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Are you searching for beauty schools in Ohio were you can enroll and learn the skills required to become a top beauty professional, worry no more as we have compiled a list best esthetician schools in Ohio. This schools are spread throughout popular Ohio towns like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron, Youngstown, Dayton, and Perrysburg.

Beauty professionals are becoming one of the most sought after personnel’s in Ohio and beauty schools in Ohio have recorded a high surge of students in recent years. 

In Ohio there are two ways you can become a licensed beauty professional, one is to apply for an apprenticeship program with a recognized esthetician, or enroll in any of the esthetician schools in Ohio. After your trainings you would then proceed to sit for a licensing exam after which you would be issued your certificate.


So before going into the list of best beauty and esthetician school in Ohio let’s first list out some things every student aspiring for an esthetician must know.

What are the Requirement for Esthetician License in Ohio

To gain a license in cosmetology or esthetics in Ohio, you must go through the state board of cosmetology and choose a licensed esthetician school, apply and attend all the lectures, both oral and practical, the school will train you how to analyze and beautify the skin by performing facial treatment. Or you enroll for a beauty school where you would learn about a wider range of beauty services like; makeup application, nail art, hair coloring, waxing and hair styling.

After graduation from esthetician school in Ohio you would sit for a state organized exam, if you pass the exam you would be issued the state certificate to practice as a licensed esthetician. 

How Much Does an Esthetician Schools in Ohio

The cost of attending esthetician schools in Ohio is moderate compared to other states in America, the fees in most schools falls between $9,018.

Little wonder why most aspiring beauticians relocate to Ohio to study.


How Much Does an Esthetician Make in Ohio

In Ohio, estheticians are among the high paying professions, a licensed beauty professional can earn over $36,982 annually, which is estimated to be $17.77 per hour.

Some cities in Ohio with high pay rates for esthetician include:  Canton OH: $60,570, Cleveland, OH: $40,140; Cincinnati, OH: $34,810; Dayton, OH: $33,980; Toledo, OH: $33.900

How to Become An Esthetician in Ohio

In order to become an esthetician in Ohio you must be at least 16 years old, and must have at least a high school certificate, then apply for any of the accredited esthetician school in Ohio.

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After graduating you would be eligible to participate in the State of Ohio Cosmetology School Examination Program. Of course, you must pass the written and practical examination before becoming an esthetician in Ohio.

 The practical test will require you to perform services on mannequins such as setting up and client protection, extraction, hair removal, and massage. On the other hand, the written exam will ask you about the principles of infection and cosmetic procedures and practices.

What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Ohio?

  1. Aveda Institute
  2. Elite School Of Cosmetology
  3. Moler Beauty Academy
  4. The National Cosmetology School
  5. Ohio School State Beauty Academy
  6. Inner State Beauty School
  7. Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture
  8. Western Hills School of Beauty and Hair Design

The following are the best Esthetician and beauty schools in Ohio.

1. Aveda Institute

Aveda instiute is one of the best esthetician school in Ohio, they run a 12 month program with a tuition of $24,250.


The school also offers scholarships to students who qualify. The school accepts tuition assistance from the Veterans Administration. Graduates receive a certificate and an associate degree.

In addition, Aveda will help you get a job in a cosmetology career that suits you best.

2. Elite School Of Cosmetology

The Elite School of cosmetology is another top school for aspiring cosmetologist. There tuition fee is very affordable and they offer top notch services to there students. There esthetician program runs for 12 months.

Each student is placed in a local salon after graduation, giving them access to real-world experience before starting their own business.

3. Moler Beauty Academy 

Moler beauty college is also another top esthetician school in Ohio, they offer a comprehensive 20 months program where students are taught everything needed to succeed in the cosmetology busines including; salon management, product development, marketing, customer service, and hiring.

Also, the academy offers a scholarship program. They also provide you with job placement services once you graduate.

4. The National Cosmetology School

The National Cosmetology School is one of the oldest esthetician schools in Ohio, it was established in 1955 and have trained thousands of beauticians.

They help veterans use the G.I.Bill benefit to learn what they need to know while also helping them get jobs when they graduate.

Apart from offering its students accredited cosmetology degrees, they also help them find employment. Students must complete the credit hours of coursework and pass a test before earning certification. As a student, National Beauty School offers an excellent opportunity to attend college and earn your cosmetology license.

5. Ohio School State Beauty Academy

This is probably the cheapest esthetician school in Ohio, they run a beauty training program that lasts for 14 months.

The school offers various options for its students, including free tutoring, job placement, and even V.A. benefits. The school is situated in Columbus, OH, making it convenient for students to navigate town.

Like the rest of the esthetician schools in Ohio, students get job placement support after graduation. For an ecosystem, events like hair and beauty exhibitions are frequently organized to help charity.

