10 Best Free Online DJ Course For Beginners

Being a DJs is one of the most lucrative jobs in the entertainment industry. They are basically the “life of the party” be it a wedding ceremony, housewarming party, any social event on campus or even club parties, they even work for TV and radio stations. With the advancement of technology adapting with the entertainment world you don’t need to attend a physical school to learn to become a crafty DJ, you can start your career here with these 10 Best free online DJ course for beginners.

Most of the courses mentioned in this list of best free online DJ course for beginners are top notch courses organized by some of the best hubs for online learning. Some courses are completely free why you have pay little money before you access your certificate in few courses.

Who is a DJ?

A disk jockey who is popualry known as a DJ is soneone that plays either a live or a recorded mix of music at any public gathering, event and also in a radio house.

A DJ is required where tailored music is needed be it musical recordings, commercials or jingles.

Formerly the term DJ was only used for people who play for radio stations but with recent development and growth of the profession anyone who creates his own dance music can now be referred to as a DJ.

A DJ basically uses a sound mixer to interchange between records and also add effects to make it more lively. Softwares such as Abelton, FL studio, Tractor or DJ Studio are the most common to achieve the goal of a DJ.

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Nowadays you don’t even need to have a sound mixer or board to become a DJ, everything can be done on your smartphone. With your phone on your palm you can make everyone go gaga in a party; you just have to know your onions that’s why this free online dj course for beginners is necessary to fast track your process as an upcoming DJ.

What Skills do I need to be a DJ?

As a DJ you just have to know the different rhythms associated with different environment, you have to understand how beats work and how to maximize the impact of there selections to produce a great mix.

This skill can be achieved when you have an unreserved love for music. As a DJ you have to be very creative with your performances.

You would also need a lot of stamina to be successful as a DJ because been a DJ requires you to keep standing most of the time, in order to keep up with the speed of your performance. And most importantly you have to posses a good business knowledge so you can easily negotiate contracts and  rent or invest in equipments in order to make huge profits from your craft.

10 Best Free Online DJ Course For Beginners 

As stayed above some courses here are free while you would have to pay a token to access some.

#1. The Complete DJ Course For Beginners 2022 | 2 Be A DJ – Udemy

This is a top online DJ course for beginners which can be accessed from Udemy. This course would guide you throughout the learning process and provide you with all the essential tips and skills required to be a great DJ.

Amongst things you would learn from this course include:

  • How to mix your tracks in and out effectively using cross-faders and volume faders.
  • How to blend your mix nicely using equalizers and filter sliders.
  • How to use the sync option to speed up your mixing and beat match.
  • How to use the loop features and tips to been more creative with your mixing.

As a novice DJ this course id all you need to get your career kick started.

#2. Rekordbox Dj – Mix like a Professional! – Udemy

This is also another free online dj course for beginners where you get to learn how to use the pioneer software. There is no prior knowledge required to take this course, the course is arranged in a way that it teaches you how to set up the instrument and also how to use it to mix like a skilled DJ. 

You would also be taught tips and tricks to apply so you would get the best out of the equipment.

This course isva short one that takes an average of 2.5 hours to complete, after which you would have gained a solid knowledge on how to generate high quality mix using the Pioneer software.

#3. Ableton Live – DJ Mixtape & Podcasts in Ableton Live Course – Udemy

The perfect online DJ course for beginners that teaches you all about mixtapes. With this course you would learn all the techniques used by the professional DJs to mix songs that are played on air through radio stations.

You would learn how to make your own mix tapes and upload it on the internet so people can stream or download. 

#4. Learn How To DJ – Beginner DJ Lessons – Udemy

This is another online course that teaches you how to DJ using only a USB drive and no computer. Regardless of your music preference you would learn all about beat matching, mixing and blending beats together to produce a nice rhythm.

This course would prepare you adequately for your first show as a beginner without a pre-recorded DJ set.

#5. Learn how to DJ – Learn Everything you need to know, Fast! – Udemy

Another top notch course for beginners, you can’t take this course and remain the same way i can assure you that this learn how to DJ course delivers on its promise. It will take you from having no knowledge to learning everything you need to know to carry out your first DJ gig efficiently.

