How To Stay Awake In Class Without Coffee- 100% Tested & Trusted

Some college classes are usually very boring, students battle with sleep while taking lectures from their professors, in order to curtail the sleep some students go the extra mile in taking coffee or any product with caffeine to stay awake in such classes. If you have ever found yourself in a situation like this, you don’t really have to depend on coffee to stay awake in such boring classes, just follow these few steps I’ll be listing below on how to stay awake in class without coffee. These methods have been tested and confirmed to be working 100%.

5 Tips On How To Stay Awake In Class Without Coffee

Without wasting much time let’s dive straight to business, these are tips that would help you stay awake in a boring class when feeling sleepy.

1. Always Have A Decent Amount Of Sleep Before Coming To Class

This is a very important tip to stay awake in class without taking coffee or any caffeine related product.

You have to have a decent amount of rest before coming to classes, if you are always busy and don’t have enough time to rest the body would force itself to rest when it sees a perfect opportunity and there wouldn’t be any option left for you again than to take coffee.

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So the first step to battle this problem is to make sure you have enough rest, research has found that a human body should have at least 6 hours of sleep everyday. So in all your daily activities make sure you find spaces in between to have a quality rest.

2. Chew Sugarless Gum

This is another trick that would help you stay awake in a boring class without coffee, the idea of this is to keep the body busy. With your teeth grinding in quick succession your body would be busy and would help keep you awake.

Remember you are in the classroom you don’t have to chew your gum recklessly like someone in a club party, just chew gently and quietly in order not to disturb the class.

You can also bring snacks to school, when you feel dizzy you can start eating them to keep your mouth busy.

3. Practice Note-making

If you feel any atom of dizziness while in class a good idea to battle it is to practice note making instead of the regular note taking. Pay attention to your lecturer and make your own notes yourself at the spot instead of you copying down what the lecturer is saying.

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The idea behind this is to put your brain at work and avert sleep so when next you feel sleepy in a class try this out.

4. Get Yourself Involved In Class

The major reason you would feel sleepy in a class is if you aren’t participating vividly in the class, try to be involved.

Ask series of questions when you don’t understand. The more you get involved the more you tend to enjoy the class and stay awake without having to take coffee or any caffeine related product.

5. Always Bring Cold Bottle Water To Class

This is another tip that would help you avoid sleep in class, when coming for lectures you figure it would be very boring try bringing a cold bottle of water along.

Cold water has a way of keeping the body active for some period of time, this is a better solution than drinking coffee.

How To Stay Awake In Class Online

If you are finding it difficult staying awake in an online class you can also follow this tip above it would be of help.

But before commencing your online class make sure you have a nap.

When class is going on and you are feeling dizzy, you can move around for some minutes before returning back to your sitting position.

Always remember to keep a good sitting posture, since you would be facing your computer screen for a long time. A bad sitting posture would definitely result in lack of concentration and dizziness.

You can check out our article on gadgets that would help you have a smooth experience during online classes.

While learning online and you feel sleepy you can also excuse yourself for a few minutes and stretch your body with some little exercise.


1. Why do I fall asleep in class even when I get enough sleep

The answer to this question is very simple, when you aren’t active in a class you would feel sleepy even when you had enough sleep before coming for class.

you have to be very active in class to pursue sleep.

2. how to avoid sleep instantly

If you feel sleepy in class you can simply move to the back of the classroom and walk around for some minutes.

You can as well gulp from your cold water. You can also bring out some snacks and keep your mouth busy to avoid sleep instantly.


These are tips that would help you stay awake in classes without taking coffee.

You can use the comment box to add any if you still have more tips that would be helpful.

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