How Many Jobs are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts in 2022? 

Real estate investment trust is a sector that has millions of opportunities, working with a real estate investment trust can provide you with chances to have a reliable stream of income, nice career opportunities are available in this sector but you would only benefit from it if only you know the ins and outs of real estate investment.

In this article we would be providing you with all you need to excel in this sector and also how many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts (REIT).

Real estate investment trust is not a new thing in the society, you must have heard about it somewhere, the problem with this sector is that the details of how these companies work are not made public and are complicated.

We hope that after reading this article you would have a better insight and understanding of how the real estate investment trust operates.

What Are The Types Of Real Estate Investment Trusts?

According to there are three types of real estate investment trusts (REITs) namely;

  • Equity REITs
  • Mortgage REITs
  • Hybrid REITs

Equity REITs means when you invest in properties and later collect rents from the tenants.

Mortgage REITs means when you invest in mortgages and loans, incomes are generated from the cost of funding.

While hybrid REITs means when you invest both in Equity and Mortgage REITs.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

There are thousands of jobs available in real estate investment trusts, as the need for housing increases across the globe real estate investment becomes a highly sought after sector.

No less than 3 million real estate licenses are in the United States, as the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) reported that REIT employed at least 274,000 people in 2019 to fill up available spaces. 

What Are The Career Paths In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

Career opportunities in real estate investment trusts are numerous, we can’t possible list a of them, but here is a list of the best paying career paths in real estate investment trusts. 

1. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents or leasing agents help clients find and purchase a property. They also help potential tenants find a property to rent and guide them throughout the process. They earn commissions from the buyer and even the seller.

 They earn– $6,722 monthly & $94,944 Annually.

2. Real Estate Attorney

A real estate attorney is a lawyer that helps in the contract review and negotiation and closing process and deals with any legal issues or disputes that may arise on the course of purchasing or leasing a property.

In addition, real estate attorneys may also offer advice on zoning laws, tax issues, and other legal matters related to property. They can represent either the buyer or the seller in a real estate transaction.

They earn– $7,473 Monthly & $89,676 Annually 

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3. Property Manager

Property managers are those responsible for taking care of the REIT’s property and ensuring that it is well-maintained and running smoothly. 

This includes maintaining the property, collecting rent, managing tenant and landlord relationships, overseeing repairs and maintenance, and dealing with any problems.

They earn– $3,755 Monthly & $53,037 Annually. 

4. Equity Research Analyst

They provide the best investing advice for real estate shares. Their job is to investigate the microeconomic and macroeconomic factors affecting the real estate market and gather and study financial data. 

They earn– $7,162 Monthly & $85,942 Annually.

5. Account Assistant

Account assistants are responsible for tracking all of the financial transactions of the REIT. They ensure that all of the money is accounted for and that everyone follows the rules set by the company.

They earn– $6,415 Monthly & $76,982 Annually.

6. Real Estate Appraiser

A real estate appraiser is someone who provides an estimate of a property’s value.  

For example, if you are selling a property, an appraisal will give you an idea of what your property is worth and whether or not it’s worth putting extra money into renovations.

If you’re buying a home, an appraisal can help you determine whether or not the selling price is fair. He is also helpful in securing a loan, as the bank will want to ensure that the property is worth the amount of money they’re lending.

They earn– $4,547 Monthly & $64,225 Annually.

7. Real Estate Investment Analyst

The people offer financial analyses in property finance, purchase, marketing, and leasing. Their job is to ensure the economic success of the business.

They earn– $7,488 Monthly & $89,863 Annually.

How Do You Land My First Job In Real Estate Investment Trusts?

According to recent reports, the number of jobs available in the real estate investment trust (REIT) industry is rising. In particular, there is a high demand for real estate analysts, financial analysts, and property managers. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the REIT industry, there are a few things you should know. 

College Degree

Employers would prefer degree holders to non-degree holders, so having a degree in a related discipline would give you an advantage.

Coupled with the degree, work experience is also a vital skill that would land you a job in real estate investment trusts. 

A real estate analyst, for example, needs to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, real estate investing, or something similar.

Understand Financial Statement 

Understanding the data in financial statements is crucial since they give you a fundamental financial analysis of the state of the business and how it’s being run.

Be Competitive

The industry is competitive, so you’ll need to have strong analytical skills and be able to think strategically.


What is the benefit of a career in real estate?

A career in real estate gives you the chance of earning a good income.

What is the best paying job in real estate?

Home inspectors are usually referred to as one of the top best paying jobs in real estate.

What is the basic skill needed for a career in real estate?

For a career in the real estate sector, you must have good interpersonal skills and superb negotiation skills.

What is the average salary for a career in real estate?

The various careers in the real estate sector have an estimated average salary of $49,000.

Is a career in real estate worth it?

Yes, with the various career opportunity and good pay in the industry, a career in the real estate sector is worth it.


There are numerous job opportunities in real estate investment trusts. REITs offer a variety of positions, from property managers to investment analysts.

Those with the right skills and experience can easily find good jobs. You’ll be able to move up through the ranks, assuming you put in the hard work and demonstrate dedication to your appointment.

Hope this article answerd your query on how many jobs are available in real estate investment trusts (REIT), you can use the comment box to ask question if any.

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