Tips On How To Study Effectively One Day Before Exam

how to study effectively one day before exam

As a college student you may be faced with different responsibilities and activities that may hinder you from preparing adequately for an exam, you don’t need to be afraid you can still make good grades if you follow the tips below on how to study effectively one day before exam.

Waiting to study a day before an exam might be too risky and not encouraging for a college student, but when all options are down the necessity needs to be considered.

Before you would practice these few tips on how to study effectively one day before exam there are some factors that need to be settled, you must make sure that you attend classes frequently as a student that misses classes continually would find it difficult to practice these tips mentioned below.

The student must also make sure that he takes note during lectures so that during exams the words won’t be strange to his brain.

5 Tips On How To Study Effectively One Day Before Exam

We would be going straight into tips on how to study effectively one day before exam. These tips have been tested and trusted by college students and have worked effectively.

#1. Be Mentally Focused

This is the first and most important tip to practice if you want to know how to study effectively one day before exam, you can’t achieve anything if you aren’t mentally focused.

If you are busy thinking about other things and try reading at the same time, you would only end up wasting time and deceiving yourself.

You must know the task that lies ahead of you and fix your mind to conquer the challenge.

The battle for exam success is won and lost in the mind, it depends on your choice to determine your faith.

For your mind that is focused on the task ahead, you have to excuse yourself from some actions that would make you keep on thinking about them, make out time in the day to have a nap and watch what you eat, this would take us to the next tip which is about diet.

#2. Eat Wisely

This is another nice tip to abide by if you want to know how to study effectively one day before exam.

When trying to read and understand what you’ll read you don’t have to eat everything that comes your way, you must stay out of some certain type of foods that might be too heavy and not healthy for consumption at the particular time.

You should stay away from foods that contain a lot of starch and carbohydrate, foods with these contents can make you feel very dizzy and tired.

Instead of taking starchy foods you should eat snacks preferably and take a lot of water, it would help calm your body down.

Another good eating habit before preparing for an exam is eating like 4 or 5 hours ahead before you start studying. If you eat immediately when you are about to study and the digestion process starts taking place, it might affect your system and might have a negative impact on your study.

We’ve discussed extensively on tips to practice before commencing reading, we would now be looking at tips to practice while reading that would help you study effectively one day before exam.

#3. Use Acronyms While Reading

This is another perfect tip that would help you memorize what you are reading.

 What is an acronym?

An acronym is a way of memorizing complex statements where the first letters of words are used to form a new word, the new word might make sense or might not make sense.

How To Use Acronym

You should always use acronym with stuffs you are familiar with for instance if you love football and you want to remember the acronym “RSACAM” you should rephrase it Ronaldo scored against Chelsea Arsenal and Man city, you would easily memorize stuffs when using acronym to read.

#4. Use Of Marker

Use of markers is the fourth tip on our list, always make use of markers when studying a day before an exam.

Use different colours of markers to highlight important points, it would help you easily recollect them in the exam hall.

This is a trick that has been used by many students to pass exams. It is called visual learning; the use of colors to identify certain elements in a note or text.

How the use of marker works

When studying, use a specific color to highlight a particular category of information example, Red for crucial concepts, blue for statistical datas, green for definitions, or something like this.

When faced with difficulty in your examination seat, you can easily picture the color you use to represent that category of information and try to recollect all data you used that color for.

#5. Use Songs To Store Information

If you are a person that easily remembers songs this would be a great tool to harness while preparing for an exam a day before.

If you try to cram everything you read you might forget everything with a snap of a finger, so instead of wasting your time trying to cram, put the energy into creating a simple and catchy music that you would sing often till you enter the examination hall.

You can create your own lyrics with a popular and easy to remember beat, or imbibe your lyrics into an existing song.

#6. Story Method

This is the sixth tip on our list on how to prepare for an examination in one day.

You can fit what you read into a story or happenings around you, that would make you easily remember them during examinations.

The brain has a natural tendency to easily remember stories. That’s why you can still remember most of the bad or good stories that happen around you, so put that into practice and you would never regret it.

Conclusion on how to study effectively one day before exam

These are six easy tips to practice if you want to know how to study effectively one day before exam, they can easily be practiced and would definitely help you during exams, remember that goal of every student is to pass during exams and here at smart scholars hub we bring to you tips to achieve your goals as a student.


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