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How To Become A Licensed Esthetician

Estheticians are beauty professionals who specialize in skincare services. They offer salon and spa services such as facials, scrubs, body wraps, skin polish, hair removal, waxing, and make-up treatments.  Before becoming a professional esthetecian there are procedures you need to follow and this article would provide you with everything you need to know on how to become a licensed esthetician.

States in America have there own different procedures in becoming a licensed esthetician, but few things are in common.

Estheticians must complete training, undergo training and pass a licensing exam before receiving a certificate to operate as a licensed esthetician.

Before listing procedures on how to become an esthetician let’s take a look on what esthetician really do and how long it takes to become an esthetician.

Who are Estheticians?

Cosmetologists or estheticians are skincare specialists who typically work in spas and salons to offer their clients a variety of treatments. Some of the Esthetician’s typical tasks include thorough skin cleansing and treatment, hair removal, and massages.

They also recommend skin care treatments, products, and treatments to their clients.

Many Estheticians and beauty professionals are self-employed, allowing them to tailor their schedules and work to their liking. However, these professionals often have to work evenings and weekends, and also satisty there clients.

How long does it take to become an Esthetician?

To become an esthetician or beauty cosmetologist you have to undergo series of learning both theoretical and practical, you would require at least 600 to 1,000 hours of intensive training.

This training hours is dependent on the state and your choice of institution.

It also depends on your choice of program, a full time program can take four to six months while a part-time program can take 9 to 12 months, after which you would sit for your state licensing exam.

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How to Become a Licensed Esthetician

In order to become a licensed esthetician, you’ll have to:

  • Complete a formal esthetician training program or complete an apprenticeship (allowed in some states).
  • Submit proof of training/apprenticeship hours to your state board.
  • Take and pass all required esthetician licensing exams.
  • Pay a license fee.

1. Complete A Formal Esthetician Training Program

This is the first step on how to become a licensed esthetician, you have to apply and complete a formal esthetician program or apply for an apprenticeship with any recognized cosmetologist.

You must complete all the required learning hours and also undergo all required practical sessions.

State-approved cosmetology or Esthetician programs combine traditional lectures with hands-on exercises. The practical part can be completed through internships or laboratory sessions.

Most states require that Estheticians are at least 16 years old, have a high school diploma or a GED

2. Submit Proof Of Training/Apprenticeship Hours To Your State Board.

After you have completed your required learning hours you have to start preparing for your state esthetician licensing exam, and before applying for the exam you have to submit prove of training or apprenticeship (The certificate must be recognized by your state board).

3. Take an Approved Cosmetology or Esthetician program

You have to apply and sit for your state licensing exam, the exam may include both written and practical session.

4. You have to pay a license fee to receive your cosmetology license, you might also be needed to renew your license at intervals. After this steps you would be able to practice as a licensed esthetician.

How to become an esthetician online?

With advancement of online learning, you can also learn how to become an esthetician online, all you have to do is figure out cosmetology schools that offers online lectures and apply for them.

Most online cosmetics programs are aimed at adults, however students over the age of 16 can register.

Many beauty, career, and technical schools offer training programs for cosmetologists on campus. A handful of these schools may offer their programs in a hybrid format that includes on-campus, hands-on training, and a combination of campus and online theory courses.

After receiving your online classes you can proceed to sit for your state esthetician exam and get your license to practice as a licensed esthetician.

Best Esthetician Schools Online

Below is a comprehensive list of best schools that offers esthetician certification online:

  • Westside Tech
  • W Academy of Salon and Spa
  • Penn Foster High School
  • West Tennessee Business College
  • West Georgia Technical College
  • Victory’s Academy of Cosmetology
  • VICI Aveda Institute
  • University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts
  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
  • Universal Career School
  • Paul Mitchell Schools
  • Empire Beauty Schools
  • Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
  • Ogle School
  • Mirage Spa Education

Where can I study to become an Esthetician and how much does it cost to become an esthetician?

Schools with beauty programs prepare students for health and salon training, which specializes in preparing clients’ skin for treatment. Cosmetologist programs usually include associate degrees and certificate programs that prepare the student for their state’s licensing procedures.

1. Aveda Institute-Covington

Tuition: $18,000

Aveda Institute-Covington offers 1 Aesthetician/esthetician and skincare specialist. It is a private school in a small suburb. In 2015, 694 students completed the Aesthetician/esthetician and skincare specialist with a degree of 694 certificates.

School Portal

2. Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care & Makeup

Tuition: $8,000

The Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care and Makeup is a private, less than two-year-old school in New York, New York.

The Christine Valmy International School for Esthetics, Skin Care and Make-up offers 1 degree as beautician/cosmetician and skincare specialist. It is a private school in a big city. In 2015, 184 students completed the degree program Aesthetician/esthetician and Skin Care Specialist” and earned 184 certificates.

