How To Delete Email Account On iphone 12

How To Delete Email Account On iphone 12

With recent updates on Apple phones a user can operate multiple emails using one device, so creating different emails are done effortlessly. In case you want to permanently delete an email it is simply easy just follow our step by step guide on how to delete email account on iPhone 12 below.

There are no limit to how many emails you can delete on your iPhone12 you although there are important information you have to take into consideration before opting to delete an email account from your iPhone.

You should take note that before trying to delete an email account from your iPhone you should make sure that the device is yours and the details of the icould account  is also active.

Things to Note Before Disabling an Email Account

Before opting to delete an email account from your phone there are things you should consider and know the full implications of going further with them so you don’t make any critical mistake.

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You should know that deleting an email account from your iPhone12 would wipe out every thing associated with that email from your phone, things like POP, Exchange accounts, accounts configured automatically and am the email folder which is about to be deleted.

You should know that while deleting the email the contacts, calendars, notes and any other important app linked to the email would be cleared out.

The email about to be deleted won’t be removed from the servers of the IMAP, POP or Exchange accounts, the email would only stop accessing the folders and messages which would automatically make you to stop sending or receiving mails from Apple mail.

How to Delete Email Account on iPhone 12

Note that removing an email account on your iPhone does not mean that you are deleting the account permanently instead you are only removing it from your device. The deleted email account can still be accessed from external email apps or browsers, you can still re-login with that same account on your Apple mail.

It is preferably you go through the mail app rather than beginning the  process of deleting with the settings app, because mails on iOS devices are managed through the mail app.

With all the necessary details clesr lets begin the step by step process on how to delete an email account from your iPhone 12.

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Select Mail
  • Go to Accounts
  • Select the email account that you want to delete
  • Select “Delete Account.”

After this step you would be asked by your iPhone to confirm the action by selecting “Delete from My iPhone.”

This is the basic steps on how to delete delete email account on iphone 12, make sure you follow this step as any other thing other than this would give you an unexpected result.

You can also watch the video below for easy understanding.


Why Can’t I Delete Email Accounts on My iPhone?

If your content and privacy policy restriction is enabled you won’t be able to delete an email account.

To fix this you have to go to your device settings and tap on the screen time. Select content and privacy restrictions and set the account to allow. With this you can simply remove an email account from your device.

How to Disable Email From Your Account

We mentioned above that removing an email account from your phone would also delete all the calendars, notes and to-do lists associated with that mail. However if you want to disable your email account without loosing any of the mentioned files follow this procedures;

  • Go to settings and tap on the “Mail,” tab, then “Accounts.”
  • Select the email account that you want to disable.
  • If you’re using a POP account, turn off accounts. Turn off the main switch for Exchange and IMAP accounts.

Alternatively you can also use a simple method by disabling your notifications or automatic mail checking for a particular account. When you do this you can still use the email for other activities but your IPhone would hide the notifications and alert from your eyes. 

With the above you would have successfully muted messages from the mail.

you can also turn off automatic mail checking through the settings app when you follow these steps below.

  • Go to your iPhone settings app and tap on “Mail” and “Accounts.”
  • Select the “Fetch New Data” option
  • Select the Email account that you want to turn off auto-notifications.
  • Tap on “Manual.” Note that you’ll have to go through “Schedule” to find “Manual” in older iOS versions.

How to Disable Notifications for New Messages

If you feel disturb with too many email notifications you can disable them by following this step below.

Doing this would just limit you from seeing the notifications although they would still be visible in your inbox. You van read them or also delete them there.

  • Go to your settings app and select “Notifications.”
  • Select “Mail.”
  • Choose the email accounts that you want to disable their notifications.
  • Turn off the “Allow Notifications” toggle switch.

These steps will disable constant email notifications on your iPhone without requiring you to disable each of them manually.


That’s how to delete an email account from an iPhone 12 successfully. 

Managing bulks of emails on your devices can be frustrating if your inbox is constantly flooded with messages. However, with the tips mentioned above you would have full control on managing your emails and also the notifications that come into your phone.

Note that this tip is specifically made for iOS 12 and above. But it can still be applied in other lower iOS versions with that have similar operating system.

I hope this article on How Delete Email Account On iphone 12 proves helpfull, you can share this so other users with same problem can find a solution to there’s.

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