5 Bad-Ass Affordable Gadgets For Online Classes 



Online classes might be a hell of frustration if you don’t have the right gadgets to prosecute them. As a college student you can’t escape having online classes, most professors prefer them to the usual classroom teachings; we’ll be listing 5 cheap and affordable gadgets for online classes.

I’m not really a fan of online classes. I prefer the old way where I’ll sit in front of a professor and note down what he says.

But due to the Covid-19 pandemic that ravaged the world we were all meant to adapt to the new way of learning.


With the world now going fully digital online classes would be the new norm of the day so all college students are supposed to familiarize themselves with the do’s and don’ts of having online classes.

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After my first online class with no gadgets the experience was horrible, I couldn’t continue but I didn’t have a choice, quickly went to research about cool gadgets that would improve my experience with online classes.

After purchasing these five gadgets my experience with online classes changed, I started enjoying online classes better than the conventional classroom method.

5 Affordable Gadgets For Online Classes 

  1. Headsets with Microphone
  2. Smart Notebook
  3. Laptop Stand
  4. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
  5. Wi-Fi Booster / Extender

#1. Headsets With Microphone

While having a class online you wouldn’t want to be disturbed with any other noise from the environment, you would want your focus to be 100%.


But if you don’t have the right gadgets for this you would end up being distracted.

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So these headsets with an inbuilt microphone is all you need to avoid disturbances while having classes online.

One unique thing about this headset is its lightweight, you don’t need something heavy to wear on your head for many hours while learning so this is the perfect headset for online classes.

#2. Smart Notebook

This is one of the coolest and affordable gadgets for online classes I’ve ever used, its uniqueness is top notch.

It’s just like a notebook and pen, its used for taking quick notes and can be stored to a drive.

Writing with your hand rather than typing would give you a better online class experience, so you really need this gadget.

With this gadget you can quickly make a sketch or doodle.


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For a better experience it’s advisable to place your smart note on your desk.

#3. Laptop Stand

This is also an important gadget for online classes, if you connect to an online class with your laptop, the laptop should be some level below your noes or eyes, not on your laps.

Anything below this level would probably have an effect on your sitting posture in the long run.

The laptop stand is a perfect tool to adjust the laptop screen to any level you are okay with for your comfortability.

#4. Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

The wireless mouse and keyboard is another affordable gadget for online classes, you can’t stay up learning for hours trying with the keyboard and mouse in your laptop, you would be in for a stressful learning.

The best thing to get yourself for an online class is a wireless mouse and keyboard, with this you can type or do anything at the comfort of your studying positions.

This particular keyboard by clever is pocket friendly, it can be folded and carried around.

#5. Wi-Fi Booster / Extender

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a position where your class would be lagging because of disruption from the internet, so this gadget is highly recommended


This is our list of 5 basic and affordable gadgets for online classes. If you want online classes not to be boring and stressful for you, you can try out these 5 gadgets.

There are many other gadgets that would improve your experience with online classes, but these are the basic gadgets and also the most affordable.

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