Top 10 Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston

Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston

Law is a very prestigious profession, working as a lawyer is not just prestigious but also rewarding especially when the lawyer has won several cases, in this post we will be talking about the Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston.

Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas, with many industrial hub it accommodates many international’s as well as multi national companies.

Texas is among the top 5 states in America with the highest employment rate for attorneys however it does not fall into the best states for annual average income for lawyers, among the top st as for highest annual income for lawyers include; Lawyers in the district of Columbia who earn an average of $192,180 annually, next on the list is New York, Delaware, Florida and Colorado completes the list of states with highest payments of lawyers.

Not withstanding the high payment of attorneys in other states, the attorneys that practice in Texas also receive a decent pay with top lawyers receiving an average of $144,110 annually.

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Who Is A Lawyer?

A lawyer who is also called a litigator or an attorney is a learned scholar who is qualified to pratice law in a particular area conduct litigations, profer legal advice, Such person[s] must have completed seven years of studying law in university and have acquire a juris doctor(J.D) degree from a bar association approved law school.

Factors That Impact On The Average Salaries For Attorneys On The List Of Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston

There are many factors that affect the annual pay of lawyers in Houston and generally also around the world, such factors include:

  • Experience or the number of years the lawyer have practiced.
  • The lawyer record of wins and looses of cases he handles.
  • The area of work is also a factor, if the lawyer work in the public or private sector.
  • If the lawyer holds any specialize skill or certificate, it also affects the payment.
  • The organization the lawyer works for, whether he is solo or works for an organization.
  • Geographical location, age and gender is also a factor that affects payment of lawyers annual.
  • The area of specialization the lawyer chooses to specialize in, this is the most important factor that decides the annual average pay of a lawyer, there are many branches of law and there pay is quite different.

Lawyers That Earn The Most In Houston, Texas

#1. Personal Injury And Medical Malpractice

According to the America Bar Association (ABA), this is the highest paying specialization in law, lawyers who practice in this field earn more than $250,000 annually.

Personal injury law covers many area such as accidents and injuries and the pay could differ ranging from the kind of injury sustained.

#2. Corporate Law

This is another high paying specialization in law, corporate lawyers focuses on wide range of issues in the business world ranging from tax issues, contracts handling, business litigations, acquisitions and employment matters. 

Lawyers who specialize here can earn more than $100,000 depending on experience and type of industry.

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#3. Patent And Intellectual Property Attorneys

Lawyers who specialize in his field help individuals  protect there ideas, inventions, and confidential materials in case of a copyright, lawyers who specialize in this field can earn more than $1,300 annually.

#4. Bankruptcy Attorneys And Probate Lawyers

Lawyers who specialize here assist clients when seeking debt relief through the bankruptcy court. They earn less than $140,000 annually.

#5. Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense attorneys who are experienced can earn an average of $115,000 annually, they assist individuals that are charged with crime in peeping defenses and protecring there rights.

Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston

We would be listing some of the Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston, the list would go round different areas of specialization.

In case you ever find yourself in a legal battle and you need an attorney one of the prudent things to do before choosing an attorney is considering his charges, so this article would help you in knowing few of the Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston.

The list is arranged randomly and in no specific order of there networths. 

#1. Andrew Cobos

Andrew Cobos is a car accident and personal injury lawyer, he is one of the best lawyers in his field.

He works under the Cobos law firm and handles cases such as injuries and wrongful deaths, explosions, boating accidents, mishaps at refineries and construction sites or any other case where a persons conduct caused injury or death to another person.

Andrew Cobos was a former military officer before enrolling in law school to become a lawyer, his military approaches to cases gives his clients an extra advantage.

#2. Lindsey J. Harris 

Lindsey J. Harris is an immigration lawyer, she works under the law office of Lindsey J.Harris and is one of the best lawyers in her area of specialization.

Her team specializes in family based immigration, Employment and investor visas, academic visas, citizenship and naturalization, Asylum and TPS (Temporary protected status) and international adoption.

She is one of the highest paid lawyer in Houston.

#3. Paul Schiffer

Paul Schiffer is one of the top paid criminal lawyers in Houston.

he has an experience of over 40 years, and takes cases ranging from criminal cases, white color crimes, DWI offenses and also represent clients who have been charged with violent crimes such as drug possession, weaponabuse or domestic violence.

#4. Carl Selesky

Carl Selesky is also one of the highest paid lawyers in Houston. He specializes in cases such as divorce and other marital issues, with his over 25 years of experience Carl Selesky is the best in the divorce field, he offers dicey negotiations for his clients.

#5. Joseph Y. Ahmad

Joseph Y. Ahmad is a commercial litigation lawyer, he has been into legal practice since 2003 and works with Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing PC.

#6. Demetrios Anaipakos

Demitrios Anaipakos is specialized in commercial litigation and have been practicing for 12 years now, he is one of the best lawyers in Houston.

#7. Fields Alexander

Fields Alexander is specialized in labour & employment, commercial litigation.

has been practicing since 2009 and works with Beck Redden LLP.

