How To Open The Calculator Vault-App Without A Password

Currently looking for a way to open your calculator hide app without password? We have prepared an extensive all practical article on how to open the calculator vault-app without a password, just follow the procedures stated below and watch the magic. This trick works basically for all smartphones either an Android or iOS.

The calculator hide app is a third party security app which is used to restrict access to important and sensitive data’s on your phone like photos, videos, documents, apps and lots more. The interface of the app is designed like a calculator just as the name suggest.

After downloading the app you would be required to create a password after which you would be able to move all your sensitive data’s to the app and they would be protected form external views. 

The vault app is a smokescreen app it functions like a normal calculator, it only decrypts when you enter the right password. However there is a way to bypass the security of this app and have access to sensitive documents or data’s hidden in the calculator vault app. So below we would be explaining in details on how to open the calculator vault-app without a password.

How To Open The Calculator Vault-App Without A Password

There are basically two methods to open the calculator vault-app without a password

  1. The first method is to spot the fake calculator app and type this number 11223344 after which you press the equal sign; immediately the fake calculator app would be opened. 

This first method might not work for all fake calculator vault-app especially the advance one’s. So if it does not work for you try out this second method.

  1. Go to the settings icon and locate the app manager.

Now select the calculator vault app and clear the data.

Now go back to the app and open the app, it would look like a newly installed app. In most cases the documents and data’s hidden in this app would still be available. 


How To Spot A Fake Calculator App

There are several ways to spot a fake calculator app, the first and most common method is to go to settings and tap the storage tab, locate the calculator app any calculator app with more than 30MB storage space is probably a fake calculator app. 

How To Open Calculator Hide App Forgot Password

if you want to open the calculator hide app forgot password first open the calculator app on the screen.

Then type in this nine digit (238954285) and press the equal to button (=).

A prompt would pop up asking you to answer your account recovery question.

How To Open Vault App Without Password In Android

To open vault app without password in android just click on the app and input 11223344 followed by the equal to button. The app would be opened.


These is the simple trick on how to open the calculator vault-app without a password. We’ve made this very simple and understanding but if you have some questions, do not hesitate to drop them in the comment section; we will be willing to assist you.


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