Top 10 Most Ridiculous College Majors You Never Knew Existed



Choosing a college major can be sort of stressful, some prospective students just pick any of the conventional degrees like engineering, medicine or law; but you may be thinking of picking an extraordinary degree which would make you look special and unique. Here are top 10 most ridiculous college majors you never knew existed.

10 Most Ridiculous College Majors You Never Knew Existed

Without wasting much time let’s dive into business, make sure you have gotten a cold cup of water cuz you would definitely laugh your ass out when we start listing the 15 most weird college degrees you never knew existed.

#1. Memeology

You’ve definitely used one or two memes before replying to a WhatsApp message or expressing how you feel at a particular point in time.


You would be amazed to know that students actually get admitted in college to study memes, funny right; just chill.

Students study the science, evolution and creation of memes.

After spending a few years studying memeology, they graduate and kick off their career.

Students who study memeology can work as a meme analyst or social media strategist.

If you’re thinking of taking up a career in memeology because of your love for memes, The University of Texas, Austin is a perfect destination for you.


#2. Mortuary Science

Shocked right, yes I know you are. Okay sip a glass of water and ride on.

People actually study mortuary science in colleges, intact it might surprise you to know that the United States has a specified college for mortuary science.

Mortuary science is actually the study of deceased bodies, you would be taught the process that takes place in the human body after breathing her last breath.

You would also be taught about funeral service and the process of conducting a perfect funeral.

You would also learn the act of consoling a family that just lost a loved one, this can be the perfect college degree to impact the lives of people in your little way.

After graduation you can also pick up a career as an embalmer or a pathology technician.

If you are interested in taking the path of mortuary science you can visit the Mid-America College Of Funeral service 

#3. Cryptozoology 

Have you ever argued about the existence of dinosaurs and dragons that pour out fire from their mouths, then this degree is specially made for you.


Cryptozoology is the study of weird creatures that have not been proven to exist, such creatures can only be seen in movies and not in real life examples of such is the Loch ness monster and dragons. 

You must have come across these creatures while watching some Greek mythology.

You can get a degree in cryptozoology from the IMHS Metaphysics institute.

Possible occupations for cryptozoologists include researcher and lecturer.

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#4. Citrus Science

This is another degree that makes it into our list of weird college degrees you never knew existed.

The citrus industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, according to statistics gotteing from the citrus industry employs about 45,000 people every year. amazing right! That’s why a degree in citrus science won’t be a bad idea.

Educational institutes have now added citrus and horticultural science as a major, you would be taught the science and production of citrus fruits.

A graduate of citrus science can end up working as a plant manager for a citrus production plant or a plant Care worker, he might also be a researcher.

If you are interested in bagging this degree, Florida southern college should be your destination.

#5. Egyptology

Egyptology is the study of ancient Egypt, 

Egypt is one nation that has many cultural beliefs, it is one of the nations that started global modernization.

We all have read or watched many of the famous Egyptian tales ranging from the great pyramids,the great sphinx, and the ancient rulers of Egypt called Pharaoh.

Egyptology is the study of all of these, an egyptologist is a trained researcher and historian of these great cultures.

If you want to take a course in Egyptology then the University of California is your best bet.

#6. Poultry Science

As weird as it may sound to your ear the poultry industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the United States. Have you ever wondered how many chickens popular restaurants like Mac Donald buy and slaughter everyday to serve their customers, huge right then multiply it with other eateries.

According to the poultry industry was responsible for providing employment for over 2 million people last year.

Little wonder why colleges have stepped up to offer prospective students a degree in poultry science, a poultry scientist can also end up working as an agriculturist or farm manager.

Texas A&M University is one of the many institutions in America that offers this weird degree.

#7. Bicycle Design

If you are a bicycle lover like me, hurray! We also got ourselves a spot in the list of top 10 ridiculous college majors.

Bicycle design is a course where you are taught the hook and crannies of bicycle test, design and production. 

As a fan of bicycles, this course is one I’ll love to try out someday, the potential in this course is something everyone should be thinking of right now.

Have you heard of the Tour de France before? If you haven’t heard of it, it’s one of the biggest bicycle races on planet earth, where riders compete for a grand prize which is worth millions of dollars. Every rider also comes with his own personal bicycle technician.

So if you ever find yourself in this course kudos you’re on your way to success.

If you want to study bicycle design check out the Minnesota State College Southeast

A bicycle design technician can also work as a quality assurance technician or a production specialist.

#8. Storytelling

This is another weird college degree you never knew existed, check out the feeling of going to college to learn how to tell stories; sounds weird right.

But wise fellas are milking out millions of dollars from the storytelling industry.

You must have played grand theft on playstation or any of the mission games, it would shock you to know that a storyteller we employed to write a story while a computer programmer programmed the game to fit into the story.

If you love storytelling this is a creative industry that can turn you into a millionaire in a short period.

If you are interested in storytelling you can apply for the East Tennessee State University.

#9. Toy Design

Which kid grew up without playing with toys, if you did then your childhood days would have been very boring.

The toy industry is revolving day by day and colleges have started dishing out degrees in toy design.

Toy designers are taught the psychology of children with relation to toy development and design.

Otis college of arts and design is a perfect place to begin your toy design career.

#10. Leisure Studies

If you love relaxing and traveling, then this degree is for you.

Leisure studies is the study of the role of recreation and leisure in the lives of individuals.

Leisure study is a field of life that would see you tour many countries while studying.

Graduates of this course can be employed as a park ranger, fitness manager, travel coach and many others.

Interested applicants can check out this course on the Southern Illinois University website.

More Weird College Majors That Exists

We’ve succeeded in listing the top 10 most ridiculous college majors you never knew existed, but that’s not all there are still more weird college majors which we would list below.

#1. Astrobiology

Have you ever asked yourself if human beings can survive in mars? Or if aliens really live on Saturn.

Then you have some connection with this course, Astrobiology is the study of life anywhere on the universe including our very own planet earth.

Students who offer this course would have the opportunity to be lectured by top astronauts.

You can enroll for this course with Florida tech.

#2. Animal Psychology

I’m sure you have friends who are studying human physiology, this is a great course that studies the physiology of humans with respect to our daily lives.

Do you also know that peeps go to college to study animal psychology, they study the way animals behave when they see a stranger, their ways of life and habits.

A degree in animal psychology won’t be a bad decision if you really love animals.

An animal psychologist can work in various organizations such as the zoo, wildlife park.

You can secure a degree in animal psychology from the Bucknell university.

#3. Popular culture

Popular culture is another weird course that Makes it to our list, this is the study of cultures that are currently trending ranging from music, literature and movies.

You can study this major in Bowling Green State University and end up being a  social media marketer or a cultural event planner.

#4. Sexual Studies

This is the last degree on our lis of top 10 most ridiculous college majors, you must have heard about sexual therapist and counsellors, yeah before you take on such profession this is the perfect course for you to embark on.

The San francisco state university offers this course.


This is our list of top 10 most ridiculous college majors, you can add yours in the comment box.

Don’t laugh alone, encourage us by sharing with your friends.

If you are studying any of these courses please don’t relent, keep it up, it will surely pay you one day.


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