The benefits of enrolling in this free online DJ course for begineers include:

  • Learning what each of the DJ deck knob does and when to use any of them.
  • Learning how to mix different music at varying speed.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of any DJ mix software.
  • Discovering how to drfrst a match.

#6. In-Depth Beginner Serato DJ Course – Udemy

This is an online course for a newbie who wishes to begin his DJ career with any of the Serato softwares. 

You would learn about the rudiments of the software and also some of the many methods you’ll need to know to become a DJ.

You would also learn about about the theory of music, and how to diffuse it in your DJ mixing.

#7. Learn to DJ from beginners to advanced – Udemy

With this course you would learn how the basic steps in becoming a DJ and also advanced techniques that would place you at par with professionals in the industry.

This three art course will guide you on the various steps you’ll go through to make a good career being a disc jockey.

At the end of the course you would learn;

  • Mixing\sperforming
  • Advanced FX and controls EQ’s Beat matching Basics of DJing
  • Recognizing the music
  • Advanced Controls Scratching
  • Mixing in Harmony
  • Getting ready for your DJ set Music Library Mashups
  • Reading amid a crowd

At the end of this course, you will perform and DJ for a plethora of events.

#8. DJing Live: From Setup to Soundcheck – Skillshare

Going away from Udemy, Skillshare also provides us with nice online DJ courses for beginners, DJing Live is one of the top course been offered, here you would learn how to be well prepared for your gig by having all the required gear and well-organized setting.

You would also learn how to setup your sounds and check if the sound is ready for consumption.

#9. The Basics of Serato DJ – Skillshare

This is one of the available free online DJ courses for beginners offered by Skillshare; Here you would learn about the basic of Serato DJ setup, this course can am be taking by experts that wants to enhance there skills using Serato.

The major goal of this course is to organize your crates for your next job.

#10. How to Become a DJ: Learn How to Start DJing Online Today – Udemy

This is an intense course that would last for 11 hours, it contains 51 instructional video lessons that would work you through on how to become a full fledged professional DJ.

This course can be taking by users of all experience with the goal of provining you with technical underpinnings which you would need to perform without the aid of a of a pre recorded set.

Other Free Online DJ Course For Beginners

#11.  Learn How to DJ From the Wu-Tang Clanv – Udemy

As a begineer you habe to take advantage of this free course to learn everything about DJing and decide if it is something you want to pursue. This online DJ class contains 49 lectures and would last for about 7 hours.

It covers the beginner topics on how to use and grasp the fader, how to understand beats per minute, song structure, and how to use headphones.

The course is divided into three sections: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

#12. How to DJ With Ableton Live: DJ Techniques Clear and Simple – Skillshare

If you’re seeking for the best online DJ course that teach you how to DJ with Ableton Live, look no further. This is an intermediate/advanced level course that is specially designed for those who want to improve their skills. 

This 2-hour course contains 23 courses that cover the fundamentals of using controllers, Audio Effect Racks, and other useful Ableton Live tips and tricks.

#13. Udemy: Learn How to Become a DJ With Traktor – Udemy

If Traktor is your preferred DJ platform, this is the best online course you should take. The first few lessons will lecture you on everything you need to know about Traktor’s main capabilities and operations. Other topics in this course include; how to use Traktor effects and loops, how to mix your songs harmonically, and sound aesthetics.

This course also covers advanced topics that can help even the most seasoned DJs develop their skills.

#14. Mastering the Maschine – CreativeLive

This course allows you to sequence, sample, and apply effects to any musical piece to take your creation to the next level.

Every minute you devote to enhancing your music education will make a significant difference in your DJ abilities.

#15. How to DJ – The all!-Professional Guide – Udemy

This is the course that will lecture you on the profrssional angle of been a DJ and have people dance to your music while having the absolute time of their lives. Whether you’re a seasoned pro trying to improve your present talents or a fresh aspiring DJ just getting started with your Carter, there’s something for everyone.

This straightforward guide will help you grasp the fundamentals of DJing and expose you to the professional side of life.


This is a perfect opportunity to turn your passion into a high paying profession. many individuals have made a fortune in life using this free online DJ courses for beginners, you just have to be focused and watch how everything would fall in plcae for you.




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