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As a student depending on your parents for money would not be able to solve all your problem in college, some students have resulted in sourcing for other ways to generate income in other to meet up with the financial demand that comes alongside attending college. Writing is a sure way in which students can make extra money all you need to do is know the exact websites were you can Write And Get Paid Instantly 2023.

The advantage of this side hustle is that while earning money you can work at the comfort of your own time and also from anywhere in the world.

Some students who love writing are always fond of writing fabulous contents and expressing there views about developing stories on social media, without knowing that this particular skill can be an avenue to make money.


After going through this article where I’ll be listing out different websites where you can write and get paid instantly, you be amazed on the amount of money you’ll start making from your writings.

Why should you take this opportunity?

You shouldn’t even be considering this option at all, everybody needs a side hustle either to pay off student loans or spend on extra curricular activities.

Almost every American citizen has a side hustle, they use either there skill or talent to earn extra cash. 

A side hustle is one that won’t affect your regular work or schedule it has to be one in which you are able to carry out at your own specific time.

Most importantly, having multiple streams of income is the surest way to acquire wealth. It is basically why you should take this opportunity ‘to multiply your streams of income’ and accumulate wealth.


Some other reasons why you should have a side hustle are; 

  • Having multiple streams of income is a wealth creator.
  • Multiple streams of income enables you see more opportunities for investment.
  • You can use the extra money to build wealth.
  • It could be your retirement plan.

In order for you do develop writing as your side hustle you need to know how to express your thoughts clearly and be original always try to avoid plagiarism while writing. 

So, in order for you to write and get paid instantly, your intended articles must carry your voice and unique writing style and not plagiarize from any known or unknown source.

Tips to help you write to earn instantly

Writing for others will require accurate precision and more official use of words or grammatical construction, your vocabulary should be top notch. You will thus need to acquaint yourself with what will be required of you as a professional writer.

All good writers are meant to have tools that would be able to check plaigraism we’ve written an extensive article about plagiarism here 10 best plagiarism checkers for writers. These tools would definitely help you to become a better writer.

Aside from helping to correct grammatical blunders, these tool would also help you to check if your article is plagiarized by other sources. You know how you need to consult resource articles when you’re doing an article?! Often times, you may copy so many words from such sources and end up with a beautifully plagiarized article.

Also for you to be a better writer you need some add-ons on your google chrome, which is reffered to as chrome extensions, you can check out the best chrome extensions here, this extensions would help your writing and filter out the blunders they may carry.

 We would now go to the listing some of the best websites where you write and get paid instantly.


11 Websites Where You Can Write And Get Paid Instantly 2023

Here’s a list of websites in different niches where you can get paid to write about various spheres of life.


While browsing through the internet you would have come accross some health related topics published on the American College of Healthcare sciences website.

Such posts are written by freelancers just like you, so if you are good in health related topics you should consider writing for this website.

This websites is constantly looking for freelance writers who can write original articles that is up to 600-1000 words long.

You would be paid $50 dollars for a single article that meets the requirements.

ACHS is one of the best website where you can write and get paid instantly.

2. Funds for Writers

This is another website that would pay you hugely for writing inspiring stories. The site basically prefers freelance writers who write articles to help other newbie writers just like this post you are reading.

You must ensure to oblige with their guidelines for your article to be accepted. Writers whose posts are accepted are paid between the range of $45 to $50. Payment to writers is done via check or PayPal depending on the writers choice. If you are interested in writing for this website you can visit there website.

3. Make a Living Writing

This is one of the oldest Websites Where You Can Write And Get Paid Instantly, this site has been running for more than 10 years and it is popular to have paid lots of freelance writers. Make a living writing website is currently one of the best around having worked with hundreds of writers around the world.

Freelance writers whose articles get accepted and deemed good enough to be published on the website get paid $50 through PayPal. You can Visit the site to learn more. Website

4. Audio Tuts+

If you are good in blogging with wordpress you probably would have come across Envato. The platform offers freelance writers an opportunity to earn money by submitting articles related to audio. You can earn as much as $50, for writing a 500-word article. you can visit the Website to learn more.

5. Listverse

Listverse is also another website where you can get paid instantly to write about anything. The website is one of the highest paying websites around.

You can write about any topic ranging from sports, technology, to education and so on depending on your area of interest.

 For instance, you can compile a list of the best engineering colleges in Canada or any article that you are comfortable with.

you Just have to write something unique and interesting free from plagiarism and grammatical errors. The site pays writers $100 for writing posts of 1500 words. Read more about Listverse here.

6. Back to College

This is an education-based website that pays freelance writers for writing informative articles. The main target audience here are old students and not fresh men.

This website pays writers between $75 and $135 for each approved article and the payment is done via PayPal or checks.

If you are interested in writing for this website you can visit there website .

7. TheTechLabs

TechLabs only accept topics related with adobe product or reviews? Do you know much about adobe? If yes then you can earn between $50 and $75 for writing an article about adobe.

TheTechLabs pay freelance writers to share their knowledge about adobe or write reviews about there products.  payment is via PayPal. Learn more about this site through the official website

8. The Change Agent

This is another nice websites where you can write and get paid instantly. This website offers opportunities to freelance writers willing to construct an original and helpful post related to adult education. The website works with freelance writers around the world to publish adult education content in a bid to help adults looking to advance their level of education.

The change agent pays pays writers $250 for each article published and posts are expected to be nothing less than 250 words. Payment is fixed regardless of the number of words contained in your post. Learn more about this website.

9. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is one of the most popular websites with WordPress. The site deals with the best WordPress templates and themes.

If you know about WordPress themes and web development, you can make up to $100 for writing interesting reviews about some products and get paid while doing so. Payments are made through PayPal or Moneybookers. You can check out for more information on there website.

10. Net Tuts+

This website pays programmers who are experienced in coding. If you are certain to have an in-depth knowledge about coding and you want to make money off your skill by teaching others then Net Tuts+ is your perfect destination.

This website pays writers up to $150 for each article which is accepted and published. Visit the website to learn more.

11. InstantShift

InstantShift will round-up on our article as one of the best 11 websites to write and get paid instantly 2023.

 The website has been in existence for several years with an impressive reputation of working with freelance writers.

There is no specific amount payable to writers. Payment depends on the quality of your post. Visit the website to learn more.


This is a perfect opportunity to have a side hustle and make some cool money, you just have to visit these Websites Where You Can Write And Get Paid Instantly 2023 that are mentioned above and make your choice depending on your area of interest.


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