15 Best Paying Jobs In Broadcasting 2023



Are you interested in knowing the best-paying jobs in broadcasting If yes, then this article is a must-read for you. In this write-up, you are going to understand what broadcasting jobs pay as well as the best-paying jobs that are in broadcasting. Before we start, let’s know what broadcasting is all about.

What Is Broadcasting?

Broadcasting can be defined as the process of distributing information, in form of audio-video content to a particular audience through the use of an electronic mass communication medium. You can use radio or television for broadcasting. According to research, radio broadcasting started in the 1920s, while television broadcasting started in the 1930s. With cable television in the 1950s and satellite broadcasting in the 1960s.

What Does Broadcasting Job Pay?

 Do you want to get a Broadcasting Job and you are wondering how much they are been paid? The pay for broadcasting Jobs is not the same in every area. the amount for broadcasters differs from employer to employer and from region to region. But for a Nigerian graduate in the field of broadcasting their salary ranges from 60,000 NGN  to 400,000 NGN. But this is not the same in the united states or UK or other advanced countries. But for the United States, it is said to be $63,351. Note that this can be subject to change as the pay is not static always.


15 Best Paying Jobs In Broadcasting 

There are so many paying jobs in Broadcasting, but in this article, we are going to be listing 15 of the best-paying jobs that are in Broadcasting. They are 

  • Production Manager
  • Location Scout
  • News Reporter
  • News Director
  • Broadcast  Producer
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Video Editor
  • Camera Operator
  • Television Production Coordinator
  • Production Assistant
  • Sound Designer
  • Talk Show Host
  • News Writer
  • Radio Engineer

1. Production Manager

The production manager in the broadcasting industry oversees the running of the broadcast process. How the team members will work together to achieve a common goal. He also makes sure that everything is been put in place before the production process for its effectiveness. He prepares everyone for their roles aforehand. Salary is estimated to be around $65,433 per year in the united states.

2. Location Scout

 They are the ones responsible for finding a suitable place or a suitable location for use in filmmaking or otherwise. The director or producer of the movie might decide that this is the type of environment or scene I want for this shooting, the location Scout is the one that will be responsible to find that place and make it available. On some other basis, they will already have somewhere in mind should Incase the demand arises. In the United States a location Scout is being paid an average amount of $46,631 a year.

3. News Reporter

News reporters are the ones responsible for delivering to the members of the public the current happenings around them through so many mediums like the radio, television, newspaper, as well as magazines. To be a good news reporter, you must have excellent communication skills as well as always be always aware of the current happenings around you. The average salary of. News reporters in the United States make  $39,192 per year.

4. News Director

News Directors are the ones that are in charge of the news department. They are also in charge of the news staff which includes the technical department, news anchors, editors, reporters, and the rest of others, and also help make things move smoothly in their department. Their average salary per year is estimated to be $54,912.


5. Broadcast Producer

The broadcast producer is responsible for all broadcast production by directing the production processes and budgets and overseeing post-production procedures in order to bring the content through to its completion. He makes sure the script is ready for them through a joint effort with the scriptwriters. The average salary of a broadcast producer is estimated to be $61,200 in the US.

6. Broadcast Engineer

The broadcast Engineer is responsible for Repairing various software, hardware as well as other systems for broadcasting technology. designing and producing new circuits including hardware and systems. Effectively communicating with colleagues and others; Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments in the field by creating and maintaining a database of contacts. The average salary of a Broadcast Engineer in the US is estimated to be $78685 per year.

7. Video Editor

A Video Editor is responsible for reviewing audio and video footage and using software to arrange the clips into an integrated unit. Their responsibilities include separating or combining video clips, incorporating appropriate graphics or sounds, and then examining the final product to spot errors before it can be submitted for evaluation purposes. A video editor’s salary is estimated to be around $54553 per year.

8. Camera Operator

Camera operators They are accountable for operating cameras as well as remote-control and electronic cameras as well as mobile mountings, cranes, and other equipment. They also help in setting up and assembling equipment. Planning, preparing, and rehearsal scenes. Their salary is estimated to be around $54799 per year.

9. Television Production Coordinator

Television production Coordinators are the ones that establish the production office, and coordinate equipment, supplies, and personnel.  These people are known for disseminating the movie shooting schedules and also cast and crew lists including the scripts and revisions to scripts. Their salary is $22,852 per year.

10. Production Assistant

Production Assistant is responsible for helping out with the general tasks of the set of 

television, radio, in film shooting. They help in the production of digital or commercial media. A few PAs are employed within the production department alongside the Assistant Director in order to assist in communications with various departments. Their salary in the united states is estimated to be around $49,984 per year and $16.86 per hour.

11. Sound Designer

 The Sound Designers are always accountable for obtaining any good sound effects during any broadcast production whether for a live record,  audio, or video recording. He makes sure that the sound system is normal and functions properly. They are also responsible for installing the sound systems in the studio for use during the movie, news, or broadcast activity and making sure the operator is well-trained to be able to use them effectively.  Their salary is $68080 in the US.


12. Talk Show Host

 Host of talk shows whether on television or at real-life events, are responsible for providing information or other content to the audience. Certain hosts have particular talents in providing entertainment, like the ability to make jokes, and that is what makes them special. The ability to present their content to the audience in a way that will be pleasing and funny as well. Their salary in the US is estimated to be around $49,582 per year.

13. News Writer

Newswriters are responsible for writing news stories for broadcast or publication by news reporters on either the radio, television, newspaper, social media and so on. They source materials from different sources in order to gather enough genuine information before putting it down as news. They are always alert and move from place to place in order to gather their information.  Their salary is estimated to be around $65,386 per year.

14. Radio Engineer

They are known to work predominantly in radio and television, Broadcast Engineers are responsible for the setup and maintenance of all equipment related to broadcasting in the studio. And they make sure that all the pieces of equipment are in order before they can be used by the reporters. The salary is $85,000 per year.


A career in broadcasting is very lucrative and they are well compensated. Although this is based on your area of specialization in the industry. Go through this post if you are aspiring to get a job in the broadcast industry and choose the one that is of to your own interest.


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