How To Listen To Someone Else Calls (New Method)

how to listen to someone else calls

Are you searching for a means on how to listen to someone else calls; you’ve arrived at the right location as we would be dishing out the latest methods and new code to listen to another person call. Just endeavor to follow all the procedures mentioned below without making any mistakes.

Technology have made spying on peoples phone very easy, you don’t need to pay a dime before having access to there phone and listening to there conversation all you have to do is to dial this secret code that would be mentioned below and you would be good to go.

With this secret code you can listen to your wives/husband phone call or even your girlfriend conversations.

You aren’t meant to be eavesdropping on someone’s calls but this article is helpfull for people that suspect that there partners are spending long time with a particular person on the phone and suspect cheating.

How To Listen To Someone Else Calls

Basically there are two main methods on how to listen to someone else calls.

  • By using a special code
  • By using a spy app

Code To Listen To Another Person call

The code to listen to another person call is **06*NO#.

Steps to activate the code to start working

  • First you are meant to dial this code on the phone of the person you want to spy. 

**06* followed by your number. Example; **06*09067666767#

After dialing the above code on the persons phone you would be able to listen to there phone calls whenever they receive a call.

Whenever the persons phone ring tour phone would also ring; not forgeting that you would also be charged by your telecommunications service providers so you are meant to have airtime to listen to another persons calls. 

If you try this code and it doesn’t work try adding your country code before your number.

How To Stop Monitoring Someone’s Call

If you are tired of monitoring your partners call and you want to stop your phone from receiving there call, input this code below

  • Dial ##002# on the persons phone

Note that this code may not work for all phones, always have enough airtime before dialing this code.

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How To Record Another Person Call

  • Dial this code on the persons phone **06* followed by your number. Example; **06*09067666767#
  • Then tap on record button while the call is going on.

Is It Possible To Listen To Someone’s Call

Yes, it is very possible to listen to someone’s call; using this code (**06*NO#).

How To Listen To Your Girlfriend Calls

Pick up your girlfriend’s phone and dial this code **06*NO# (the NO should be your personal phone number).

Anytime her phone rings and she picks up the call yours would also ring and you would be able to listen to your girlfriend calls.

How Can I Listen To My Husbands Cell Phone Conversations

If you are suspecting your husband to be having an extra marital affair and you want to monitor his phone call, the best way to go about it is to install this magic code on there phones (**06*NO#) and your phone would ring whenever your husband answers a call.


So, we’ve mentioned above steps to take on how to listen to someone else calls, make sure you record the conversation whenever you listen for reference purposes, distance is not a barrier wherever this code is applied.

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