Tips On How To Pass Online Exams Without Studying

how to pass online exam without studying.

The education world has now gone digital, working in tune with the advent of technology, exams are no more taken with paper and pen instead they are now done online with either your computer or your smartphone, the way you should prepare for an online exam is quite different from your preparations when taking exams with paper and pen, I’ll be showing you few tips on how to pass online exams without studying.

Every student wants to get an excellent grade in their exams, but not everybody wants to go through the stress of reading all day to achieve their goals. If you fall into the category of students that wish to get high grades but do not like to read, you can still achieve your goals only if you follow these smart steps I’ll be listing below.

Sincerely speaking there is no shortcut to success, anybody wishing for greatness must be prepared to face the task ahead, so these steps that would be mentioned below won’t be easy, but if you put them into practice you would be glad you did so.

5 Tips On How To Pass Online Exams Without Studying

1. Study Past Questions

This is one of the most important tips to follow if you want to know how to pass online exams without studying. Instead of wasting time reading different textbooks you can just source past questions for the particular exams and make sure you solve all of them continually till you master it.

Trust me if you solve all the past papers for a particular exam and master them you would be shocked to see more than 50% repetition of previously set questions. The only difference might be changes in values or words.

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Make sure you cover all the topics, the easy way to do this is to list out all the topics from the recommended text books then scan through the past questions and copy out all the questions that are related to a particular question, then make sure you solve them and memorize them continually till you exam day.

After you are done with answering the past papers you can test yourself with either an online or offline exam software to weigh your chances of answering the questions you just practiced.

2. Work With Time

Online exams are quite different from the regular offline exams, in online exams you are being timed and your counter would be running down till your time elapses. So you don’t have to waste time on a particular question, learn to increase your speed while answering these questions.

Make sure you use your calculator only when necessary, you can use your brain to solve some simple arithmetic. Using calculators often would waste your time, only use your calculator for difficult arithmetic.

Always skip difficult questions, while trying to answer a question and the question is proving difficult don’t waste your time solving and resolving that particular question just skip it to the next, take down the number later you can revisit the question and see what’s wrong.

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Answering easy questions would also build your confidence as the exam goes.

If you miss this tip, while struggling to answer one particular question you might end up not completing all your questions before your time elapses.

3. Use Elimination Method

This is another important tip on how to pass online exams without studying. As stated above make sure you answer the easy questions first, when you’re done with them you can revisit the difficult question and apply the elimination technique.

The elimination technique is simply where you eliminate options that do not correspond to the question leaving only the options that are closely related to the given questions.

A typical example is highlighted in the question below.

Q1.  Answer each question about the following compound. 


(A) What is the name of the underlined functional group? 

① hydroxy group ② carbonyl group ③ carboxyl group 

④ amino group ⑤ sulfo group 

(B) What is the property of the water solution of 1 mol / L of this compound? 

① strong acid ② weak acid ③ neutral ④ weak base ⑤ strong base

For this question you should simply eliminate the options that are not closely related to the questions leaving either 2 or 3 options. For question A. We should know that the presence of Carbon would make the compound either a carbonyl group or a carboxyl group so we eliminate the other 3 leaving only two options remaining.

We also do the same thing for the B part. Eliminating other options while leaving the acids option since the property of water in the compound must definitely be an acid.

At the end of eliminating the odd elements out we would be left with two options each then we can easily figure out the answer from the two.

4. Select C Or B When in Serious Doubt

Various statistics has shown that in an online exam the probability of an answer falling in the C or B option is very high than the rest of the options.

With respect to this observation when in serious doubt about which answer to pick, I’ll advise you to make a choice out of the C or B option.

You don’t have to do his for every question, only when it become clear that you can’t attempt the question.

5. Never Leave Any Question Un-attempted

This is the final tip on how to pass online exam without studying. Make sure you attempt all the question, never leave any question unticked.

When you have spent almost all of your time solving questions and you are left with few minutes, make sure you use that few minutes to go back to those question you left which were difficult to solve. retry them if you can’t also figure it out just pick the closest option, you never can tell you might be lucky and have the opportunity to add few marks to yourself.

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Also make sure you revise your work as quick as possible before finally submitting.

Recap On How To Pass Online Exams Without Studying

  1. Study past question
  2. Work with time
  3. Use elimination method
  4. Select option c or b when in serious doubt
  5. Never leave any question un-attempted.


These are tips that would help you in your quest to get high grades in an online exam without much stress from reading excessively.

If you follow these tips success awaits you, I would be glad to see you at the top.

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