10 Best Chrome Extensions For Online Learning 2022

Studying, writing an essay or doing research with your computer online can become a very ambiguous task when you constantly switch tabs to either check your grammar, spellings or for cross referencing. But such can be avoided if you install the best chrome extensions for online learning, these latest extensions and reforms on chrome browsers have made studying and learning online very easy and fun, instead of you switching tabs constantly you can access most of the information you seek on the same tab you are working with instantly.

Chrome extensions are great tools to help automate your research and studies for an easy and seamless work environment. I’ll be listing out the 10 best chrome extensions for online learning which every college student should install on his or her computer.

Best Chrome Extensions For Online Learning

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular software used by many college students and professors during online sessions, it is used to either check for grammatical or spelling errors with your writings and also to check for plagiarism.

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While writing an assignment or an essay online there is a high rate of probability that your writings would contain misspelled words or wrong grammars, normally you would finish writing and then copy your test to grammarly to check for errors but with this chrome extension you would see all your mistakes and correct them instantly without switching tabs.

This single feature would make your work very fast and easy, this is one the best chrome extensions for online learning.

2. Power Thesaurus

While learning online, writing essays or conducting a research there is a high chance you would come across strange words or battle with your choice of words. 

Here steps in the Power Thesaurus chrome extension, this powerful tool would help you expand your vocabulary when studtying or typing, it offers you with the synonyms and antonyms of words.

You can configure the extension to show you a specified number of words, this extension also serves as a dictionary because it gives you the meaning of words and a brief background of the chosen word.

All you have to do is use the search button to search for a word and it will bring out everything concerning the word, including synonyms and antonyms depending on your choice of options, it also specifies if the word can be used as a noun or a verb.

3. Todoist

As college students you may be occupied with too many activities online and might end up forgetting some important tasks to perform.

This is the reason every college student is meant to have a system that reminds him or her of daily activities, ranging from classes, projects, assignments, club works and other extracurricular activities.

Todoist is an app that gives you the platform to note down all your activities for the week and their time, it gives you a reminder for each activity.

The Todoist app works better when synchronized with the google calendar on your system with the help of its extension, in case of emergencies it creates backups with your gmail across multiple devices.

Todoist app also scores you based on your compliance to your weekly or daily task with its karma feature, it awards you points for every task you perform and sum all your points at the end of the week to see your progress with your list.

4. Evernote Web Clipper

Every college student must have used Evernote before, maybe for note taking in an online class or for some little tasks that involve writing. Evernote is among the most used apps on the internet.

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Its chrome extension is called the Evernote Web Clipper it is used to capture or clip an information you see online be it text, image or infographics.

You might be browsing the internet and see some words or texts that catches your fancy or come across some intriguing social media post that you may deem help full do an assignment or a task all you need to do is to click the “clip” button and the info graphics or text would be immediately saved on your system for future purposes.

This extension is among the best chrome extensions for college students.

5. Dualless

Have you come across your colleague or coursemate making use of a dual screen on a single tab on his computer, performing two operations at the same time, maybe attending an online class and still typing his assignment. This chrome extension is responsible for such action.

Dualless is a chrome extension that helps convert your browser’s screen into two different tabs, instead of you switching tabs to and fro you can perform dual tasks on a single computer screen.

This chrome extension is easy to set up with just two clicks. You can achieve a dual screen on a single tab, you can as well choose your preferred screen ratios either sharing the screen into two equal parts or stacking one on top of the other.

6. Noisli

If you are the kind of person that loves studying with cool background music playing then this chrome extension is for you.

Noisli is one of the best extensions that helps prevent external noise by giving you varieties of background sounds  to choose from.

It also has a timer which you can use to set the time limit for the background sound to play and stop. You can as well share your playlist with your friends and study mates.

7. StayFocusd

This is one of the best chrome extensions for college students you can ever think of, are you fond of switching in between your studies with social media. Maybe checking your notifications or watching comedy videos on YouTube, this extension would really help you.

StayFocusd is an extension that temporarily blocks you from accessing other websites while studying.

Once you choose the websites to allow you would be completely cut out from the rest of the web until the countdown you set runs down.

Every college student should try out this extension. The only disadvantage of this extension is when the countdown is set you can’t do anything else with your browser even during an emergency until the countdown runs down.

8. Cite This For Me

If you are writing an essay and you are confused on how your bibliography would look then the Cite This For Me extension should be your best plug.

With only one click the Cite This For Me extension would generate a perfectly well matched bibliography for you, it is programmed to generate the Harvard style of bibliography which is also accepted by other institutions worldwide.

After generating it you can copy it and paste on your article or still save it online for future use.

9. Kami Extension

This is also among the best chrome extensions for online learning, you can edit your PDF documents with this extension.

You can also add images and illustrations to your PDF documents with this extension.

It is easy to use and is also free.

10. Screencastify

Screencastify is a chrome extension that allows you record your screen for at least 5 minutes.

If you are learning online and come across a difficult piece or article you can use Screencastify to record the disturbing piece on your screen and send them to your professors or tutors for further explanation.

How To Open Chrome Extensions On Mac Book

Adding chrome extensions to your Mac Book is very easy all you have to do is follow the steps that I’ve listed below.

1. Visit the chrome webstore, use the search bar to search for any extension you want.

2. If you aren’t logged in to your google account, a pop up menu would arise from google prompting you to sign in to your google account.

3. After searching for the extension, a list of extension would pop out. You have to click the one you want to see it’s details.

4. After clicking the extension you an add to chrome button, click it and confirm your decision in the confirmation tab that would pop out.

5. You would have to wait for some seconds for the button to change from checking to added to chrome. After this you are done with adding a chrome extension to your Mac Book.

Recap On Best Chrome Extensions For Online Learning

  1. Grammarly
  2. Power Thesaurus
  3. Todoist
  4. Evernote web clipper
  5. Dualless
  6. Noisli
  7. StayFocusd
  8. Cite this for me
  9. Kami extension
  10. Screencastify


These are 10 best chrome extensions for online learning precisely for college students, If you are having online claases or doing an assignment or research online it is advisable to have this extensions installed on your browsers.

Also if you are finding it difficult to install the chrome extension there is a guide above on how to open chrome extensions on mac book, it can also be applied to other computers.

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