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Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops and iPads 2022

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This article would list online colleges that offer free laptops to there students. Those that offer for rentals or at a discounts price would also be listed.  The wide spread of technology is spreading across the educational sector and most online colleges provide laptops for there students, there are certain requirements one must a certain … Read more

7 Easy Ways To Get A Free Laptop For Students 2022

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As a student you’ll definelty need a laptop to stay connected, the world is now a global village and most industries are gradually embracing latest tech innovations to make life more simple and easier. The education sector has also aligned to this school of thought, most classes and exams are now held online, where students … Read more

Best Car Insurance For College Students In California

best car insurance in California

Statistics have shown that most auto accidents that occur around California is linked to young adults due to distraction, drinking and driving and other unforseen circumstances. As a young adult or college student it is wise you place your vehicle under a legit insurance scheme to avoid losses that might occur in the future. Searching … Read more

11 High-Paying Jobs for College Dropouts

jobs for college dropouts

Dropping out from college doesn’t signal the end of someone’s life, many prominent personalities that have impacted the world also dropped out from college to focus on a business and skill. People like Mark Zukerburg who owns Facebook and Steve Jobs of Apple dropped out of school to establish their SaaS companies that have grown … Read more

Top 10 Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston

Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston

Law is a very prestigious profession, working as a lawyer is not just prestigious but also rewarding especially when the lawyer has won several cases, in this post we will be talking about the Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston. Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas, with many industrial hub it accommodates … Read more