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Tips On How To Take Notes In An Online Class

Technology advancement in the world today has affected almost everything including the education sector and almost everything is now done online including learning, most colleges now engage in online lectures due to its convenient and time saving factors, so today we would be sharing with you on how to take notes in an online class.

Online classes have been the bedrock of modern learning, platforms like Zoom, Google classroom and Skype have been utilized to enhance the flow and experience of online classes. 

Notwithstanding the amazing experience that online classes offer, most students have found it difficult to understand lectures during online classes and do not possess the skills on how to take notes in an online class.

This particular problem has been a thorn in the flesh of students and has affected them negatively during examinations.

The solution to this problem would be explained extensively below, so grab a cup of tea and we’ll roll.

Importance Of Making Good Notes During An Online Class

The importance of makinng a good note in academics cannot be overemphasized, and coming down to inline classes making a good note is always important also, some courses might be difficult to understand during lectures as you would need to go home and revise your note before understanding anything.

Good notes can help you achieve the following

  • Equipping yourself with solid materials that would be useful during assignments and examinations.
  • Prepare you adequately for the next lecture.
  • Organize the information you got from the online class in an easy to understand manner.

 How to take notes in an online class

#1. Always Take Note By hand

This is the first tip on our list, it might be prettily old fashioned but trust me its still reliable as ever, hand written notes tend to last longer in the memory than other types of notes.

When writing the note always make sure you pause the video and write down something from what you understood.

Don’t write as the online class is still ongoing you might be able to understand what you wrote.

Always take notes in your own words rather than writing exactly what your teacher is saying.

 #2. Use Diagrams And Pictures

This is another quality tip that would make you know how to take notes in an online class, diagrams are easily to draw and remember.

If the course you are learning is maybe Anatomy and the teacher is discussing about the human body you can make a quick sketch of the human body and write a small description that would help you understand the teachers point of view.

Diagrams can also help you understand a concept better, you can make a quick graphical diagram and later visit the internet to add up to your diagram.

#3. Don’t write everything down

Some students would make sure they write everything the teacher is saying, just know that it isn’t necessary to do that. 

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You can just pick key ideas and words and write them down then after the class you use the key ideas to develop your comprehensive note.

#4. Use Note Taking Apps

Note taking apps is also another great tool to how to take notes in an online class.

Even if you take note with your hand you might still want to make use of your keyboard and store them so they can be readily accessible to you anytime.

There are many kinds of note taking apps on the net we’ll be listing few of them for you.

Best Note Taking Apps Available For Download
  • Google Keep: this is Google’s own version of a note taking app and trust me it’s pretty decent, it works with Google drive and Google docs it giives you access to a wide range of options and its totally free. It can be used with android devices and also iOS phones. The fun about Google keep is that it allows voice recording and text scanning, so this is the best note taking app on our list.
  • Evernote: Is also a decent note taking app available, it can be used in android devices, iOS, windows and Mac book. You need to purchase the app be for you would be allowed to access its contents. Evernote is the most popular note taking app online, it supports audio as well as videos.
  • Simple Note: This is also a nice app to take note with, very easy to use and straight to the point. Simple note is a free app and only supports text, it can be used in android or iOS devices.
  • Microsoft One Note: Microsoft version of a note taking app, it is integrated into Microsoft office, buy is still available for android and iOS devices. The app is free and comes with a wide varsity of options which include audio notes, ability to take images and also store videos.

#5. Always Review Your Note

This is the last tip on how to take notes in an online class, always review your note at the end of each class, it would help the information stick very well in your memory, whether you used a note taking app or hand note never fail to review your note immediately after your class, errors can as well be corrected here when the information are still fresh.

 When reviewing your note you can use a marker to highlight the keywords so anytime you glance at the note you can easily recollect them.


These are five basic tips on how to take note in an online class, if you follow all the tips listed above you wouldn’t have any difficulty during online class sessions.

Always remember that smart scholars are those that make out time for note making and also studying them. If you find the article helpfull you can encourage us by using the Social media buttons below to share them so your friends can as well benefit from these piece of information.

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