How To Block Unknown Calls On iPhone 11

There are many ways you can actually block unknown calls from coming through on your iPhone 11. The easiest way is to set your phone on airplane mood, which would automatically stop all incoming calls and text messages.

Another easy way is to set your phone on DND (Do not disturb). This  would also silence all calls and messages from your phone except from people whom you set as your favorite. Or people who have called you twice within the past three minutes.

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How do I stop incoming calls without blocking?

You can stop incoming calls without blocking by setting your phone on vibration mode. When your phone is on vibration mode it would notify you when you have an incoming call without making a sound.

Another way is to set up your phone on silent mode, you can stop the call from ringing out loud but you will still be notified about the call by a vibration.

How do I stop incoming calls on my iPhone?

You can stop incoming calls on your iPhone by opening the settings tab on your iPhone and click on phone, under the calls section you can tap on silence all calls. If you want to allow only few people to call you can add them to favorites list, and only the added people would be able to access you.

Another way is to set your phone on do not disturb, this would also stop incoming calls from coming into your phone.

Can you restrict incoming calls on iPhone?

You can restrict incoming calls on iPhone by following the following steps.

  • Open the settings icon.
  • Click on the phone section
  • Under calls, select restrictions ( you would be asked to enter your phone pass code)
  • After which you would scroll down and select incoming calls. (You can also choose the person who can call you and the person who you want to restrict)

Can I block my child from calling a number iPhone?

You can block your child from calling a number on their iPhone. For you to do this you have to open the settings tab on your iPhone, under the blocked number section you can add any number you want to include in the list of blocked numbers.

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How do I set my iPhone to only call certain numbers?

You can set your iPhone to only call certain numbers by following the procedures outline below.

  • Open your iPhone and click on the contact icon
  • Tap on the add new contact button, which is located at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In the add new contact tab, enter the phone number you want to restrict from calling into the phone number space and click done.

Does iPhone have Do Not Disturb mode?

Yes, from the iPhone 6 to the mkst recent iPhone has a Do Not Disturb mode. You can find it in the Settings tab, under “Do Not Disturb.

How To Stop Receiving Calls On Iphone Without Blocking

You can stop receiving calls on IPhone without blocking by setting your phone on airplane mood. Or by disabling the call forwarding feature.

You can disable the call forwarding feature by going to your phone setting and click on calls you would see an option to disable call forwarding feature.

How Do You Ignore A Call On iPhone Without Blocking

You can ignore calls on your iPhone without blocking by answering a call and hanging up immediately, this would automatically send the caller straight to voicemail.

You can also decline a call on your iPhone by using the decline button on phone screen.

You can also set your phone to silent, so that a call would go straight to voicemail without ringing or even vibrating. Or you can apply the method stated above on how to block unknown calls on iPhone 11.

How To Stop Someone From Calling You Without Blocking Them On Whatsapp

There is no definitive way to stop someone from calling you on WhatsApp without using the block feature. Whatsappdoes not provide any built-in blocking features. However, there are several methods you can use to achieve this.

The first way is to change your phone number. This will  only work if you’re able to do so, and if the person you want to stop calling you has your old number.

Another option is to create a group chat with the person and then remove them from the chat.

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