be camera shy: When taking pictures and posting on social media, always make sure you are not overwhelmed with the joy of finally becoming a college student and revealing some sensitive information’s.

Information like your dorm name, address and phone number aren’t meant to be shown to the public.

#2. Attend Freshmen Orientation: Never miss the orientation program organized by the school authority for the freshmen. The orientation program is a great way to be familiar with the ins and out of the college, as well as the rule that guides it.

The map of the school would always be given to freshmen during orientation.

So study the map very well, and get familiar with the college environment.

#3. Always Have Contacts Of The Campus Police Stored On Your Phone

Make sure you store the emergency numbers of the local campus police on your cell phone, dialing 911 on your phone might direct you to the regional station and you would need little time to state your exact location.

But the local campus police would immediately swing into action when you call.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation outside the campus environment, the best number to dial is 911.

#4. Learn How To Use Improvised Weapon

As I’ve emphasized above, female students are meant to have a handy pepper spray but if you haven’t yet gotten yours you can learn to use improvised weapons such as your pen or any handy object that is within reach.

You have to learn how to buy yourself some time using these improvised weapons.


This is the most detailed answer to the question: how do girls protect themselves in college? you can get anywhere on the internet.

Your security in college should be made a priority as if you get it wrong, you might end up leaving school.

If you have any more tips, maybe from personal experience you can make use of the comment box to give us your opinion.

Also share this article across different platforms, you never know who you may be helping doing so.

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