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What Companies Are In The Consumer Non-Durables Field?

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The consumer non-durables field is one of the biggest industries in the United States and there are thousands of companies operating in the consumer non-durable field. The consumer non-durable industry is a major employer of labor, it generates millions of jobs annually by providing goods and services which are been used locally and also exported … Read more

Is Forest Product A Good Career Path? |2022

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Yes, forest products is a good and lucrative career path, the industry is worth million of dollars and would contiue to be on the rise. According to the American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) it is estimated that the U.S. forest products sector employs nearly one million people and contributes roughly 6% of the nation’s … Read more

Is Public Utilities a Good Career Path in 2022?

Yes, public utilities is a good career path.  Public utilities industry plays an important role in improving the economy of the nation by offering both consumers and companies necessary services. The public utilities sector is a major driver of economic growth, it has created jobs for thousands of people, as of 2022 workers in this … Read more

Is steel/Iron Ore a Good Career Path in 2022?

Yes, steel/Iron ore is a good career path. The steel industry generated over $520 billion in 2022 and is a major revenue generator in the united states and other major European countries. The steel/iron ore industry is responsible for producing materials for manufacturing and constructing metal products, they mine the natural ores and refine it … Read more

How Many Jobs are Available in Edp Services

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There are over 1.2 million jobs available in electronic data processing services, according to data gotten from the bureau of labor service. The electronic data processing services is constantly evolving with new technologies and many jobs are created in order to meet up with consumer demands.  The EDP service industry offers opportunities for advancement in … Read more

Is Transportation A Good Career Path in 2022? 

Is transportation a good career path? “The perfect answer to this is yes” transportation is a good career path since the pre-historic days man have always relied on transportation to move from one place to another in search for greener pastures and also to conduct business. Transportation plays a vital role in our economy, it … Read more

Is Electric Utilities Central A Good Career Path in 2022- perfect Answer

Yes, electric utilities central is a good career path. The importance of this sector of our economy cannot be overemphasized. Electricity is the most utilized energy source in the world. Almost all businesses, factories and manufacturing facilities depend on electricity. The electric utility central industry is a pillar of the national grid, providing this essential … Read more

How Many Jobs are Available in Precious Metals?

There are over 10,000 jobs available in precious metal, the precious metal industry is broad and precious metals like gold, diamond and silver are currently in demand. The industry has generated billions of dollars in revenue into the economy. In 2020, the industry was worth $185.1 billion. The precious metals industry is filled with many … Read more

How Many Jobs are Available in Medical/Dental Instruments in 2022?

There are many jobs in the medical/dental instruments industry, the industry have grown and is now part of our daily lives, jobs in this industry is estimated to be 330,200. The medical/dental instruments industry have played a major role in uplifting the economy, by providing jobs and generating revenue for many individuals. Research indicates that … Read more

Is Miscellaneous a Good Career Path in 2022?

Yes! Miscellaneous is a good career path.  The industry is a vital part of the American economy and have provided millions of jobs for individuals. The miscellaneous industry has also been a major booster of the IGR (internal generated revenue) of the country, the industry generates tax for governments, individual businesses operating within the industry … Read more