How To Sell Broken Tv On Ebay For Big Money

Do you have a broken or spoilt TV and wish to repair or dispose it off: doing any of these two might not be a great idea as you would be losing money, repairing a plasma TV would cost you more and disposing it off would also mean losing the money you used in buying it. If you find yourself in this situation it’s advisable you sell your old TV off and buy a new one. know that there are places where you sell broken TV for cash and eBay is one of those platforms, this article would explain to you how to sell broken TV on eBay for big money.

You have to know that it doesn’t matter the fault your TV has, it can still be sold; whether your TV broken or cracked screen, faulty LCD, or won’t turn on, you would be surprised that there are toons of buyers waiting to grab the next available opportunity to buy your broken TV.

Before the advancement of the internet people still sold there broken TV off but where limited to local garages, bazaars, flea markets or consignment shops but now with the help of your smartphone you can sell your broken TV for cash from anywhere in the world.

Before selling of your broken or spoilt TV you should first know the worth of your TV before putting it up for sale to avoid been cheated or ripped off by potential buyers, so let’s answer your query on How Much Can I Sell My Broken TV?

How Much Can I Sell A Broken Tv For?

The amount you sell a broken TV is dependent on the brand, model, age and condition of the TV.

For instance a brand new Hisense H8G Quantum Series would cost more than a 2000 LG or General Electric Portable Color TV.

If your TV is new with a little fault you might get 60% of the actual amount you used in buying it, loosing out on only 40%.

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Before fixing a price at which you can sell your broken tv, you should check the following four things to analyze the condition of your device;

  • Is the screen broken or not working?
  • Does the tv switch on?
  • Do the microphone and speakers

How To Sell Broken TV On eBay

eBay is one of the biggest marketplace with over 182 million active buyers ready to jump on any nice offer available. It was founded in 2012 and have ever since grown from glory to glory.

Knowing how to sell broken TV on eBay is quite simple, you only have to know the basics and foundational knowledge to make huge cash selling from eBay.

Selling broken TV on eBay would require you to take pictures of your broken TV, post them online and fulfilling the order, this might seem a little bit difficult but with this extensive article on how to sell broken TV on eBay everything would be made understandable for you.

Steps On How To Sell Broken TV On eBay

1. Setting Up Your Account

Visit and click register on the top left menu to create a free account.

You would see two buttons (sign up and register), click on register only click on sign up if you already have an account with eBay.

Fill in the necessary details and tap create account.

After which you would create a “user id” this would be the name that shows up when someone views your listing.

2. Setting a Payment Method

You would have to choose a preferred payment method from the options listed; PayPal, a checking account, or a credit or debit card. this payment method would be used to charge you for fees relating to your seller activity.

3. Create A Listing

After finishing setting up your profile, its time to list your broken TV on eBay so it can be sold.

Log in to your profile and click sell located in the top right corner.

Use the search button to search broken TV you would see listings that matches your intent, select anyone.

4. Identify your product by typing the name, ISBN code and uploading some pictures. Write an item description that identifies the present condition of your TV, size, condition and dimension.

5. Choose type of selling

You have to choose between Auction style or fixed price selling.

When selling a broken TV, the auction type of payment is the best.

6. Select Your listing duration

Here, you’ll just pick a date for your broken TV to be listed and the duration it would last.

Other Places Where You Sell Broken TV for Cash in 2022

#1. Craigslist

Craigslist is also another great place to sell your broken TV for cash. With Craigslist you wouldn’t have to pay shipping costs, just post your ad by selecting your city, and clicking “Create a Posting” in the top left corner.

#2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another great place where you can sell almost anything, including a broken TV.

All you need to do is simply click “Marketplace”, and then select selling something. 

You can now enter the details of what you want to sell for example; your value, area and the state of your TV. You should also upload some images of your TV and click upload.

#3. GreenBuyback

GreenBuyback is a website that also buys used or broken electronics.

Just register and select the type of electronics you would like to sell, then fill out the necessary information regarding the condition of your item.

#4. Declutter 

Declutter allows you sell broken tv for cash from the comfort of your home.

You can sell anything ranging from cell phones, CDs, DVDs, to games. You put in the barcode and they will give you an offer immediately. You then mail the item to them, they send you the money, and you’re done.

#5. Television Repair Shops

Local TV repair shops are also one of the best places to sell broken tv for cash. All you do is to call a TV repairer close to you and inquire as to whether they buy broken TVs. The amount you get might be worth it.

Who Buys Broken TVs Near Me?

“Who buys broken TVs near me” this is totally dependent on where you reside. You can visit some local TV repair shops or use the websites mentioned above.


Don’t allow your spoilt or broken TV to stay idle at home. with this article you can now sell your broken TV for cash on eBay or still select other places and place it for auction.

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