#8. Thomas R. Ajamie

Thomas R. Ajamie is another top rated lawyer in Houston, he specializes in banking and finance and has been practicing since 2013.

He works with Ajamie LLP

#9. Brian F. Antweil

Brian F. Antwell specializes in energy law and environmental law, he has been practicing since 2009 and works with Rapp & Krock pc

#10. Darrell L. Barger

Darrell L. Barger is another lawyer that finds his name into the list of bast paid lawyers, he has been practicing since 1991, and specializes in insurance.

He is highly experienced and works with Hartline Barber LLP.

Richest Lawyers In Texas

Texas is a home to top dogs in the legal field who can boasts of having secured a lot of fortunes practicing law; here are some of the richest lawyers in Texas.

1. Joe Jamil

Joe Jamil is still been referred to as the richest lawyer in Texas, despite been deceased.

According to Forbes his networth is $1.7Billion. The “King of Torts” as he was fondly called during his days is also the richest practicing lawyer in America.

He normally took cases relating to personal injury and has won several high profile cases of over $100 million.

One of this cases was Pennzoil against Texaco in the oil giants high-profile legal battle in 1987. He won $10.5 billion for Pennzoil and personally pocketed a fee within the region of $345 million in contingency fees. 

2. Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker is the CEO of popular law firm Baker Botts, he is also one of the richest lawyers in Texas. He currently employs about 650 lawyers who run the affairs of his chambers.

Highest Paid Lawyers In the world

 Law is one of the highest paying occupation in the world here are some of the highest paid lawyers in the world.

#1.Richard Scruggs

Richard is known for having a whelming passion for tobacco and asbestos cases, his networth is estimated to be $1.7 billion making him hit our list as he one of the highest paid lawyers in the world. he is well known for his involvement in the ritalin class case in 2000 and a 2003 case against lehman brother.

His reputation becamed dented as he was detained for six years in 2008 for judicial bribery.

#2. Joe Jamil

He was called the “king of torts” after he won a case against texaco in 1985, he graduated from texas school of law in 1953 and died in december 2015. 

He is still known for his vulgar and impolite attitude in court, he was the highest paid praticing lawyer in the united states as at 2015 before his death, his networth was estimated  to be $1.7 billion.

#3. Wichai Thongthang

 Wichai graduated from thammasat university where he a studied business law in 1970, he is a Patent lawyer practicing in Thailand.

He has represented so many Thai corporations in lawsuits, he is also involved in stock marketing and investing, presently he is the chairman of cable Thai holding p.l.c and controls 15% share of Bangkok’s health care corporation, he made our list hitting $1.1 billion.

#4. William Lerach

Corporate lawyer Lerach dubbed “king of pain” “most feared lawyer” had a wonderful carrer as a lawyer before he was prohibited from praticing law in 2009 for his involvement in bribery, he concentrated on private securities class action cases for over 30 years. Lerach graduated from university of pittisburg school of law he is widely praised for his recovery of $7.12 billion in a security class action litigation against Ehron, he is recognised as one of the highest paid lawyers with $900 million.

#5. Bill Neukom

Founder of world justice project which aim is to empower the rule of law universally, Bill is a corporate lawyer that graduated from Standford law school in 1967 proir to his legal profession he worked for Microsoft and later rose to the position of Microsoft’s legal counsel and retained the post for about 25 years. He is acknowledged for his philantrophic works and his networth is estimately said to be $850 million.

#6. Judy Shedlin

Judy Sheldin graduated from New York law school in 1965, Judge Judy is a stern and tough judge and has her own tv program, she was first a business lawyer but decided to trade part to beconme a family court prosecutor.

She has presided over 200,000 cases since 1982 when she was appointed as a criminal court judge.

She earns $45 million each year and her networth is from $170-250 million.

#7. Roy black

Roy is a civil and criminal defense lawyer that graduated from university of Miami, he has been taking to have an outstanding reputation in Florida.

He teaches advanced criminal evidence in his Alma mater and also features in good mornming America t.v show and the today talk show as an expert in legal affairs.

His most pronounced case Was Williams kennedy Smith’s rape case and Helio castroneves, he is on the list of  highest paid lawyers with an estimated net worth of $100 million.

#8. Gary Willie

Gary Willie is a multiple jury award winning lawyer widely known as the gaint killer and acts legal counsel for so many Untied state firms such as disney and Anheuser-Busch, he graduated from Shaw university, he features as a legal expert on the early show, he is also a managing partner of Gary Williams, parenti waston and Gary plc his networth is $100 million 

Recap Highest Paid Lawyers In Houston

  1. Andrew Cobos
  2. Lindsey J. Harris 
  3. Paul Schiffer
  4. Carl Selesky
  5. Joseph Y. Ahmad
  6. Demetrios Anaipakos
  7. Fields Alexander
  8. Thomas R. Ajamie
  9. Brian F. Antweil
  10. Darrel L. Barger

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