6. Inner State Beauty School

This school offers a 6-month program to prepare you for an esthetic career. You will receive hands-on training in all professional aspects. The training includes skincare, makeup application, hair styling, nail art, waxing, massage therapy, and many other services.

Moreover, students also get access to a job placement board that helps them land their first job in the field. Graduates earn a certificate upon completion of the program. Veterans can use their GI Bill benefits here.

7. Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture 

Raphael’s school of beauty culture is another top beauty school in Ohio that was established in 2013, they offer cosmetology programs that includes classroom and practical sessions.

Their curriculum includes basic hair styling techniques, manicures and pedicures, makeup application, and other skills needed to run a successful salon.

In addition, the school also offers scholarships to students who qualify. Veterans may apply for the school veteran’s discount. Upon graduation, graduates can expect to find employment at local salons.

8. Western Hills School of Beauty and Hair Design

The program runs for five months; the academy offers beauty and hair design training at two locations in Cincinnati, Ohio. Students will learn to do shampooing, haircuts, hairstyles, chemical services, color services, skincare, and manicure/pedicures. The school also offers scholarships to qualified students and job placement services afterward.

Esthetician Schools In Ohio F.A.Q.s

How Long Does It Cost To Become An Esthetician In Ohio

It takes about two years to complete an accredited beauty school program at a vocational school. Students typically spend between 1-2 years taking classes before they finish.

After graduating, students may work for a few months while they save enough cash to pay for their schooling expenses. Once they have held up the necessary funds, they enroll in an accredited beauty school where they continue their studies.

How Long Does It Cost To Become An Esthetician In Ohio

It takes about two years to complete an accredited beauty school program at a vocational school. Students typically spend between 1-2 years taking classes before they finish.

Are There Medical Esthetician Schools In Ohio?

Yes, there are few medical esthetician schools in Ohio and they include;

  • Columbus College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Cleveland Clinic School of Beauty Science Ohio
  • University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
  • Wright State University School of Health Sciences
  • Miami Valley Hospital School of Cosmetology,

Medical estheticians are licensed estheticians who work primarily in a clinical or medical environment. There is no specific license required to become a medical esthetician.

However, if you wish to broaden your career options, obtaining an additional certification in medical esthetician services may help you gain employment in this field or expand your current skillset.

What Are The Cosmetology Schools in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus houses some of the best cosmetology schools in Ohio. These include;

  • Aveda Institute Columbus
  • Ohio State School of cosmetology
  • New Directions Beauty Institute
  • Posh Beauty Academy

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is also a metropolitan town that hosts most of Ohio’s best cosmetology schools.

  • Raphael’s School of Beauty Culture
  • Brown Aveda Institute
  • Ohio Micropigmentation Center
  • Inner State Beauty School

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Cincinnati, Ohio

These are the list of accredited esthetician schools in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Define the Institute Of Beauty
  • Moler-Pickens Beauty Academy
  • Moler Hollywood Beauty Academy

What are the Beauty Schools in Toledo, Ohio?

Most of the cosmetology schools you can find in Toledo have a short duration. Hence, most programs in Toledo allow you to gain the esthetician license within months.

  • Summit Salon Academy 
  • Paul Mitchell The School Toledo
  • Salon Institute-Toledo
  • Toledo Academy of Beauty

What are the Cosmetology Schools in Akron, Ohio

Akron is among the best town to live in Ohio. Due to its low cost of living, students will enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Of course, there are also exceptional cosmetology schools in Akron, Ohio which include;

  • Gerber’s Akron Beauty School-Akron
  • Beyond Expectations Barber College 
  • National Beauty College

What are the Esthetician Schools in Dayton, Ohio

Dayton is a great place for students who plan to sponsor themselves. Since the town offers job part-time job opportunities to students.

these are top recommended esthetician schools in Dayton, Ohio;

  • Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology Centerville Campus 
  • Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology Vanderlin Campus 
  • Perfection Beauty Colleges 

What are the Beauty Schools in Perrysburg, Ohio

Even in a small town like Perrysburg, you will still find esthetician schools in this part of Ohio

  • The Salon Professional Academy 
  • Michigan College of Beauty
  • The Artisan College of Cosmetology 

How Do I Become A Medical Esthetician In Ohio

You must first complete a program at an accredited esthetician school or college. After completing the program, you must pass the state licensing exam.

There is no separate license for Medical Estheticians. However, you may specialize in cosmetic procedures like Botox injections, laser hair removal, skin care treatments, waxing, threading, manicures, pedicures, facials, makeup application, etc. 


Generally, in Ohio, the cost of attending these esthetician schools is lower than in other states. Nonetheless, estheticians make much more.

Hence, become an esthetician in Ohio by using our guide to choose the accredited cosmetology school near you in Ohio.

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