Proven Tips On How To Handle A First Day At School



The first day at school for high school or college students is really something to pay utmost attention to, it can be a defining moment throughout your stay in school, we would be sharing with you proven tips on how to handle a first day at school.

Preparation on how to handle a first day at school is not something that should bother you, if you do the right things which you are meant to do and are also exposed to quality tips your first day at school would be something you would look back on and smile that you overcame the stage of life.

5 Tips On How To Handle A First Day At School

 Preparation on how to handle a first day at school is something that you should start anticipating like 7 to 14 days before the date of resumption, if you start preparing on the resumption morning then you would likely have a horrible experience on your first day at school.


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Below are 5 proven steps that would help you handle your first day at school.

1. Dress Smartly

This is an important thing to do if you want to have a perfect first day at school, you should wear a cool and decent dress, and you should already have gotten the clothes prepared a few days before the resumption date. You can get new clothes if you have some bucks to do that or still wear one of your decent clothes.

Take out time to iron your clothes if they are crumpled.

Your choice of clothing should be something that is school appropriate, it would be very embarrassing if you get scolded about your dress on your very first day in school, it would create a bad impression about you.

2. Create A Perfect First Impression

First impression matters most, the impression you exhibit on your first day at school would be what your classmates would know you, for example, if you are asked a question by your course teacher and you fail to answer it your classmates would see you as someone that couldn’t answer his first question, it would take a long time before you are able to convince them about your abilities.


So anything you do on your first day makes sure you pass the right message with your impressions, negative impressions would definitely send wrong signals.

3. Be Social

Yep, this is another important habit to show on your first day at school, don’t be shy.

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Students are fond of sitting on their own and bending their heads down during free periods when they first arrive at school, nope you don’t have to do this. Use the free period to interact with your fellow classmates, introduce yourself and ask questions about your new school.

Questions to ask include what your teacher looks like, and school extracurricular activities, if you’re passionate about soccer, basketball, or cricket you can chip in questions about sporting activities in the school and engage in a pretty decent conversation. With time you must have made one or two friends, but if you keep staying alone you would hardly make a new friend.

How To Start A Conversation With Your Classmate

You might want to walk up to a classmate and try to be social with them but you might not know how to go about it, don’t worry we would be squeezing in a few tips on how to solve the puzzle that would be going on in your mind.

The first thing to do is critically observe the person and take note of his outfit if he has nice sneakers or a shirt. You can walk up to him or her and compliment the outfit then Introduce yourself. Example (Hello your sneakers look nice, I really love them, I’m Joe by the way; and am now)

Very simple and straight to the point, before a wink of an eye you guys would already be having a decent conversation.

4. Speak With Confidence

When engaging in interactions with your fellow students you shouldn’t be timid and speak less, instead speak with authority and confidence.


You can pick up conversations that you have a broad knowledge about and keep your conversations civil, also don’t be afraid to interact with the opposite gender.

Interacting with the opposite gender is one of the fastest ways to build self-confidence in your new environment.

5. Don’t Miss Freshman Orientation

You never have to miss the school’s freshman orientation program for anything, the orientation program is always focused on preparing students for life in high school, and the rules and regulations of the school are always mentioned during the orientation program.

The rules of the school would help you have a decent stay at school.

Orientation is always fun, it would usher you into life in high school.

The Orientation service would also contain the academic plans and activities for the academic year, it would help you plan yourself very well.

Also during freshman orientation, you would also see similar freshmen like yourself who may seem lost, so orientation programs are really important if you want to handle your first day at school perfectly.

So these are basically the fine tips on how to handle your first day in a school perfectly, in addition to this during class sessions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions when the need arises if you don’t understand anything in class take excuse from your classroom teacher and feel free to express yourself.

High school is also filled with extracurricular activities. You should indicate interest to participate in a few, don’t try to attend all, and always have some free time. activities like fresher’s parties would help you blend well.


pretty well these are proven tips to handle your first day in a school perfectly well, the dream of every freshman is to have a decent and enjoyable time while undergoing high school.

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