Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship At University Of Oxford – How To Apply

Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship At University Of Oxford 2020/2021

The Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship At University Of Oxford is a fully funded program for students that have studied previously at a South African university, the program enables such student to be able to pursue a graduate program at the prestigious university of Oxford, England.

The Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship At University Of Oxford is a program that is designed to enhance the academic exchange program between South African universities and the University of Oxford, the scholarship is available for both part-time and full time students pursing either an Msc or a PhD.
The Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship is organized by the University Of Oxford and affiliated with other international scholarship organization like the Common wealth and Clarendon scholarship programs.

The Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship At University Of Oxford helps South Africans that want to further there education abroad precisely Oxford university with the funds to do so.

The university of Oxford is one of the most prestigious academic instutuition in the world, it was founded in 1906, and located in Oxford, England. The university has over 22,000 students which comprises of both undergraduate and graduate , more than 62 percent of the students studying graduate programs are international students.

Who Is J. Robert Oppenheimer?

J. Robert Oppenheimer was an American physicist, and highly respected academician he is fondly called the father of atomic physics due to his contribution to the development and research of atomic bombs during the world war II.

J. Robert Oppenheimer studied at Harvard university, he graduated in 1925 and sailed for England to research at the Cavendish laboratory, university of Cambridge. He has his doctorate degree at the University of Göttingen and returned to the united states few years later to teach physics at the California institute of Technology and University of California.

J. Robert was chosen to head the Manhattan project, a project that was aimed at harnessing the power of atomic energy for military and combat purposes, the project was spearheaded by the United states army, the project was deemed successful and atomic bombs were deployed in Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan, after witness in the destructive nature of the bombs J. Robert Oppenheimer argued about its further development and later resigned from his post ad head of the Manhattan project.
J Robert Oppenheimer died from throath cancer on February 18, 1967.

Oppenheimer Summer Internship

The Oppenheimer Summer Internship is a top program organized by the university of Oxford, it is designed to inculcate students with the day to day activities of some of the departments in the university, the program lasts for eight to ten weeks.

The Oppenheimer Summer Internship program includes information sessions, where students learn about the culture, history and benefits of being a member of Oppenheimer, interested candidate must reach a GPA of 3.3 in there academic record and also have an interest in the financial service industry.

Eligibility for the Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship at Oxford University

Candidates must have studied in a university in South Africa (either a private or public university).

Candidates must have applied for a post graduate course at the Oxford university (either a masters or doctorate degree).
Candidates that defer there admission to another academic year are not qualified to apply for the scholarship.

Age or gender is not a factor considered when selecting beneficiaries, candidates are selected based on there proven academic excellence in there various courses of study.

The scholarship can be renewed every year for post graduate courses that takes more than one year for completion. (Candidates in these categories must maintain good grades to be considered for renewal).

Always follow instructions provided at the official scholarship page, before applying for the program, every course has its own specific criteria. Search out for your course and read the guidelines.

More Informations About The Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship at Oxford University

Candidates who are chosen for this scholarship would have there tuition fee taken care off throughout there period of study and a grant of 6,500 pounds for living cost at the University of Oxford.

The duration of study is one to three years, scholarship can be renewed yearly depending on your course of study.

The scholarship is offered only to full time post graduate degrees offered at the university of Oxford.

Application deadline: Application for the scholarship is always opened from 8th to 19th of January 2022, depending on there various course of study. Applicants must have already applied for a post graduate program at the university of Oxford before 30th January.

The selection process for The Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship At University Of Oxford usually last from late February to July.

How to apply for the Oppenheimer Fund Scholarship at Oxford University

Candidates that have studied previously in a South African university and have been accepted for post graduate studies in the university of Oxford are automatically considered for admission, you don’t need to apply specially for the program.

Candidates would be considered for admission if they meet the followimg criteria.

Applicants must submit there application before the end of the January admission deadline.

Candidates application for a graduate program in the university of Oxford must be accepted.

You can visit the official university of Oxford website to apply for the post graduate studies, either Msc or PhD, make sure you adhere to the instructions and guidelines in the website.

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