Top 5 Free plagiarism checker for students



Plagiarism is something that have been a torn on the flesh for students, especially college students who visit the Internet to source for answers to assignment and write reports, here we would be discussing about top free plagiarism checker for students.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism in the academic world is when you copy the work of someone word to word without giving due reference to the author or writer of the work.

It is a great offence in the academic world and is punishable, if caught you may risk loosing a chance to earn a college degree.


When giving an assignment or a technical report to write students easily go on google and search for previous works on the giving topic and are happy when they find answers to the topics, some students go on to copy and paste them, but as a smart scholar what you should do is to read through pick the ideas and key points and write them in your own words.

Avoid using rephrasing tools as most of the tools make grammatical mistakes.

Since we have known what is plagiarism we would be diving into naming the top 5 free plagiarism checker for students.

There are many free tools online to check for plagiarism but most a times there results are always inaccurate.

You may use a free plagiarism tool and have a 10% plagiarism rate and be happy but when lecturers and college teachers check with there own softwares the rate of plagiarism would be very high.


The accepted rate of plagiarism in any college related assignment is less than 25% any thing above this is considered a plagiarized work.

Top 5 Free plagiarism checker for students

#1. Turnitin

This is the first tool on our list, Turnitin is a plagiarism checker used by many universities, it is sometimes integrated into assignment submitting portals.

This particular tool is a favorite tool for professors no wonder it is fondly called Professors favorite.

When using turnitin it is expected that your plagiarism rate should be below 25% any thing above is considered a plagiarized work. If your plagiarism rate is 15% or below it means that plagiarism have not occurred at all.

One advantage of using turnitin is that it is used globally, almost all collegesnd universities use this software so your work would still retain its plagiarism rate even if its double checked abroad.

Turnitin software is not actually free, is is paid for but the good side of it is that colleges pay for it and install it in there systems so there students can access it for free, so if you are a college student you need not to worry about paying for anything.

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#2. Grammarly

This is another Free plagiarism checker for students, it is the most popular plagiarism checker tool online, though it is not commonly used for academic works worldwide only few colleges like University of Michigan and Stanford uses it, they are mostly used for blogging and other light writing activities.

Grammarly is a plagiarism tool that does not only help you check your plagiarism rate, it also helps correct punctuation and typographical errors.


Grammarly is a simple to use software, it boasts of 16 million active users and it’s totally free. Although there is a paid version Grammarly premium where you would be entitled to other packages like paraphrasing and many more.

#3. Unicheck

This is another free plagiarism checker that gives accurate result, although it is not really popular within the academic world, it I mostly used by creative writers.

Unicheck boasts of about 1 million users worldwide, it is an easy to use software that highlights all the plagiarized sentences within few seconds of checking.

Unicheck is also used by college lectures that mark assignments, it has a feature of checking multiple entries together reducing the stress of checking them one after the other.

The only diadvntage of using Unicheck is that it is not programmed to check and correct punctuation and typographical errors.

#4. PlagTracker

This is also another Free plagiarism checker for students, just like the others mentioned above PlagTracker is easy to use and tracks plagiarized contents within few seconds, the unique thing about using PlagTracker Is that you get to save your works as PDF files.

PlagTracker has a premium package where you pay a token of $15 which can check unlimited word counts, the free version is limited to 5000 words per check.

#5. Plagramme

Plagramme is the last plagiarism checking tool on our list of Free plagiarism checker for students, it is one of the most unique tool available thats why we had to name it last.

Plagramme is the only tool mentioned above that supports all languages, the rest are mainly for English words but with Plagramme you get to switch in between different languages of your choice.

It is also very easy to use, it highlights plagiarized sentences within few seconds and is very accurate like others mentioned above.

Plagramme also allows you to correct punctuation and typographical errors and save your documents as PDF, the notable disadvantage of Plagramme is that it is only available on computers it has no mobile version.

How To Avoid Plagiarism

The best step you should take if you want to avoid plagiarism is to avoid copying and pasting assignment, when research in for a given assignment take your time to read through various materials and highlight there points and make your own write up.

  • Paraphrasing: you can also avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing, instead of you copying peoples work, you can paraphrase them in your own words to make them look unique still maintaining the key ideas in them.
  • Quoting: In some situations where you can’t paraphrase maybe a given law which you have to state the same way it was sited always use quotation marks and never fail to give reference to the original author of the content or the law.


So these are few of the most accurate plagiarism checkers that would help you in your assignment and technical reports in college, always use them to crosscheck your works before submitting them to avoid penalties that would arise due to plagiarism. 


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