School Portal

3. Douglas J Aveda Institute

Tuition: $21,600

The Douglas J Aveda Institutes are premier Aveda beauty and beauty schools in Michigan, Tennessee, and Chicago. The Douglas J Aveda Institute offers a degree program for Aesthetician/esthetician and Skin Care Specialist.

In 2022, more than students completed the course Aesthetician/esthetician and Skin Care Specialist.

School Portal

4. The New York Institute of Beauty is a private (nonprofit), less than two-year old school in Islandia, NY. It is a school without a degree. The New York Institute of Beauty offers 1 degree as a beautician/beautician and skincare specialist.

School Portal

5. Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics

Tuition: $8,700

The Atelier Esthétique Institute of Esthetics is a state-licensed aesthetics school in New York and the first accredited, internationally recognized US member of the International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC).

The Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics is a private school that offers the Aesthetician/esthetician and Skin Care Specialist Degree program. 

School Portal

6. New York School of Esthetics & Day Spa

Tuition: $8,475

The New York School of Aesthetics & Day Spa offers an Aesthetician/esthetician and skincare specialist program. 77 students completed their studies to become cosmetologists/beauticians and skincare specialists with a degree of 77 certificates.

7. Skin Institute New York

The SINY medical team offers the best in medical and cosmetic dermatology in three offices in New York – one in the city’s West Village and two more in the Bay Ridge and Park Slope neighborhoods of Brooklyn, New York.

SINY’s certified doctors offer a full range of skincare products, including medical treatments, cosmetic procedures, and surgeries. Using the latest technologies and available medical research, they can diagnose and treat a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, skin allergies, cold sores, rosacea, warts, and excessive sweating.

The Skin Institute offers 1 degree as an Aesthetician/esthetician and skin care specialist. 

School Portal

8. Elaine Sterling Institute

Tuition: $16,487

Elaine Sterling Institute, Atlanta, Georgia offers beauty therapists, nail care, and massage programs. Elaine Sterling Institute offers a 1-degree program for a Beautician / Skin Care Specialist.

The Elaine Sterling Institute offers excellent educational programs that combine the classic European skincare traditions with modern American scientific technologies.

School Portal

9. Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute

Tuition: $9,975

The school is the leading education provider in the aesthetics industry and has been training successful beauticians in the Chicago area since 1998.

The Estelle Skin Care and Spa Institute offer an Aesthetician/esthetician and Skin Care Specialist Degree program. It is a private school in a small town. 

School Portal

10. Lytle’s Beauty College

Tuition: $22,000

Lytle’s Beauty College is located in Santa Rosa, California. This school offers training in 2 qualifications, with the most frequently assessed qualifications being the cosmetology and Esthetician License

Depending on the qualification, the time required to complete this training is between 5 months and 1 year. The average time to graduation is 1 year. The cost of attending Lytle’s Beauty College varies from $22,000 to $24,000, depending on qualifications.

The most frequently reported benefits of attending Lytle’s Beauty College are “Good Vocational Preparation” and “Practical Education”. However, respondents also identified “good teachers” and “positive environment” as notable benefits.

School Portal

How Much Does An Esthetician Earn?

From face and body anti-aging and rejuvenating skincare products to waxing and makeup products, the skincare industry is more popular than ever and is growing at an impressive rate. According to BLS, there were 71,800 Estheticians in 2018; by 2028, this number is expected to increase by 11% to 79,600.

The average salary for these skincare experts is $31,290 with the top 10% earning $59,790. But among those whose job is focused on beautifying the skin, these salary statistics do not often tell the whole story.

This is because the total earning potential for Estheticians is often increased by tips, premiums, and commissions on products and services that can all contribute 10%, 20%, or more to the end result.

Depending on the market, the location of the salon or spa and the cost of services, gratuities, bonuses, and commissions, the base salary may increase significantly.

Estheticians work in a variety of environments, with the two most popular being medical spas and skincare salons/spas. Those working in salons and spas earn an average wage of $40,300, while those in the offices of dermatologists and plastic surgeons earn a higher average salary of $43,880.

Where Can An Esthetician Work?

Estheticians perform these and other services in full-service salons or spas, resort resorts, cruise ships, medi-spas, spas, and even healthcare.

Estheticians often work with dermatologists and plastic surgeons in ambulances. Although aesthetic services are not of a medical nature, this type of partnership is often beneficial as estheticians are able to offer their clients treatments that complement certain medical procedures.

Perhaps most exciting is the fact that many Estheticians become entrepreneurs themselves and open their own salons, spas or beauty clinics. Experienced Estheticians can even work freelance for television and film production companies, fashion magazines or theater companies. Some even specialize in niche areas such as the bridal industry.

Estheticians can specialize in a particular field of expertise such as make-up, or they can act as agents for skincare product manufacturers or even wholesale buyers for retailers who sell specialty skincare products.

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